Pray to God, “God, God, please teach me patience. Please teach me patience. But don’t delay.” Even praying for patience becomes impatient then, So the only way to get rid of impatience is to recognize that everything happens in its time, in its own sweet time if you want to say. Everything takes its own time to mature. Just because you pray a raw fruit won’t ripe overnight. It may take a few more days. You plant a seed and you just go there, sit there and pray. It’s not going to become a tree overnight. It will take its own time to grow. So, let the nature do its job. All we have to do is plant the right food in the right soil, cover it up, give the proper nourishment, and let it grow. Don’t become like kids; plant a seed, tomorrow dig it out and see how much it has grown. Then put a soil again, day after tomorrow go, “Has it grown?” No. Patience is a great virtue. Even with your spiritual sadhanas. Some people say, “oh, I have been meditating since the past ten years. I’m not getting anything. I’m not going anywhere.” “Where do you want to go? What do you want to get?” “I don’t know.” You don’t know what you want to get, but you want to get. No. Your prayer, meditation should just teach you this peace, “I am just doing my job. Let things happen at the right time. And I know if I am doing the right thing, things will happen. But when, where, how, why I’m not ready to answer.” Put it that way. All you should do is, just keep doing.

Impatience is the worst thing. Even spiritual seekers become that. And then question also. If after even 15 years of meditation if you didn’t get anything, then there may be something about your quality of meditation also. If you say, “Oh you are meditating the past 15 years? How many hours a day?” “Oh well, on and off. Some days 15 minutes, some days 2 minutes. Some day while I drive.” And you want the result overnight. Yes. So, instead of becoming impatient, make your practice qualitative.

Swami Satchidananda

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