Question: Since mantra initiation I have been in a trance. I feel as if I am buzzing inside.  The mantra is playing itself through me. I am not even trying to say it.  Can you speak on this?

Answer: What to speak? That is what the mantra does to you. If you don’t want it, don’t take mantra. Yes I always say that. In the beginning, the mantra is given to you. That is what you call initiation. Given to you by a person who has used the mantra for a longgggggg time. And He has that vibration, and is passing along a little of that vibration into you. Like you put a little of yesterday’s yogurt into today’s milk. Boil it and cool it down to a certain temperature. When the milk is ready, the culture is put in. That is initiation. You are initiating the milk. And that little initiation goes to work. The milk has to sit calmly. After getting that yogurt initiation the milk should not jump around, “Hey, I got initiated, I got initiated.” It will never become yogurt then. It has to sit calmly and meditate. Let the culture work on you. After a little while, you don’t have to do anything. The culture takes over. The entire you becomes yogurt. There is a beautiful name given to that: milk becomes yogurt. That means even the milk practices yoga and becomes a yogi. That’s what mantra initiation means. You work in the beginning. And then as you develop- it’s almost like a tender plant, or a baby. In the beginning you take care of them. Then, as you grow a little older, you enjoy your retirement they will take care of you. At least they are supposed to do that. Even ordinary inanimate things do that. A plant, for instance. You nurture the plant. Put a fence around. Pour water. Put nutrition. Make it grow. In the beginning you take care of them.

After a while, you don’t need to put a fence around, you don’t have to put nutrition it takes nutrition from the ground and it gives you fruit and shade and everything. But in the beginning you have to do your work. Same way mantra. In the beginning you do your work. You take care of the mantra. Then after some time the mantra takes over. Whether you want it or not, the mantra will be repeated. The vibration, the mantra vibration, the spiritual vibration, will be all over your body and mind. One of the Nayanar saints said, “Even if I forget my mantra, my mantra doesn’t forget me.” It keeps on repeating. Day and night. At midnight when you wake up you will be surprised that you are repeating your mantra. Such a joyous thing to do. In the beginning you develop the vibration, then the vibration develops you later on. The whole world is sound vibration. The cosmic sound. What was there in the beginning? In the beginning there was sound. The world was nothing but a sound. For want of proper words, they wrote, “In the beginning there was the Word.” The Eastern religions clearly say, “In the beginning was a sound.” Nada Brahman. Which means the Supreme God is nothing but sound. So the Supreme Sound created everything out of itself. That means we all have the sound. If that sound ever stops in you, you are no more, you are dead and gone. The inner sound. Ajapa.

So your mantra repetition rouses up the inner sound, your anagata sound, and you begin to vibrate in unison with the cosmic sound. That is what experience of God means. And the mantra is the easiest and best practice. All the religions have that practice, mantra japa. Everybody. Christians have it, Jewish people, Buddhists, Hindus, Muslims. All the religions are based on this mantra, mantra, mantra sound. So even if you can’t do any other practice, stick to the mantra, stick to the mantra, keep repeating it. One day you will reap the benefit of it.

Swami Satchidananda

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