Question: What is the best way to pray for someone else who is sick? Should I use my energy to visualize the person as a whole, or should I just pray that God’s Will should be done with that person?

Answer: You can do both. You can visualize that person. Imagine that you are sending your good thoughts, healthy thoughts to that person. Certainly it will reach the person. And, at the same time, “God, this is what I can do. This is what I would like to do. Again, it’s not my energy I am sending to that person. I am receiving it from You and passing it on to that person because my energy may be very little. But if I put one hand here and one hand here, I am receiving and passing it onto.” That’s the best way of praying for somebody. Otherwise, you may pray, and if that somebody gets well then there is a sort of mild, subtle ego develops in you. “I prayed and he got well!” Then you will want him to be your witness. “Here is the power of my prayer!” He may get well, you may fall sick. So beware of that. So it’s always be humble and say, “God, Thy Will. Because it came to my notice, I feel like praying for that person. I cannot demand and command You to heal that person, but I can request You. But still You are not just going to do because I request You. But I am showing my concern, that’s all. You can’t stop me from that. So I do my part. If that is also Your Will, let it happen.” That way you are also safe.

Swami Satchidananda

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