We raise our voice in anger, excitement, enthusiasm, and impatience. Our voices have different levels. If I hear a raised voice, it reminds me of all the scoldings I received during my entire life. As I was a naughty boy, I only heard everyone speaking to me in high pitch. When I started hearing my spiritual Masters speak to me in soft loving and caring voices, I fell in love with them. Even for God to hear us, we have to cry from the depths of our heart. Many call out to Him. He needs to know which is the real one voice calling out to Him. I, too, have got upset at my Masters and s at God and have raised my voice to them. Now there is no need to raise my voice to the Lord. He even hears my heart skip a beat when I think of Him. Today God must be sad, as I do not speak and trouble Him as much. I am just enjoying Him in silence without words, experiencing in peace His presence and all the messages that come from Him. It is now more of a one-way conversation. Nowadays when I shout, my throat hurts and I get a headache. This is because I am getting older. The only voice that I would now like to raise is so I might be able to sing a high note. There still are many a times I raise my voice at myself, as well, as when mistakes are made by others. I pray that stops one day. — Satish Daryanani

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