Question: I am in a very important transition period in my life: recently divorced, moved out of my husband’s home, and I’m out on my own. All this is new to me, and I am feeling lost. How do I find a direction?

Answer: Come to Yogaville. You are here to serve others. Maybe, who knows, you got divorced because God wanted you to be more free to serve others. You were serving one person. It was one man, a husband. So you were serving one man. Probably God thought, “No. You have to serve everybody now. Get out of that limited condition.” Your field is unlimited. There is something good behind everything. That doesn’t mean that I am saying that divorce is always a good thing. Again, think, find out the cause for the divorce. Why didn’t we get along well? What happened? What made he or I want to divorce? There is a lesson in that. You learn the lesson. Don’t try to blame others for all this. If everything fails, and it is completely beyond your control, take it as God’s work. God wanted me to be like this. I am ready to serve God. Yes, you are out of your husband’s home, on your own. Yes, this is your home.  You don’t have to be waiting for a husband’s home. It is everybody’s home, a public home. Maybe that’s what. God pushes somebody for the purpose of God’s service by creating problems. Blessed are the sufferers, the Bible says. If you say, “Oh, I’m suffering a lot,” then you are a blessed person. Why? Because you will not give room for suffering anymore. Suffering opens up your mind. Find out the cause for suffering, and don’t give room for that anymore.


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