Question: You teach about living in the golden present. And I love that idea, but I’m confused as to how I can live in the present but still pursue my dreams and future goals. Can you please clarify this?

Answer: What is that saying? “A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.” Two in the bush are the future, the bird in the hand is the present. If you are thinking of the future, you miss the present. But it doesn’t matter, you can plan the future. But, don’t miss the present. And again, the future is not in your hands: you have the liberty to plan it, but it should be accepted by the Higher Will. If it doesn’t come through, you should not worry about it. That’s the way: plan your future, but if it doesn’t come through as you wanted, know that maybe its not good for you, that’s why it didn’t happen. Accept it, instead of, “Oh, I missed it, I missed, it, I missed it,” and thereby ruin your life.

You know the modern inventions? People invent things? There are so many things invented every day. Whatever they invent, they can’t sell it right away; it’s against the law. What must they do? Send it to the Underwriters Lab. You may notice it: every gadget has a label, small label, that says, “UL Accepted.” What does that mean, “UL” ? It means, Underwriters Lab. So, the Underwriters Lab should approve it. Only then, it comes to market. But you can invent anything you want: your future is your invention. You can invent your future. But, let it be approved by the “Overwriters,” not “Underwriters Lab,” Overwriters.

Say you are working in a job, for a manager: you are a secretary. The boss shows you a letter, and says, “Come on, type a letter, write a nice reply.” He won’t even dictate anything; he allows you the freedom. You write a reply; you bring it for his signature. He reads it, and says, “No, this is no good. Write another one.” Will you get offended by that? No. If he approves, he will sign it. That’s what. Depending on the approval, you can plan your future. If it doesn’t get approved, don’t get annoyed, don’t worry, don’t ruin your present for that. OK? So, enjoy the present, plan the future, leave it to His approval, to Her approval.


Thank you. God bless you.

Om Shanthi, Shanthi, Shanthi.

Swami Satchidananda

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