Question: The woman I am in love with and I have a deep, deep bond. However, daily life is very tough between us. We seem to work on different frequencies. What can we do to feel more at ease in our lives?

Answer: Okay. Think of the deep, deep, deep bond. If you have that kind of deep bond and deep love, all other things become secondary. They are only superficial ripples. Just go a little underneath and there is peaceful, calm lake. Only on the surface you see the waves, and that’s natural. Because, remember, in the whole cosmos there are no two similar minds. There is always a little difference. That’s why you are you and she is she. Differences are there. If there are no differences, what is the challenge in our life? How do you prove that you are in deep love with the person? Even to prove that you are in deep love there should be challenges. If she is always wonderful and says, “Honey, I love you, I love you, I love you, anybody can love that person. Suppose she says, “I hate you,” then your love is challenged. Would you still say, “I love you, honey?”

So remember this tug between these things are challenging, shaking to make you tough and more established in that. Life is like that. Don’t give up. Think of always the deep love that you have. Don’t look to the superficial side. Superficially yes, two different frequencies maybe. But if you go a little down below, they both come from the same tape, same radio, and the same transmitting station. Never give up. Work hard.

Swami Satchidananda

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