“How to face.” That’s a good question because you have to “face” your fear. The only way is to face it. The more you try to run, the more it will haunt it. Face it, question. “Hey, who are you? Where are you coming from? Why are you coming to me? What am I afraid of?” If I am afraid of losing some money, I never even came with a penny in my mouth when I came in. I’m not going to take a dollar with me in the pocket when I go. So something comes and goes. That’s why you remember the coins are made round just to keep rolling. They never stay in one place. Name. People say one day wonderful, another day throw you in the ditch. It doesn’t matter, it came, its gone. Anything that comes will go. Bring one by one. What kind of fear you have? Losing something, some friends? Were you born with them? You just met them in one compartment, one of your travels. When you get into the train, you see in the compartment already a few people. You become friends with some of them. That’s all. When your ticket is over, you get down. If their ticket is over, they get down. That’s all the friendship. So, as long as they are with you, next to you, be nice to them. That’s all. There’s no losing or gaining. You can’t hold onto anything.

Ultimately you come to the body. The sage, Dharmaputra, the older brother of Pandavas, he was asked one day a question. What is the most laughable matter in this whole world? He said, “When I see always people dying and going to the mortuary, or funeral pyre. For me to think that I am going to be eternal is the most mockery thing, laughable thing.” No body is permanent and no buddy is permanent. That’s why it’s called buddy. Somebody, nobody, everybody. Buddy, buddy, buddy. Because it’s body. It comes, it grows, and it becomes old and dies. No shirt is permanent. No car is permanent. However careful

How can one face one’s fears?

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