Answer: The Gita’s teachings on karma begins with this thought: Gita calls it Swadharma. Hik hik khey pahinjo dharma karno aahey.

The father, mother, teachers, children have their duties to perform. you must do your duty honestly, sincerely, minutely, but do it well. However small the duty may be, even if it is to sweep the floor, I must lift up the carpet and clean it well. Whatever I do, I must do it for the love of the Lord.

Lord says: Your duty may be an ignoble and another’s duty may be a noble but you must do your own duty.

I often give the example: I was a scout and we used to have annual entertainment show. In one of the scenes, I was Napolean, the Great Emperor. I stood in my glory and hundreds of my soldiers would do my bidding. In the next scene, I was a boy servant to a rich landlord: This landlord called my very hotly, “Give me a glass of water.” I felt like telling him that is this not the way to speak to a person who was your king a few minutes ago.

We are all playing our part in the cosmic drama; you must do your part in the best way. That is the teaching of Gita.

Dada J.P. Vaswani

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