Put in some power. Pranayama is the same answer for this question also. Regarding powerlessness: why do you have that weak body and mind?  You say you feel powerless? Then it is because there is no vitality in the situation. Pranayama again, again pranayama is the antidote. And you can add one more thing, which is faith in God. God, as Dr. Krishnaswami said, God is the higher energy, an infinite energy.

Even though we see God in different names and forms, in essence God has no name, no form, he is the billion-voltage electricity, even billion is limited, trillion. Where is that electricity? Do you know where the electricity is? Where is it? Can anybody say? Electricity is everywhere, there is no place without electricity or current but it has no form. Just energy, Shakti, that’s what you call it, Shakti.

But how do you use it? Even though electricity is everywhere, everything is moved by the same electricity, how do you use it? You have to gather it. That’s why there are electric stations where you gather the electricity in big reservoirs, and then from there you get it into your home by electric wires. But if the same electricity comes into your home, what will happen? You’ll be completely burnt out. The same voltage comes, so what do you do? You step down by transformer. Even our normal high voltage, thousands of volts, is stepped down by transformers, and then it comes into your house as 110 voltage. “Stepping down” the electricity is the only way that you can use it, as you cannot use the main energy itself. If you input from the main energy station, all the gadgets in a house would get burned. So, infinite God is the cosmic energy, Shakti, vitality, power, current, electricity, whatever you call it. You have to gather it in certain places.

That’s why there are temples, synagogues, churches, that is how they come in useful. You gather it there and then you go there and make a little connection. You get a little energy current. If you say, “No, no, I am not satisfied with a little current, I want the whole current,” you’ll be ash. That’s why even God couldn’t do anything without his son, Christ whom he sent. He came himself as the Christ. This was a form of  a “step-down transformer” for God. Yes. Christ is a step-down transformer. And still further stepped down is the Pope and others.

That’s what. So, contact, communicate with that power, original power, get more. And that power, when they gather, they create a beautiful sound, OMMMMMM. See if you go near a transformer, you will hear a humming sound. OM is what we say, the real sound is “Humm” – a humming sound. So, that is God’s sound, it is a “Hum.” What if you want to connect yourself with that sound of God? You can do it with the help of another sound.

That’s where you get mantra initiation. With your sound, you keep on repeating it, you develop certain sound energy in your body. And that sound energy is able to communicate with the higher sound, God. So, it’s all connected with power, power, power, Shakti, Shakti. Sarvaam Shakti Mayam Jagath. That means, “The entire universe is nothing but a power source.” And that power source, the Hum expresses itself as Hum. And that Hum, solidifies itself into atoms, and the atoms form into bodies. All our bodies are nothing but a combination of atoms. Right?

If tomorrow a machine is invented that puts all our bodies into this one machine, and if everything inside is crumbled, all the material will become atoms, an atomizing body. In that respect we are all one and the same, even though we look different, we are all the products of atoms.  The Bible calls these “Adams.” A little soft pronunciation, it doesn’t want to say, “atom” so it says, “Adam.” That’s what.

So with the sound you can connect with the other sound. It’s a sound practice. Yes, using the sound is a sound practice. OK? So, get power, enough power, by your sound. Because you are connecting yourself with a higher power,. All by yourself, you have little power. If you connect, link yourself with a higher power, you get tremendous power, tremendous power. So, learn to connect yourself to the source.

Swami Satchidananda

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