Question: What do you think of those organizations that are always aggressively going after new recruits like the Moonies or EST?

Answer: I don’t know much about Moonies or EST, but we don’t have to go aggressively to find new recruits. As you know, our policy is that because we follow Bible. I don’t know what scripture they follow. Because the Bible says, “Ask, it shall be given.” When the seekers come to you, tell them what you know. Share what you experience. That is the best way to teach spirituality. They should be seeking for it. That’s why they’re called “seekers.” When they come seeking, you just give them what you have, share them what you have. Don’t even pose that you know everything. And don’t run after knocking at their door wanting to save their lives.

If you go knock at somebody’s door and say, “Before you go to hell, I want to save you,” he will as easily say, “Well, I’ll meet you there.” “Where?” “At the hell. Because you’ll be there before me.” It’s totally against spiritual pursuits. Aggression and conversion, no, it’s very wrong. It’s all right for business, commercial, aggressive sales, like a lot of commercialism. For material things it’s okay. Not for God, not for spirituality. Share what you have, what you know. When they are hungry, when they come and ask you, “I am hungry,” tell you “I am hungry,” share your food with them. You may have a lot of food, don’t force any food into somebody’s mouth without knowing whether they are hungry or not. You may have a lot of food. Don’t force any food into somebody’s mouth without knowing whether they are hungry or not. If they are hungry and if you are forcing your food, what will happen? You will create stomach ache. And before it creates stomachache they may even throw it on your face. Atma daham. Spiritual hunger. That’s why genuine teachers will wait for the seeker to be hungry.

Then even a simple Word is enough. It doesn’t have to be in a lecture hall or over a scripture. It can be right at an intersection with an amber light. That’s what. If you are ready, you can get the point. I forgot all about what I said. He is remembering it. That’s what you call “seeker.” So don’t just go and push yourself into and make it a sort of commerce. Spirituality is not for sales.

Swami Satchidananda

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