Question: Please, blessing and joy to you in all ways. My judgment seems to persist no matter what I mention or insist upon to my mind.  Even as an observer, I find myself judging my judgment. I have embraced them, ignored them, and firmly requested they leave the premises. And still they persist.

Answer: Judging yourself, or judging others? Both. That is the problem. Judging yourself is OK. Self analysis. That’s what the religions say. Find out who you are. What am I? Who am I? Judge yourself. When you really judge yourself, you will know that you are no-body. Until you really judge yourself, you think you are some-body. The some-body should become a no-body. And once you judge yourself to become no-body, you become everybody. The proverb goes, “something is better than nothing.” That is not correct. Nothing is better than something. When you have nothing, you have everything. When you have something, you have only something. That’s what. You will become a zero. You have not identified yourself with anything, associated with anything. The Buddhists call it Nirvana. You are totally naked. Nirvana literally means naked. Not physical nakedness. Self becomes totally naked. Nothing to cover the Self. When there is nothing to cover the Self, you are just nothing. Once you have judged yourself like that and you realize, then you are free and you have the capability of judging others. Until then, don’t even try to judge anybody. Because your judgment will always go wrong. Because you are not judging with the proper instrument, the proper scale, which is your own mind. Your mind should become completely neutral. Your mind is like a scale. The scale is trying to give you the weight when the scale itself is wrong the pointer is not at zero, it is minus or plus. How can it give you correct weight then? To give you correct weight, your scale must be at the zero point.

Question: A question occurred to me during noon meditation at LOTUS. However, you answered it at lunchtime through Mataji’s reading.

Answer: Good. So why are you asking me now?

Question: So now I am asking how do You do that.

Answer: Ah. Curiosity. Curiosity kills the cat. Intellectually you want to know why and how.

Question: It seems whenever I am here these kind of phenomena are frequent.

Answer: Do you still want to come here again?

Question: Can you also hear me asking clearly when I am far away?

Answer: I hear and I am here.  You want to hide from me, hmm? The distance makes no difference, whether you are near or far away. As long as you are having me, I am having you. Sometimes even if you don’t have me, know that I do have you. The problem is once you get caught in my net, you can never escape. So it doesn’t matter. Don’t try to find answers for your intelligence. Intelligence can go only so far. It can’t find answers for everything. Use your intuition. That’s why there is a saying, “Ignorance is bliss.”  Knowledge is terrible. When you really begin to say, “I don’t know anything,” then you begin to know something.  Ask the Korean monk.  Once he came and gave a talk at one of our retreats. His catchword was “I DON’T KNOW.  I DON’T KNOW.” The Tamils particularly have a saying like that. “Give an elephant as a gift to the teacher, and learn ‘I don’t know.'” Because intelligence can’t know everything. It has very limited capacity. And again, mostly it creates a lot of problems. The whole world is in a chaotic situation now because of the intelligent beings. All the discoveries are made by the intelligent people.  Intelligent people discovered, intelligent people are using ità See what is happening in the world today.  Without these intelligent beings the world would be safe.  The animals and plants and other things would be happy by themselves if we were not here anymore. So let us not trust our intelligence too much. There is something beyond that intelligence called intuition. Let it take over and make our lives and others’ lives happy.

Swami Satchidananda

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