Well, if you have not learned the lesson, you may have to face it again. Why should another person come in conflict with you?  To teach you some lesson.  If you learned the lesson, you won’t have to learn it again. He or she is giving you a test.  When you go and sit in the examination hall, you are given a question paper. If you avoid the test, you won’t pass. If you pass the test, you will get promoted. So in life we always get tests. It’s not that the person is interested in creating problems for you. But he is coming to test you, or God is sending him to test you. So don’t get annoyed with him; don’t be angry with him.  He is coming to test you, to test your patience. Face it. Take the exam. Otherwise, how will you know if you are capable or not? You have to have some opposition to show you that you are capable of doing things peacefully, rightfully. So all the obstacles in life come to us to test us, to make us strong and clean. There is a simple saying nowadays, “No pain, no gain.” So obstacles are painful, but there is gain afterwards. When Jesus was crucified, what did He say? “Father, forgive them: they don’t know what they are doing.” He faced it. He accepted it. Like that, life comes with a lot of problems. There is another saying, “Adversity is a blessing in disguise.” If you remember that, you will face the suffering, you will welcome the suffering, you will invite the suffering.  “Blessed are the sufferers,” the Bible says. So if you are keen in your own growth, you will accept everything that comes to you, and use it for your benefit. You don’t write off a person. You write “yes” to a person. If you write “off,” that means he will come again, in another form. So don’t try to avoid it. Face it.  Pass the test.

Swami Satchidananda

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