Anything that you don’t get what you want when you want it. It’s as simple. The biggest failure is searching for happiness outside. It’s going to fail all those who are searching for that outside. Other things are always successful. If you really work hard, if you know the way, if you gather enough strength, nothing is impossible to achieve. Success is always there. There’s no need for failure in the worldly sense. But remember, as I said earlier, that alone, even if you have the whole world at your beck and command, you could still be a failure. Why, because still you are depending on things from outside. As long as you are depending on people and things from outside, you are not going to be independent. That’s a big failure. So the moment you become totally independent, not depending on anything, then you are really free. That’s what you call real freedom, freedom from your anxieties, worries, and expectations and running after things. So, until that happens, even the so called successful things can bring failure. We see it in our daily life. How many successful people got sucked into the failure? The richest people, the Shah of Iran. The one who had 30,000, is it 3,000 or 30,000 pairs of shoes? Imagine, how she would have felt. Imelda Marcos Fernando. Somebody. How much comfortable and confident they would have had. What happened to all that? Where is it now? Billions and billions and billions all went into bullion market. Big, presidents of many countries like Tahiti, Nicaragua. No. People with great name, fame, all the riches. Based on the worldly things, that’s what I say. They were all thrown out of the throne. That’s why it’s called throne.” One day you’ll be thrown out. It’s something nice, new. Right? Yes. What is this?

But who is ruling the entire humanity, the entire world, without a throne, the poorest of the poor. Ultimately what he got? A crown of thorns, that’s all he got. Now he is sitting in the throne, throne of everybody’s heart. Because he didn’t ask for it. Buddha is in the throne. Mohammed is in the throne. Why? They were not running after thrones. When you don’t run after throne, you are not thrown out, you are placed there. That is what you call ultimate success.

Swami Satchidananda

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