Question: Often it seems that one learns a skill or piece of wisdom cognitively, but lacks the motivation to make it real in one’s life.  How does one make it to the practice stage?  In what chakra does the block commonly occur?

Answer: Well, if there is an inborn trait or wisdom, it will naturally express itself, you don’t have to force yourself to express it. There is naturally fragrance in the flower, but when it is in the bud form, you don’t smell it. So you wait. When the bud is open, the flavor comes. Everything has its own time. So long as you don’t block it yourself. Let it come forth naturally in its own time. All you can do is to keep the instruments clean. The instruments here are the bodies and minds. Let there not be any blockage in the body and mind. Let it be clean. Then natural instincts will express.

How does one motivate practice?

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