By asking. If you do not know, you ask, and that’s what you are doing. If you do not know your purpose, don’t worry. See the other species in life. All of them other than these human beings: animals, plants, elements. What is the common goal, the common thing you see? They seem to be living to serve. Their entire life is dedicated in service to others. A tree, animals, stones, minerals, they are all there to serve. Man’s goal need not be different. We are also here not for our sake. We were not sent to live life for our own sake, a selfish life. That’s a wretched life. We are here to live to serve. That’s why we are given all the necessities for living. The most important thing to live is always free, the breath. Even food and water has become expensive nowadays. You may have to pay for it but you don’t have to pay for air. And that air comes to you totally free. And it comes to you whether you like it or not. We may eat consciously, we may drink consciously.

Are we breathing consciously? Whether you are conscious or not the breath goes in, comes out, goes in, comes out. It’s not even in your control. How does it happen? Because some Power, some Force, Cosmic Force, that created everything and that created you, wants you to live. That’s why, even if you don’t remember to breathe, you are made to live. We are not living by ourselves. We are made to live. Why should that be? Why is that Somebody interested in making me live? Because that Common Force, Universal Spirit, has a purpose. And that’s what you see in other species. That’s why we are given that most important thing for life breath. So, even the life is not our own. It’s given to us to be used for others. When you pour water and apply manure to a fruit tree, why are you doing it? For the tree’s sake? No. For the fruit’s sake you are giving all this to the tree. So you are a tree. You are being nurtured. What for? To bring out the fruits to give to others. That’s why no tree eats its own fruit. That’s what. Our life’s purpose is to live for others, in service, in service, in service, without selfishness.

Karmanyva  adikarastay ma paleshu. Karma paratyagam. That’s the essence of all the teachings. Live, live, live to serve, serve, serve. And that way even the mind is totally in our control. If our aim is to serve others, we don’t put all the negative thoughts into the mind. “How much I can grab, how greedy can I be?” It’s all based on selfishness. When you live a serviceful life the mind is already clean. No negative thoughts come, and the kundalini rises up in time. Everything happens naturally. So, let us make it a point that “In my life there’s no selfishness. I am living to serve others. I love to serve.” The immediate benefit is “I am at peace. I am at peace. I am always at peace.” All the saints sing that. “There is only bliss without any pain.” By God’s Grace may we all have that opportunity to live a life of sacrifice, a life of service.


Swami Satchidananda

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