Question: Ever since I arrived here, I have been learning about a lot of refinements that most people find useful such as rules of food combining and wearing certain gemstones for healing. I am becoming confused. Is it worthwhile to try to refine one’s life in these ways? To what extent is mind over matter? If I don’t believe in or follow these rules, will this be unbeneficial to my growth? They seem to make spirituality too complicated.

Answer: Why did you come here, first of all? What made you come here? To get yourself cleaned. So remember the purpose. There is nothing to confuse. Otherwise how can you become fine? You were fine at the beginning. Somehow you got de-fined. In the beginning, you were fine. You defined yourself, and then you are asked to re-fine to become fine again. See? It’s simple. We are here to clean ourselves, body, mind, and spirit. Spirit doesn’t need cleaning, but our bodies and minds should be cleaned so that you can become a good instrument in service. A doctor will never use a dirty instrument for an operation. Before the operation, what do they do? Sterilize it. That’s what we are doing here. To become a clean, good, sharp instrument, to perform beautiful operation, you should be clean and sharp. The practices here are going to make you clean and sharp. Clean food, clean habits, clean practices. Remember that. If you are not clean, you are not fit for operation. So the real purpose is to clean yourself, so you should be happy about it. There is nothing to confuse. Mind over matter. There’s no limit. Ultimately the mind should be over everything. Completely controlled. That’s the aim of yoga, and that’s the aim with which you come to a community like this, to clean your body and mind and to become good, clean instruments. So, may the Lord bless you to have a clean mind and body so that you can become a fit instrument in the hands of God for the use of the Nature and humanity. God bless you. God bless you.


Swami Satchidananda

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