So, here I am, the cosmic guru. Cosmic is the only guru. All the rest is just comic. The real guru is that is everywhere. Within, without. That’s why in the prayer you repeat in showing your reverence to guru, it clearly defines who, or what the guru is. Brahmaanandam Parama Sugatam, Kevalam Kevalam, no qualities Dwandwaateetam, above the dualities Triguna Rahitam not confined to any particular quality. Above all the qualities, at the same time you see every kind of quality there. Sometimes the guru is all sattwic, sometimes very rajasic, sometimes totally tamasic, sometimes, none of these things. It is something indefinable. That means what you call guru is the God Itself. Guru Brahmaa Guru Vishnu Guru. Guru Devo Maheswaraha. Brahmaa Vishnu Maheswaraha, even those things have certain attributes, qualities, and further on. Then why should we see an individual who talks and walks and eats and drinks and sleeps like you as a guru, if the guru is something beyond all these things? The reason is it is through that person you understand what a guru is. Anybody who tells you who a guru is, or what a guru is, could be a guru, because the very word “guru” means someone or somebody or something that clears your doubt. Gu ru. Gu stands for the darkness. Rudra, is the remover. The one who removes your darkness of doubt, the darkness of ignorance, and ultimately tells you how to find, or experience, that guru within, and see the same guru everywhere. In the Hindu system you come across a guru, the guru of the gurus, Datatreya. He is all the three moorthis; Brahma, Vishnu, Rudra put together. He, himself, says that he had about a dozen gurus. One of them was a fisherman. Another one was a sort of a family mother, in a countryside who was pounding the grain into powder. They didn’t come to teach him. But he treated them as the guru. How could somebody be your guru without even that person coming onto the stage and giving a long lecture, quoting scriptures, or saying nothing? That itself shows that it’s not the lecture that makes a person guru, or the words that make a person guru. If you call something or somebody a guru, it means you learned something from that somebody or something. It’s you who make the guru. Nobody makes oneself a guru. Even if that person is really a guru, if nobody learns anything from that person, what good of that guru is? So it is the student that makes a teacher. Not the other way around. And if you want to learn you can learn from anything and everything.

When the fisherman was sitting on the bridge with his line cast in the water, his eyes were fixed to that little float. There was a huge procession with all of the band and music and dancing and animals, horses and camels, elephants, a mile long procession was going over the bridge. After the procession was gone, Datatreya went and asked him, “Isn’t it a fantastic procession?” And that too he has to go and shake his shoulder, get his attention and said this, “Isn’t it a fantastic procession?” “What procession?” “Didn’t you see a big parade one mile long going?” “I don’t know anything.” “Did you hear any sound, the drum?” “Was there, was there a drum? Where was it?” “So then what were you doing sitting here?” “Well, you know, I’m trying to catch a fish. All my eyes were on that float. I didn’t hear anything, I didn’t see anything until you came and shook my shoulder and drew my attention.” Datatreya immediately fell at his feet and said, “You are my teacher. I wish I learned this kind of concentration in my day to day activities when I want to do something. The whole royal procession didn’t attract you, because your eye was on a little teeny little float to catch a little fish. And I am here trying to catch a big fish. People say it’s in the heaven. Some say it’s everywhere. Some say it has form. Some say it has no form, all kinds of hallucinations about that. And I’m trying to catch that. Some say ‘God.’ Some say ‘Allah.’ Some say ‘Buddha.’ Some say “nameless, formless.” Some say ‘Cosmic Consciousness.’ It is all very confusing. How much of a great, big concentration I should have to catch that big fish. I wish I am you.” See, here, the fisherman didn’t even know any scripture. He didn’t know Bhagavad Gita, Bible, Koran, Zendavesta, no. He was totally an illiterate. Not even an ordinary kindergarten, elementary school graduate. That’s how we select gurus. If we learn something useful, practical for our spiritual growth, from somebody or from something, then that person or thing becomes your guru. So a cosmic guru means everything in the cosmos is the guru. We can learn from anything and everything if we want to learn. That is the biggest question. If only we become real good disciples. That’s why there is always a saying.

Guru can be found anywhere and everywhere. Just simply turn the Yellow Page, how many gurus you can find? But it’s hard to find a good student. Studentship is the most important. Momukshu they call it. Momukshu is the one who is very keen in learning how to get liberated, how to get released from all this turmoil, and that itself shows that when and how a person will get that kind of thirst. “How can I get liberated?” Who will look for that? The one who got bound everywhere. Otherwise, why should he even be looking for liberation? As Jaganath said, “We try to use our little, finite intelligence, try to understand, grab things, make our lives happy, want to achieve this and that and that, acquire this and that and that.” And then ultimately nothing seems to be really, really helping us always. I say always because sometimes it looks like you are getting some help, we are finding some peace. We find some happiness. But all those things, acquired things, seem to be fleeting, temporary. It doesn’t last long, the pleasures that we get from outside.

Once a fellow was hiking through a jungle. He was really tired and he couldn’t even walk anymore. When he saw a big tree with a nice shade he thought, “Ahh, let me just sit down here and rest a little.” As he was sitting he heard a big sound, the roar of a tiger. He looked and he saw a ferocious tiger coming towards him. He ran. From nowhere his adrenal glands started functioning. He got all the energy. A few minutes before he couldn’t even walk one more step. All of a sudden he seemed to have gotten all the energy. That’s what you call kundalini. Yes. It is all stored. When the real need comes it will pop up. So he was really running fast, trying to escape from the tiger. In that pursuit all of a sudden he fell into a huge hole, an old deep well. Completely it was covered with bush and creepers. He didn’t see it. But luckily before he reached the bottom, he was able to hold onto some of those vines and he was hanging there. The vines were strong, he could hold it and somehow climb up, but when he looked up he was seeing that ferocious tiger still looking at him.

Tirukkural, Thiruvalluvar, says, “Arupolodum valvadaryar karadu bhava. Kodyim ala pala.” “People don’t even know how to live for a second well, but their thoughts are good for millions of years.” When we realize this, the world is there to teach us this truth. Now the picture is turning the other way around. Suppose you say, “I don’t need a guru. I don’t want to learn anything from anybody. Why do we need a fisherman or this or that? I don’t need to learn anything. I’m just happy as I am.” Remember, you are not to be spared that way. We can’t be like that for long. The world is there to teach you the lesson, whether you want it or not. Mother Nature, or the teacher Nature, ultimately is going to teach the lesson that nothing is permanent, everything is fleeting. Even this will pass away, pleasure, pain, profit, loss. Don’t think only we learn by bad things, suffering, difficult situation    even with good things, so called good, pleasurable things. Life is a continuous learning process. The nature teaches us that.

And we go through all kinds of experiences. Ultimately we come to the same understanding that, “I’m not going to look outside for my peace and happiness. Nothing and nobody is going to make me happy or peaceful. I’m not going to even look for God outside.” Ask the great sages and saints. They have clearly said that. “Don’t look for God outside.” In the beginning, yes, you do. You may do it. All right, go ahead, do it. Ultimately you realize that’s not from outside. It is in. Even that running after God from outside should cease. Our effort in going and reaching should cease. Then it becomes effortless. You stop running after. The simple word for that, in simple English, is contentment. Even with God be contented. Contentment means you don’t run after anything. Simply stay put. Whatever is presented, do at that moment. You still have to do something. Because you are fed, you are clothed. So, you will be doing your things day to day, just for the day, the golden present and not running after things. When that stops, then you see everything in.

Seek that Kingdom within you first. When you stop running after, what will happen? All the things that you have been running after will begin to run after you. The scripture says so. Seek that Kingdom first. What happens afterwards? Everything else will be added unto you. You don’t even have to look for it, ask for it. It will be just added. It’s all surplus, extras. Or, in other words, when you get God within you, or when you recognize God in you, or when you experience God in you as you, then the whole world is at your command. They wait for your command. They come to you. Jesus didn’t go running after disciples. They all came to him. Moses did that. Mohammed did that. All they did was stop running. That’s what you call contented. A contented person, “God, whatever comes, let it come. You are the giver. You are the taker. You give. You take. If You don’t decide to give, even if I beg, borrow, steal, cry, You are not going to give it to me, or I am not going to get it.” It doesn’t mean, I am not teaching, I’m not saying something that you can just sit like a rock doing nothing. You still have to do. But just do what is presented to you. This minute if a job is given to you, just do it wholeheartedly without worrying about tomorrow or yesterday.

The golden present. Then the contentment is there. The peace of mind is there. The tranquility is there. I know it’s, sometimes it’s confusing. Shouldn’t I have an ambition?” Yes, you should have an ambition. What are the biggest and the best ambition? To find a way not to lose your peace is the big ambition. That’s what. Seek the Kingdom. It’s a big ambition, yes. All other dumb things can be easily achieved. But this is king dom. Yes. Where is it then? Kingdom is within you. So that’s where you see the cosmic guru. And you experience that. My time is over I think. You still have questions? I don’t know where these, doubts, doubts, doubts. Unending. Are they all new comers doubts or? Okay, let us see.

Swami Satchidananda

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