Question: I have heard of a process called Shaktipat where a guru can temporarily raise the kundalini of someone else. Is this possible? If so, is it something that should be done?

Answer: By who? It is possible. But thank God you say that “where a guru can temporarily raise the kundalini of someone else.” “Temporarily.” Yes, it is possible. And then, what do you gain by that? Even a cigarette can temporarily give you. In the sixties Temporarily. Temporary. A peg of whisky can temporarily kindle the kundalini. But the problem with that is temporarily if you push it up when it begins to go down it will go down below where it was before. That’s the danger. It doesn’t stay there. When it falls, it falls more deeper. That is the reason why, don’t depend on those temporary things.

Even Patanjali talks about that. Samadhi siddhi. How can you accomplish samadhis. What are the various ways? Mantra. That is one. What else? Aushadhi. That means drugs. He talks about that. But then that is temporary and it has its own side effects also. That’s why, even though it is possible, a teacher would not do that. In the life of Ramakrishna Paramahamsa he did it only once to Swami Vivekananda and that, too, because he was so keen, so keen. And then he wanted to stay in that state. He said, “No, that’s temporarily given by me to you. It’s not your own. It’s a borrowed energy. You had better come down. You go out. You work it out yourself.”

That’s why it’s not always good to look for such quick, quick, quick, instant samadhi. This is the age of instantaneous things. Instant coffee, instant tea, instant iddli, instant dosa. Why not instant samadhi also? If it is possible they are not stingy. They could have done that to all. Because they want to see others enjoy what they were enjoying. But they know it won’t work. They will always look for another peg, another puff. Because once you get used to that, you become addicted to that and you want that again and again and again. Every time you use again you go down a little, go down. The side effects are there. Otherwise, a bit of a tap on the back is enough to rouse your kundalini and then you will say, “Ahh, wonderful, wonderful.” What happens afterwards? It lasts only for a few minutes. So, don’t be in a hurry. Heaven can wait.

Can guru can temporarily raise the kundalini of someone else?

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  1. tl;dr: The practice of Samadhi/yoga/meditation is very frustrating because of its huge demands on time (or the order of eons) with almost 0 tangible benefits for a long time and because the progress is so slow, almost every session is effectively a ‘reset’ from scratch and to achieve anything substantial, very long sessions of staying absolutely still are needed: almost impossible to achieve for a the average Joe/Jill out there due to the demands on time in an average day…

    The biggest problem with meditation/Samadhi is that it is very difficult to reach the state of Samadhi in one ‘sitting/session’ and one does not begin in the next session where one left off in the previous – you have to go over all the stages reaching the Samadhi stage again…no one has mentioned that it takes a long time, my mental state starts to become just a bit stabilised after at least 3 hours of staying still in a given session and am nowhere even near the beginning of a Samadhi after that many hours – if I leave that session and get up (do not remain still, to attend to daily chores) – all that progress is almost nought as far as the next session is concerned, again at least 3 hours just to reach a bit of stillness of mind. This practice requires so much time, so much time that it is not possible to do it for a normal human being who also has to work to earn money and even if they did not, to spend time with family and in ‘worldly affairs’ to give a semblance of normalcy! This practice requires more time, to give an analogy, than the most powerful supercomputer needs energy to sustain itself! It is in the preserve of the very few who are not involved in the family life and have disconnected themselves from all worldly affairs; not because the practice requires one to cut off from worldly affairs as such, but because it demands so much time and patience that one can only practically afford it (in terms of time) even if one had all the money in the world, only provided one were practically cut-off from the world and had a means to sustain their body (food, drink, shelter, hygiene) until such time as they didn’t need it.

    • The purpose of Samadhi is not to raise the Kundalini, nor to see the Inner Light, nor to hear the Inner Sound. The first step for meditation is to be able to sit quietly in one place. If you are in a car that is moving at a speed of 100 miles per hour, what do you have to do to bring it to a stop? You first have to apply the brakes and then only can you bring it to a stop and park. Will you try to turn off the engine in a moving car? No. In the same manner, the body has to be first sitting in a silent place, without movement. Only then can you work on the mind. You cannot control the mind. The mind is there, you observe the mind, enjoy the show of the mind. You do not have to sit and meditate for 3 hours. Start with just 5 minutes in a day. Then you can increase it to 15 minutes every day. It is more important to do your practice in the same place and at the same time so you form the discipline. You may not see the benefit for the first 6 months. Please do not give up. What you are trying to do is to live in the world. When you are truly able to go into the deep silence within you, you will be in the world but not of the world. You will be able to make more money and be more effective in the world because you will have a balanced mind. You get clarity of the mind as you go deep within you. You will get the benefit of discovering, “Who I am?” And will enjoy the ultimate bliss and peace that lies dormant within you. You will also be able to enjoy the wisdom that is invoked within you. Then you will be able to share that wisdom with others. So not only are you living in this world to help others in a more effective manner, but you also will enjoy the nectar of living in the absolute truth.
      Om Shanti.

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