Question: Do our thoughts, prayers and wishes influence reality or is it objective?

Answer:  Your thoughts are the prayers and the other wishes too. You are what you think. You can make yourself by thinking the right thoughts, or you can break yourself by thinking wrong thoughts. Man is a thinking animal, and it does influence you and others also. So make a habit of developing good thoughts. Think thrice before you think a thought, and then speak it out. Then do it. Thoughts, words, and deeds. Perseverance and regularity. What else is there to say?=

Think well. Think well. Think well. Influence reality. Then your thoughts become everything. You are what you think; even the entire outside world reacts to your thoughts. If you think good, everything is good. If you think wrong, everything is wrong because your projection is the outside world. Whatever you want to be, or you want to see outside, you have to become that yourself. The mind is so great a power. It can make or break. So always develop right thought. Even if you finish thinking or saying something, you sit back and analyze what you said or did.

“Prayers, wishes.” Well, you wish well. Your prayers first of all help you before they help somebody. And if your prayers are powerful, wishes are powerful, it will reach. Your thoughts travel around the world so fast, and if you sow good thoughts, whoever needs such thoughts can feel them and take them. It is almost like a transmitting station. You keep on transmitting your thoughts. They go around the globe.

You can shake the world by powerful thinking. All these calamities, wars, problems  they all start with a thinking mind. They don’t happen by themselves. Even Nature’s calamities are, in a way, responsive to our thoughts.

I know, in the old days, in the village dramas I always heard the royal court. The king comes and sits down. He calls for the minister, and the first question he would ask was, “How are the sages and saints here? Are they respected? Do you have proper pujas in the temple? Are the good people in any way harmed by anybody?” These are the questions he would ask first. Why? Because if they are all taken care of in a regular way, even the weather conditions respond to that.

Now you see a lot of confused weather. It is because of the confused mind. They all react to our thoughts. So everybody should become a responsible citizen to make the world a better place by sending out good thoughts. Unfortunately, that doesn’t seem to happen nowadays. Whatever you see, whatever you read, it is mostly always bad thoughts. Take a newspaper, for example. Only bad things are reported regularly. Good things are not reported well. The TV programs and movies you see make you think bad thoughts.

Every morning, our team, as soon as we get up, we read the “Bible.” We treat the newspaper as the “Bible.” What does the newspaper say? Who killed whom? Who robbed whom? Who threw the bomb? Read all the headlines. You are not even allowed to think good thoughts. Those are all the reasons for these natural calamities.

Even education, the children. In the old days, the small children begin their first lesson with some spiritual saying. A, in Tamil, I know, A should be learned first by repeating [Tamil saying]. Which means, “Do good karma.” R, the second letter, is learned by saying,[Tamil saying], which means, “Control your anger.” See? That is how we first learn the alphabet.

That is all being changed now. There is no God remembrance anywhere. In the schools, you cannot talk about God. No prayers in the schools. These are all the causes for the present-day calamities. So we always have to think well.

How do thoughts, prayers, and wishes influence reality?

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