Question: I have seen meditators holding the thumb and first finger or thumb and little finger together to form a circle. Is this necessary to do? Why? Is the third eye Christ Consciousness center exactly between the eyebrows or is it in the middle of the forehead? Is it beneficial and in what ways to keep the eye partially open?

Answer: You have seen meditators holding thumb. What were you doing? Sitting and watching? It’s like complaining, “When I am meditating that man constantly looks at me.” How do you know he is looking at you? It doesn’t matter whether your thumb and the first finger or thumb and the little finger or no touching at all or close your hands. Let it be natural. It’s not a must. You are not here to count the fingers there. Let the body take its own course. Some people keep it this way. Some people this way. Some people this way. It doesn’t matter. Whichever is comfortable to you. You start with that, very soon you are going to forget that. Because meditation is done in the mind, not in the body. So, let your body be in a comfortable position, limbs be in a comfortable position. soon forget the body, forget the limbs and think of what you are meditating upon. Yes, sometimes we get confused. “Oh, you have to do the Chin Mudra. Hands should be this way. Hands should be that way.” At east personally I don’t worry about all those things. But there are some scholars who think that way.

There’s a saying in Tamil,[Tamil quote]. When you walk you are going for a purpose, you see a fox crossing this way, from the right to the left. And the scriptures, there are books for that. It’s called sagunam. If they cross from the right to the left, it seems they are giving you the way. You can go. You can be successful in your work. If the fox goes this way, it won’t be successful. So, somebody came and asked, “Which one is right? Can the fox go this way or this way? My answer was, it doesn’t matter, let it go anyway, as long as it doesn’t come against you.

They are all so many things to distract you. “Is the third eye Christ Consciousness center exactly between the eyebrows or in the middle of the forehead?” Neither. The third eye is an intuitive eye. This is all physical eyebrow and forehead. You are indrawn. “Eyes opened or closed?” It doesn’t matter. Even with your open eyes you may not be seeing anything. With your closed eyes you may be seeing everything. How often you see people with open eyes they sit there. You pass in front of them, they won’t even notice. Why? Their mind is somewhere else. Not functioning through the eyes. Forget about the eyes, what about the ears? It’s always open. When you are deeply absorbed in some thought you don’t hear anybody talking to you, calling you. Are you deaf? No. What does it mean? Your mind is not connected to the ears. Your mind is not connected to the eyes. When the mind gets connected to the senses you get all these things.

So, in your meditation if the mind is absorbed within sometimes you close your eyes. Sometimes the eyes are half opened. Sometimes it’s fully opened. But it doesn’t matter. Your mind is not involved in that. It takes its own natural course. But when you see them with half opened eyes meditating, they are not thinking of the eyes but you see, “Oh, that is the way to meditate, so I have to do that.” You see the physical part. Draw the mind inward. It’s almost like say I get tired. I feel sleepy and I’m reading a book and fall more sleepy, sleepy, sleepy and then the book falls out from my hand, I go to sleep. You see me doing this and you say, “Oh yes, now I know how to sleep. I know how to sleep.” You go there, sit, take a book, slowly let it slip. But no sleep coming. Because you saw the book slipping from the hand and going to sleep and I sleeping so you thought by slowly slipping the book from the hand you can go to sleep. That’s how certain things are understood. No. So don’t worry about any of these things. Keep your mind totally involved in what you are doing. Let the fingers be wherever they want. Let the eyes be wherever they want. Unless you are going to meditate on that particular area of the body. If you want to meditate on the third eye, then you have to concentrate mentally on that part. You don’t have to look at it. Sometimes they do it. They get tired. Then mind gets involved inward. You start with that but you don’t stay in that. Some people get headache when they see this, when they put their eyes between the eyebrows. So the simplest and the best way is to forget about these things and meditate on what you are thinking.

Meditation is for the mind to become one-pointed. Make the mind one-pointed. It slips out now and then, bring it back. That’s what you call dharana or concentration. Once you achieve dharana well you are supposed to be meditating. Even that meditation should be forgotten at one point. You are not going to meditate always. The purpose of meditation is not to meditate, but to in a way dissolve the mind. Even that idea of meditating should be gone. It’s called triputi. The meditator, the meditated, and the meditation. You are the meditator. You are meditating on an object, meditated. And the process is meditation. It’s called triputi. Like the seer, seen, and the sight. Even those three becomes one. All the three get lost and you are completely absorbed. At that time you cannot even say, “I am meditating.” You are completely out of your mind, so to say. Why do you practice? To go out of your mind. Yes. To pass beyond the mind, transcend the mind. That’s what you call “transcendental meditation.” In fact any meditation will slowly help you to transcend the mind. There’s no need to call it “transcendental meditation.” Every meditation is transcendental. Once that happens that place is what you call samadhi.

So, instead of worrying over all these things, simply take an object or an idea and meditate on it, meditate on it. The rest will happen naturally. You don’t have to get caught in these processes.

Swami Satchidananda

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