So, by seeing nice things you will have faith in God? That’s why you don’t have faith, because you see terrible things. As I said just a minute back, all the terrible things are good. Not only for individuals, even for the world. Now, three eyes of storms are watching us attacking the east coast from Virginia to Cape Cod. Is it not terrible? That’s nature’s way of doing things, cleaning up things. Not only individuals go through sufferings. Countries go through sufferings. Communities go through sufferings. The entire world goes through sufferings. Why? They’re all efforts at cleaning it up. Why is that weather pattern like this? Who is the cause for it? We as a whole. We did something wrong, we are facing it. And scientists say that also. They know it. We still don’t want to eliminate that. We continue to do that. Every city knows what the smog can do. They’re polluting the air completely. I remember once about 25 years back on an Earth Day in New York, the entire Fifth Avenue was blocked, the traffic. We all gathered there to talk about how to keep the earth clean. And Mayor Lindsay comes there, “We should stop polluting the air with running engines, driving in huge cars.” And I asked Mayor Lindsay, “How did you come?”

We do that. We know what is wrong. Still, we continue. And the suffering is slowly educating us. Now slowly they’re beginning to introduce electric cars. In Europe already big car companies are making electric cars. It’s not new. They know it already. Several decades before they even made sample cars to run by electricity. But then why can’t they do it? They have to spend a lot of money to change the technology, change the manufacturing equipment which they don’t want to do. They have put a lot of money into the manufacturing of these gas guzzling cars. So even though we know the technology we don’t want to do it because money plays an important part in our life. For the sake of money we are ready to do everything. We pollute the air, pollute the water. Now a lot of damaging things fall into the rivers. Who puts that? The money-making companies. Who pollutes the lungs? Cigarette companies. Why? They want money. So, slowly they are teaching us lessons and now they are talking about controlling cigarettes. They put labels, “Cigarette will cause health hazards.” But only American people. Other people can be happy, healthy and comfortable with cigarettes. So, send all the cigarettes to other countries. They lost 15 billion dollars business in cigarettes here. They’re sending cigarettes to India, China and other Third World countries making $25 billion now. That means, “It doesn’t matter who ruins their life. We want money. We want money. We want money.”

That’s why we are suffering, we are suffering. We never think of others. And that money, is it going to make us happy, healthy? No. An ill-earned money brings more illness. Well-earned money, even though little, will bring wellness to you. Ill-earned money will bring ills to you. So, we are constantly learning lessons by our own mistakes. The world is teaching us. So have faith in God. God is doing everything for good.

Swami Satchidananda

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