Q. Why do we eat and drink more when it is free?

A. At a buffet, you will notice people overfill their plates. They waste a lot of food. When drinks are free, people often get drunk. If we have to pay for it, we order only what we need. What draws us to free stuff? Free stuff is enjoyed because we do not have to work for it. Our hard-earned money has value. Yet, no one wants the best things which are free. Peace is free. Wisdom is free. Grace is free. Yet no takers. The difference is we only want that which is concrete and not abstract. We want what we can see, touch, and taste and not what is experienced. Even though we can enjoy everything through our senses, we convert it to experience to enjoy it. We prefer the by-product of the experience rather than the pure experience itself. But the irony is that we all want money which can give no pleasure. It is what money can buy but not the money itself. In that case, the second-hand experience is fine. However, the direct experience of the true wealth no one wants. Who can understand human beings? I give up. — Satish Daryanani

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Q. What three things consume our entire lives?

A. People are consumed by financial matters, health issues, and family problems. If I only talk about these three topics, I will have an audience for life. Those fortunate souls who do not get caught up in the above are consumed by spirituality. “When will I see God? When will I become a liberated soul? When will I see the inner light and discover the deep inner peace?” And so on. Some souls that are free want to help others with their situations. They create a fifth situation. “God, You had everything. You got bored and created this universe. Now I see all the problems You face. I am trying to help only a fraction of the issues that consume humanity — what must You be going through dealing with 8 billion people who are consumed with these issues?” We consume ourselves with something and our entire lives go by, not resolving even one of the issues. So, those souls who are free get involved in helping others with these issues. Neither God, nor the realized souls, nor the rest of humanity is completely free from things that consume us. — Satish Daryanani

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Q. Why must we choose between business or pleasure when we go on a trip?

A. How about a third option, both business and pleasure? When I was younger, I used to leave the warm Caribbean islands and go to frigid Detroit in the month of January for business. Even that was for business and pleasure. There were certain foods I could only get there. I got to meet nice people with whom I worked; they were more friends than business associates. Today, I am flying to the Bahamas. It’s easy to add pleasure as you can have a nice, chilled pîna colada on the beach, or have a Bahama mama in a restaurant. I can meet friends and do my job. The word pleasure should be in everything. In your duties, service, spirituality, exercise, as well as entertainment. Even at a funeral, I have the pleasure of watching my friend being free from his wife permanently. Even a split second that does not have pleasure in it is wasted. Waiting in a long line at Starbucks for coffee is a pleasure because I know what I am going to enjoy. So, immigration and customs forms worldwide should have the third option — both business and pleasure. — Satish Daryanani

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Q. What blessings should we crave?

A. I used to wonder what blessings would the spiritual Masters seek. There are two. First, they seek the blessing of humility. Along with this, they should feel they are more egoistic today than they were yesterday. Not even in their subconscious should they feel that they are becoming humble. The second blessing is to get closer to God. Even though they have experienced the merger with God, being in the human form there is still a separation as fine as a strand of hair. They seek the blessings to get so close to the Lord that there is no word yet created to describe it. On the other hand, they must feel each day that they are walking further and further away from God. These two blessings, contradictions, is what we must all seek. On one hand, is the blessing to evolve; on the other, the blessing to not realize our spiritual growth: wanting and not wanting, getting and not realizing. The true blessing is when the one who is blessed feels that he has not yet earned the blessings. Craving for grace when you are already a manifestation of that grace. That is why great souls always bow down and seek your blessings. They know that the Lord is in everyone and hope they receive these two blessings. — Satish Daryanani

Dada and Swami Satchidananda feeding each other

Q. Would there be world peace if there were no politicians?

A. If people lived with perfect righteousness, wisdom, truth, and justice there would be world peace. Since we do not rise to this level, politicians who are in charge of the administration will continue to take advantage. Their selfishness and greed will supersede the feelings and sufferings of millions. They will even embark on wars to hold on to their power. Remember: World peace starts with you. Your reflection of inner peace can be the beginning of world peace. Most people lose hope and so they do not do anything. The rich and powerful control everything. Yes, they do, but they do not control you. World peace is in your control. It is your state of mind, and not what politicians control. So start small. Contribute to peace at home and work, peace in your community, peace in your town, and your city. Even if nothing changes in your lifetime, at least you will have changed. Politicians are created in order for me to watch all the jokes about them on television and in other media. In my world, there is nothing but peace. — Satish Daryanani

Trump walking into Airforce One with toilet paper stuck on his shoe.

Q. What do most people misunderstand?

A. In the T.V. show, Magnum P.I., Tom Selleck, the actor, would often refer to his inner voice. We think we are able to listen to our inner voice for guidance and then follow it. However, the difficulty for the ordinary person is that it is the voice of the lower mind. The voice of the brutal instincts is often misunderstood as the voice of the conscience. As a result of such misunderstandings, guided by the animal tendency, we commit colossal blunders, involving danger to others. It requires a great degree of purity and calmness of mind to hear the true inner voice. It is the pure conscience itself that is the inner voice. Those who say God spoke to them are referring to this experience. So, how do you know which voice you are hearing? That’s simple. When the “I” has no say in whatever thought that comes. You are completely neutral. There is such a disparity between the two that it is easy to tell. If you are not sure, seek the advice of someone who you feel is able to listen to the real inner voice. Until then, take the inner voice with a pinch of salt. When you do get it, lawyers, friends, family members, psychiatrists, and priests, will no longer be needed. You will have a direct link to the ultimate Google. — Satish Daryanani

Tom Selleck

Q. How do life and meditation intermingle?

A. Each and every being in the world is divine by nature. The divinity in people differs only by degrees, but not in kind. Even so-called atheists have rays of divinity in them. The actions of good, bad, or ugly vary in proportion. Even murderers, robbers, or drug dealers who commit vicious actions have some good in them. However subtle a pure action may be, it is to be considered as worship, or meditation. Meditation is not about just sitting in silence in a corner and thinking of the Lord. Actions that tend to purify the grossness of the individual are to be collectively treated as meditation. The difference is the speed of your evolution. The evolution of the soul takes place when you do good, selfless acts out of devotion. Your actions occur as a non-doer-ship. Automatically your life will become cheerful and enlightening as you evolve quickly, with the speed of light. When your life and meditation are intertwined, your actions and your thoughts work towards the same goal. So, life itself becomes an act of meditation. Your mind will remain the same all the time. Choose to crawl or run in your own evolution. — Satish Daryanani

Women runners dressed as hare and tortoise

Q. How can you do things correctly?

A. If you want things done correctly, you have to do them yourself. If you depend on others, then you have to live with the effort of others. What you put in this world comes back to you. Sometimes people will tell you, “Why don’t you delegate?” If you delegate, then you cannot get upset with what you get. If you do it yourself, you have to live with your mistakes. Get upset at yourself and learn from the lesson. This will lead you to realize that even your spiritual growth is in your own hands. You cannot blame the Masters or the organizations that help you develop. The whole world is created to fail you. Only you can help yourself. Put in that effort required to get all that you want. At least you will accept all responsibility and stop blaming others. Remember, the word correct is from your own point of view. So, your thoughts and actions are only correct when you are in control. God has given us this freedom. Even though He is in charge of everything, He lets you put your own effort to attain anything you want. Therefore, do your best and know that whatever happens is for your good. Have no guilt for a lack of effort. If things go according to your plan, you will enjoy a great feeling of self-satisfaction when all the effort pays off. So, please do not make God a mule to carry the load of your life. Take it on your own shoulders and leave only the results to Him. — Satish Daryanani

Large burden to be pulled.

Q. Can prayers cure when doctors fail?

A. Doctors and medicines are only instruments in the hands of God. Unless God wills it, no one can cure or get cured. A man should do his best with initiative, enterprise, and perseverance, but depend on God’s grace for everything. To bear suffering and accept it as a blessing in disguise from God is great wisdom. Prayers invoke the inner potential of the individual, which flows only from God, and they can certainly work miracles. More important than the actual prayer is your faith in the prayer. All this is wonderful, but without truly believing in it, nothing will work. Even for the doctors and the medicines to work, you must have faith in them. Those who have wisdom will rejoice at the blessings of suffering from the loving hands of the Lord. — Satish Daryanani

Surgeon with angel wings

Q. Are we all ignorant or wise?

A. Ignorance is just a creation of the mind. In reality, we are full of wisdom. When the veil drops, you will shine in your own essential, divine nature. First, allow your egoism and desires to pass. Behind the clouds of ignorance is the bright sunlight of wisdom. Behind the mind is the radiant light of God. Purify yourself, destroy evil thoughts, move on the spiritual path, and the attain the correct vision intended by the Lord. This is the purpose of the human birth. It is like going to school. You have to have short hair, wear a uniform, do your homework, obey your teachers, do not talk in class, and so on. There are many dos and don’ts in life. When you graduate, there are no more rules. Then you are free to do all that you want to do, free to have fun in life. Once the true purpose of your human birth is complete, then the real fun of being human starts. There will even be some crazy people reading your thoughts. So, unfold your inner wisdom and let others also enjoy the light you discovered.— Satish Daryanani

Boy and girl studying in a luminous woods

Q. Are people born with talents?

A. We are born with some talents. Over the years we have to work on many things. Becoming vegetarian and talking about it was not my talent. Being shy, giving public talks was not easy. Playing sports rather than studying, was easier for me. I had to go against my nature to study. To maintain silence for one week every month takes a lot of effort. Real talent is going against your nature. Do not say you have no talent. These austerities are required for your growth. Even writing these thoughts is not my talent. My real talent is being lazy. I got tired of fighting God’s will. Accepting His will is easier. I got fed up of trying to fulfill my desires and I finally gave up on that. I was not allowed to be around my physical Masters, and that pain of separation made me detach from their physical forms. This led to all detachments, as attachments give you pain. Life is about utilizing your strengths and adding more strengths. I’m not saying I do not have any talent. Being on the spiritual path is definitely not my talent. I do not read Spiritual books. Yet, the love of my Masters has put me on this path. So, if the lover of non-vegetarian food, a selfish, egotistical, lazy, hard-headed, talkative, and disobedient person tries to spread the teachings, then anyone can develop any talent they want. — Satish Daryanani

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Q. Can sins be forgiven?

A. Some minor sins are forgiven if you repent with a pure heart and do not repeat them again. The repentance itself is sort of a self-punishment. It erases minor sins. However, you will have to suffer the capital sins. The laws of action and reaction are equal and opposite. You have to carry the impressions of your actions with your soul. God’s love gives us a chance to reform. It is not a punishment for capital sins. Instead, it is a chance to cleanse yourself, to learn the lessons and move on. Even a mother will forgive the children for their sins, but would love for them not to repeat them. If you scratch a table with a key, you have to work harder to remove the scratch. You have to sand the table, buff it, then apply varnish. Only then is the scratch removed. Similarly, the action of capital sin is easy. It takes more effort to undo it. So, please think of your thoughts and actions, as only you will have to clean up the mess. We do not have to blame God or question His soft heart which forgives us. What you sow, so shall you reap. Easier said than done. — Satish Daryanani

Remorse of man behind bars

Q. Is there light at the end of the tunnel?

A. Yes and no. It depends on many factors. When you visit Switzerland, you pass through many tunnels. Some are so long they seem to be endless. Eventually, the tunnel ends and you see daylight. So, physically, there is always light at the end of the tunnel. Those of you going through challenges feel there is no light, that you are stuck permanently in the darkness of the tunnel in which you find yourself. That is why the answer is “yes and no.” Physical tunnels appear in the world, constructed by governments or private contractors. Your journey of life has tunnels created by you, and not by situations. As you have made your own tunnel, only you can find the light at the end. One who knows that nothing is permanent can be free from this situation. What seems to be a struggle today, will be a blessing when you realize the benefit. Simple theory: What goes up must come down. What is down must go up. Neither the tunnel nor the light at the end of the tunnel is permanent. You will be going through both situations in your life. Learn to enjoy both situations. Then, your life is like living in Switzerland permanently. — Satish Daryanani

man walktng toward light at the end of a tunnerl

Q. How to deal with women?

A. If I had the answer, I would become a multi-billionaire. I’ll try: Women use their hearts and they get affected easily when someone hurts them. Living in a male-dominated world, they have to strive harder. Sometimes, women act tougher with other women. It is hard for a woman to balance her family life, career, and spiritual evolution. Those who have a strong will can excel faster than men. Women have less room for error, as their lives are being watched with magnifying glasses. I was shy around girls and could not communicate with them. Now, as I am slowly getting better at it, I am learning to see life from their points of view. They have a mother’s heart. Most of my body fat has come from their love for me because they feed me well. How to treat women is simple: Treat them with equality. Joke with them. They quickly can grasp deep thoughts. They have plenty of the patience needed to deal with me and are more forgiving. Please do not break their trust, as they get hurt easily. Tough women are like coconuts — hard outside, soft inside. Break the hard shell and make a new friend. The strength of a woman is under-estimated. Above all, see all the qualities that women have and pray for those qualities. I thank God for making women the way they are so my life is entertained all the time. — Satish Daryanani

Ms Florence Nightingale tending wounded soldiers.

Q. Why have guilt?

A. When we say or do something wrong, we feel guilty. It disturbs our minds. We may even lose sleep over it. If we keep on repeating our actions we can reach a stage where there will be no guilt. We can even justify our actions. Our minds are that strong. It can remove all the guilt eventually. That guilt is our friend. It guides us to not do something. Those who have chosen the spiritual path have to pay a heavy price. This guilt becomes a pain in the butt. If you go slightly off track it ruins your day. Even if you sit in silence your mind is disturbed. The price of guilt is high. So you would rather give up the situation that causes the guilt and go back to the peace and joy which you lost. Even to give up financial profits if there is guilt in your actions. It is your choice; to either become the slave of guilt and give up the situations that give you temporary pleasure, or tell yourself, “Life is short, let me enjoy.” So, choose guilt as a big stick from God to keep yourself in check. Or become stronger and overcome the pain of guilt. — Satish Daryanani

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Q. Why are we drawn to light?

A. When the Christmas tree at New York’s Rockefeller Center is lit up, it is a big event. The tree is placed there a few days before, yet there was no crowd around the tree. Once the lights on the tree are lit, the tree changes. It draws huge crowds. An unlit building, or a bridge at night, has no charm. When lit up, people are drawn to it. They start posing and taking selfies. They even stand in the cold to see an enlightened tree, or building, or bridge. We are all like the Christmas tree. Only when the grace of peace and wisdom is poured upon us, does real beauty show. People put on make-up so others will notice them. When the lights are on you, crowds will be drawn to you. Security guards will be required. All you did was connect to the source. The tree does not enjoy its own lights. They are meant for others to enjoy. That is what motivates a person to become an enlightened tree. — Satish Daryanani

Rockefeller Center Tree

Q. What do you think of yourself?

A. When someone breaks up from a relationship, they put themselves down, especially if their ex-partner has moved on. They even think that they may spend the rest of their lives alone. What we think of ourselves is often caused by the experiences we go through. So, if our outside situation changes, our thinking about ourselves changes. If we go through a financial crisis, we think we are useless. On the other hand, if we achieve great success, we think we are smart, creative, and courageous. The outside experiences will always change; what you are does not. The strengths that you have will always be with you. Feeling self-pity gets you nowhere. This is why all the teachings are only for one purpose: Discover the real you. Then all the ups and downs of life will not affect the real you. Neither will the highs of life make you an egotist nor the lows of life make you lose your confidence. People can post anything about you on social media and you can laugh at it, as they do not know the real you. They are only showing their own insecurities by posting. As people get older and start losing their physical capabilities, they start putting themselves down. When you know your true self, you will only think of yourself as the fortunate one who is here for one purpose — to help others also find themselves and be free from the suffering of ignorance. — Satish Daryanani

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Q. What are you trying to prove?

A. Boxers go through so much pain to prove they are champions. They have to keep on fighting to defend their titles. Children try to prove to their parents that they know more than them. Old people try to prove that they are still young by playing sports competitively. Seekers try to prove to their spiritual Masters that they are on the right track. Politicians try to prove to the public that they deserve their votes. Girls go through so much trouble to prove they are beautiful. People who have an ego try to prove they are humble. Even those who do good deeds are trying to prove to the Lord that they are good and that they love Him. Those who are good at meditation are trying to prove that they are in control of their minds. Intellectual people want to prove their intelligence by showing how much they know and the great memory they have. The rich people want to prove their wealth with the possessions they have. You try to be funny and have a good sense of humor when you do not have one. All I am trying to prove to the world is that this good-for-nothing is being controlled by the One who is good-for-everything.— Satish Daryanani

Two boxers in a fight

What is better — imagination or reality? Part 2

A. What we imagine as deep, permanent inner peace and what we actually experience are poles apart. If we could imagine that state, we would not have to go through the process required to be in it permanently. We are already at that state, but not aware. Some of us get glimpses of peace. It’s like watching the trailer of a movie, not the whole movie. Rather than making the effort to be aware of this state permanently, our limited minds use our imagination. The second imagination is how much God loves us. In our lives, the greatest love that is experienced is a mother’s love. Based on that experience, we think God’s love is similar or slightly greater. Mother’s love still has a mix of attachments. When you really gets God’s love, it will shatter your imagination. It can never be expressed. Your whole life will change. There will be no desires left in you. Chit-Shanti (permanent deep inner peace) and God’s love, together, will replace all your imaginations. You will be living only with these two experiences. Nothing else will matter. To entertain yourself, keep imagining different things, though you are full and complete. Therefore, do not limit these two experiences with your imagination. Go and get the experience. Then this vacation of human experience is complete.— Satish Daryanani

Sunrays through clou

Q. What is better — imagination or reality? Part 1

A. A man meets a pretty woman and imagines spending the rest of his life with her. What he imagined was actually much better than married life. We imagine going on a vacation. In our minds, the temperature is at 72°F, or 22°C, and sunny. The vacation spot could have a lot of rain, mosquitoes, long immigration lines, and cost a lot more than what we planned for. Women read romantic novels and dream of a lover like Fabio. They end up marrying a fat, bald guy. Even Walt Disney did not get to build exactly what he imagined. When you get to know your self and realize the absolute truth, both will be better in your imagination than what you experience. You will say, “That’s it.” All the austerities are for that. You want to see God. What you imagine is far different than when you do meet Him. Our imagination is far greater than what we go through. Even God’s imagination of creating this world was much better than what was created. We were not so crazy in His imagination. There are at least two things where reality is better than imagination. Please think over it. Will share the answer tomorrow. To be continued. — Satish Daryanani

Disneyland sculpture of Walt Disney and Mickey.

Q. What will please you?

A. Every breath we take is taken to please ourselves. Everyone does different things to constantly please the mind. Some even enjoy pain as a form of pleasure. Even the so-called good deeds are done to please. Someone might adopt children and take care of them; still, it is for pleasing themselves. Those who want to please God do so because even that is to please themselves. Each one of us is different, so each method of pleasing ourselves varies. There are infinite ways to even please God. Just the thought of trying to please God will please Him. He is easy to please because of the love He has for us. Speaking the truth, selfless service, spreading the teachings are some examples. The lesson is that we are not here to judge how people please themselves. Some may paint their walls white, others may paint it pitch-black. Enjoy the show of how each one does different things on this journey of life to find the never-ending ways of pleasing oneself. — Satish Daryanani

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Q. Is criticism good?

A. It depends on whether the criticism is constructive or not. If it comes out of anger, ego, or hatred, then the criticism is harmful to the one giving as well as to the one receiving. No one benefits. When I was around spiritual Masters, they criticized me a lot. It was for my growth. The same God is in everyone. If you are completely detached and with no selfish motive, it is okay to point out problems so that mistakes are not repeated. Most do not have that capacity. Until you do, please do not criticize others. You might be misunderstood. Sometimes, we criticize as a form of motivation. If not done correctly, the other person can lose their self-confidence. Before you criticize, see if you first need to work on the problem yourself. If you criticize someone for being late, make sure you are punctual in life. Be careful before the thought of criticism for another person comes. — Satish Daryanani

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Q. How to keep yourself busy?

A. Get a smart phone and even 24 hours a day will not be enough. There are those who work so hard, they do not have time to scratch their heads. There is no time to think of God, or any service, or self-contemplation. And here is a question on how to keep yourself busy when we already do not have enough time! Being busy with hands and feet is one thing, trying to keep your mind busy is another thing. We are busy trying to carry the whole world on our shoulders, like Atlas. We can worry about things that might not happen. We can be busy bees, minding everyone else’s business. Being busy is healthy. How you keep busy is more important. Analyze the past 24 hours and learn from the dos and don’ts. Quietly ask God for forgiveness for a specific situation, if needed. Spend time relaxing and having fun. You will become more efficient. Learn from the lives of saints and sages. Being fascinated with all creation is my favorite way of keeping busy. Everything around me is miracle. Connecting with the Magician has kept me busy. Realizing that I am trying to understand everything with my limited mind keeps me busy constantly. — Satish Daryanani

4 kids busy using smart phones

Q. What is real Thanksgiving?

A. No words can describe the feeling of when you live in the permanent awareness of God’s perfection. How can the words, “Thank You” express that feeling of gratitude? We keep one day of the year to thank the Lord. We have a nice meal, meet family members, and thank God for the bounty given to us. Instead, we should use that one day to take a break from thanking God. Those who realize everything is a loan given by the Lord will complain: Lord, You have given me much more than my needs. By doing so, You have increased my workload in sharing with all those whose needs are greater than mine. On top of that, my debts to You keep on increasing. With so many loans, You have me as a customer for life. But, I will still thank You on Thanksgiving Day. Thank You, Lord for giving me an extra holiday. Thank You for three football games on T.V. Thank You for the big budget movie released for me to see during this time. Tomorrow, I will go back to complaining about the abundance of love and grace from You, for the abundance of wealth from within which is difficult to share, for giving me more than I need so I am putting on weight. Above all, I cannot ask for anything, as Your perfection crushes my intelligence. Most important, thank You for the great deals on Black Friday. — Satish Daryanani

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A. What would you like to have?

A. This question is often asked by those in the service industry. Sometimes the answer is quick, “A mimosa.” Sometimes, we take a lot of time to decide. The more choices we have, the more time we take. Imagine if God came to you and asked the same question. Would we give a quick answer or take time to decide? God, too, is in the service industry — trying His best to satisfy us. If you are not sure of the answer, imagine this crazy one, “Lord, I would like to never have You!” God will be confused. He will ask why? “If I have You I will be satisfied. Then, I will want nothing else. If I do not have You, my whole life will be spent in wanting to be with You. Being with You is the greatest joy of my life. Separation from You is the greatest sorrow of my life. Yet, I choose separation so I will do my best to win Your heart. Otherwise, I will get complacent. Separation is my inspiration. So, please come again and again to ask me this same question. This way, I get to see You. If You so desire, end our separation when I take my last breath. It is totally up to You. I am happy either way.” — Satish Daryanani

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Q. What causes frustration?

A. When things do not go our way, we get frustrated. Loneliness is another cause of frustration. We think we are alone and there is no one watching over us. Nobody understands us. All our good intentions are not manifesting. There is a higher power who knows more than you — who even knows you have a pure heart and good intentions. Yet, you get frustrated because your actions are not bearing fruit. One day, you will thank God for being smarter than you. I cannot give an example as I will get in trouble. I thank God for getting me so frustrated that I had to move on to a whole new path. Frustration is a great blessing. It can change you completely. Please get frustrated with this crazy world so that you can discover the inner world. Frustration will make you realize you cannot save the world, only yourself. — Satish Daryanani

LeBron James

Q. Why can’t God Almighty make sure everybody acts properly?

A. Each one acts properly. A thief must steal, a police officer’s job is to catch him. These are their duties. The world is a relative place. Kings, saints, beggars, lawyers, prostitutes, are all doing their respective duties. Good and evil are relative terms. Evil exists to glorify good. Hate exists to glorify love. Even a murderer can become a saint in the twinkling of an eye if he is placed in the proper pure company. Buddha did that to Angulimala, a murderer. If everyone was good there will be no villain in James Bond movies. Honestly, God even created Devil so we can glorify God. No action takes place without God having a purpose for it. We judge actions from our limited minds. In His mind, all actions are perfect for His drama. If all became saints, even saints will be out of a job. So, appreciate the real director of this big movie, who has so many performers playing their roles and duties correctly. They still haven’t given God an Oscar for the Best Director. — Satish Daryanani

Steven Spielberg winning Oscars

Q. What are benefits of being mischievous?

A. A mischievous nature a young person is an indication of intelligence and good health. If this energy is channeled in the right direction, you will become a wonderful, intelligent person. At the same time, do not act mischievous with your elders. We have so much to learn from them. We need their blessings and experience. I was mischievous with my elders and, now, I regret it. Mischievous people get joy out of life from the smallest thing. They are positive-minded people, happy with their own mischievous thoughts. They entertain others and are easy to get along. They do not dwell on past sorrows; their minds are looking forward to the next thrill. They have realized that the most mischievous person is God. He lets the puppet think it has freedom even though all the strings are controlled by Him. Above all, the teachers in schools, colleges, and even the spiritual Masters, never forget the mischievous students. The good, boring ones are forgotten. — Satish Daryanani

2 Mischievous boys

Q. What are the virtues of a righteous person?

A. A righteous person is one who is pure in thought, words, and deed — a well-anchored person who is not motivated by personal gains. He is pious, God-fearing, centered in the eternal self, has equanimity, and is tolerant towards all. A righteous person is full of virtues, like charity, nobility, sincerity, humility, simplicity. He has no ego, no lust, no greed, no crooked-mindedness, or vanity. Nothing can affect that person. A righteous person is full of adoration for all and has no enemies. He treats friends and foes alike. His word is his honor. You can even write a postdated check based on his word of honor. Above all, a righteous person does not know he is righteous. He thinks he is full of flaws, struggling like everyone else. Only those who are blessed to be around such a person can see these qualities. May we all become righteous people. — Satish Daryanani

Mahatma Gandhi

Q. What discourages us?

A. We put our efforts in various things and often times see no rewards, so we get discouraged. People who exercise and go on diets to lose weight often see no results and give up. Even those who try to meditate get discouraged when they are not able to control their minds instantly. There is no barometer to check your spiritual evolution. When you give half your mind to something, the results does not take place. Collect the dissipated rays and give your full mind to things–then you will have instant success. If you do that for God, even God will appear instantly. There is nothing you cannot achieve when you put your mind to it. Then you are courageous. The “dis” – disappears. The problem is we really do not want anything. We just say we want it. That is the reason we give half our mind. There is a saying, “You want it, you got it.” Your mind is so powerful that you can align the forces of nature to your thoughts. It becomes your slave. You become a beacon of encouragement to everyone. Discouragement and encouragement are only opposite states of mind. — Satish Daryanani

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Q. What is Earth?

A. Earth is one of the planets in the solar system. It is one of the fields for experiencing the outcomes of good, bad, and mixed actions, and for initiating actions. Not only is it a place of action, it is also a place of experience. It is a place where thoughts, as well as the consequences of actions, get manifested. It is a bundle of atoms, a form of energy. It is one of the fields where we can fulfill our desire. Each one is an individual, separate, yet all the same. It is one of the stop-overs in our evolution, a temporary rest-stop in our never-ending journey. Here, we are all farmers sowing the seeds of our labor. The abundance of beauty for us to enjoy is a gift from the Lord. We become caretakers of this rest-stop. Let us not forget that Earth is only a speck in this universe. This is not your real home. It is only a place for you to enjoy while learning and resting. — Satish Daryanani

Planet Earth

Q. How does the mind differ from the soul?

A. The mind is limited, the soul is unlimited and all-pervading. The mind is the sum total of all your desires, thus inert and powerless. The soul lets the mind think it is conscious and powerful because the soul is reflected through it. The mind is the experiencer of every condition, both objective and subjective. The soul is the absolute—unaffected by any experience. The mind is mortal. The soul is immortal. The mind can make you a slave of the world. Awareness of the soul sets you free. The mind alone is the real person, the individual, the doer of actions. The mind is responsible for the cause and effect, for karma. The soul is free from cause and effect. The mind is the creative, enthusiastic, productive aspect of you. It can be your worst enemy or best friend. The soul is the source of what you are. Use both aspects of what you are. Use the mind for fun, duties, and service. Be aware of the soul to know the true self. — Satish Daryanani

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Q. How to put an end to doubts and questions?

A. By answering this question, I am going to lose all my audience. If that happens, I will be happy. As one goes deep within, the doubts, delusions, and interrogations disappear. It’s like when the sun rises, the mist disappears. Slowly, with grace, as you grow, the problems of life dissolve into the ever-abiding truth of existence. Our duty is only to intensify the inner purity with our daily spiritual practices. Slowly, all the spiritual teachings you have heard and read become clear. The only doubts you can have in life are, “Have I done enough? Do I have enough gratitude for all that is given to me?” The small doubts can go, but, to keep yourself in line, feel that there is still a long way to go. To enjoy life, play with the doubts of others—like children who think parents have babies because they simply kissed, or the children who think this world is real. Laugh when you are alone at the doubts that people have about life after death. Above all, I thank God for the questions, otherwise, I will be bored and out of a job. Please, evolve slowly so I can always be entertained. When you do get it, please enjoy the show of ignorance. — Satish Daryanani

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Q. How can we play our roles correctly?

A. I was in Hong Kong with my spiritual Master and there was a question and answer session with children. In my mind, I felt I had better answers, and I wish I could have answered the questions. My Master read my mind and said, “I am sitting in this chair to talk. That is my role now. You are here to listen, that is your role. We are all playing our parts in this drama of life, and this is the role we have to play.” I learned my lesson that day. I drive fast. When I sit in an Uber with a slow driver, I remind myself, “My role is that of a passenger, not a driver.” I can give and receive strong massages. When the therapist is working on my back and not putting enough pressure, I tell myself, “I am here to receive a treatment. I cannot massage my own back.” When good cooks eat food cooked by other chefs, they are there to eat, not to cook and compare. Even those who are used to serving should give a chance to others to serve them. Our roles keep on changing. Sometimes we are givers, and at other times receivers. It is not that we can do a better job, it is so we can play our given roles perfectly, without any comparisons or complaints. — Satish Daryanani

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Q. What is God?

A. That what sparkles and glitters in your eyes is God. That what prompts you to think is God. The source that supports your mind, senses, breath, and your body is God. All that you experience is God. The light within you is God. Peace, knowledge, and wisdom is God. The enthusiasm, inspiration, and sense of humor in your life is God. Your desires and the satisfaction of the desires are God. Truth is God. The soul, the spirit is God. The energy in the universe is God. The freshness from deep sleep is God. The dreams and the dreamer is God. Above all, love is God. The one who recognizes this carries the presence of God all the time. Then the question changes to, “What is not God?” The answer changes to “Nothing.” In simple terms, everything is God. — Satish Daryanani


Q. How to make your heart grow?

A. My spiritual Master told me that my heart was made of granite rock, in which seeds of grace could not germinate. I had no words to say; this was true. To be big-hearted, I had to become compassionate. My love for animals made me a vegetarian. It is easy to love animals because they do not push your buttons like human beings do. My enthusiasm and compassion inspired others to also turn to a vegetarian diet. Yet, this is not sufficient. It is those who are pure in heart for they shall see God, not those who are pure in mind. This makes your heart bigger, and to purify it you need to become selfless. This is my Achilles heel. I became stagnant for many years on this issue. Then, after all my efforts, grace poured in. The only way to make your heart grow is to first see the Lord in your heart. Not the physical heart on the left but in the center where He is sleeping. When you realize His existence, your life changes. Not only will you see His presence in you but also in everyone and everything. Now your heart becomes soft. The pain of humanity is felt. The self becomes less; that is how you become selfless. I feel that women are most fortunate in this aspect. They have innate motherly instinct and are naturally full of love and compassion. We, men, have an uphill battle. So, this is what is meant by bringing out the feminine side. The beautiful, caring, compassionate, loving heart of a mother and a Guru. — Satish Daryanani

Hearths being spread by an angel

Q. Why is it hard for people to keep quiet?

A. When I was in school, my teachers used to send notes with remarks for my parents to sign, “Your son is very talkative.” As I now grow older, I am finding it easier to keep silent and to be less talkative. When it comes to the topic of spirituality, or of the lives of my spiritual Masters, I have an insatiable appetite to talk. When I told this to my Master, he laughed and said, “Talking about the teachings is not considered as talking. All the other words that we speak are unnecessary.” When we talk, we get sidetracked. Others automatically join into the conversation. We, then, judge and can come up with false conclusions. We end up arguing unnecessarily about things when we talk. Thank God for texting. It has become easy to communicate. Today, while I was sitting in silence at the beach, I realized that the Masters have so much wisdom that comes from within. Their lives, their talks, the books and poems they have written, are equivalent of one grain of sand compared with all that they have experienced. I think true humility comes when you realize the deficiency in your linguistic skills. What comes to you from within is of far greater value than anything we hear or read. Until we enjoy the value of silence, talking will be our best option, but—least for a movie lover like me, please do not talk during the movies. Any other time it is fine. — Satish Daryanani

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Q. What causes an inferiority complex?

A. The movie, “Bohemian Rhapsody,” addresses this as it tells the story of the musical group Queen. The lead singer was from a Zoroastrian faith from India. He changed his name to Freddie Mercury, not wanting anything to do with his past for it gave him an inferiority complex. Over time, you slowly start losing your identification. You get lost. With all the success in the world there is an empty feeling. The race, religion, culture, family background you are born into is perfect for you. It is given to you for your development. If others see faults in you, tell them that it is the manufacturer’s defect, not your fault. Do not feel inferior to anyone as you have qualities and duties only you can perform. This is coming from a person with average intelligence, looks, athletic abilities, qualities, height, and above average waistline — yet there is no one to whom I feel inferior. Those better than me in any field inspire me to improve. My name is not easy to spell or pronounce in the western world. Yet I have kept it so that when people who remember me, will never forget my name. Do not be a lamb in life, roar like a lion, because you are the child of the King of the jungle. — Satish Daryanani

Roaring lion

Q. How to enjoy Diwali daily?

A. Diwali is the Hindu New Year, a day of light. Most people who do not pray daily will pray on this day to Laxmi, the Goddess of Wealth. It is a good marketing tool. If everyone prayed instead to Saraswati, the Goddess of Knowledge, there would be fewer customers. On this day, you may eat sweets without worrying about calories or diabetes. You get new outfits and do not have to make immediate payments to your creditors. You get in touch with those who you do not meet often. Hopefully, you thank God for the bountiful year. The key function of this day is to lead you from the darkness of ignorance to the light of truth. Only when you get that, can Diwali be within you permanently. You do not even have to pray to the Goddess of Wealth. You become the wealthiest person alive. All you can do is pray for this real wealth, and then share it with all your loved ones. Happy Diwali to one and all. May God bless you abundantly. — Satish Daryanani

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Q. What makes us return to a restaurant?

A. When we enjoy the ambiance, food, and service, we return to the same restaurant. If it is out of town, we wish they would open a new branch next to our home. If businesses treat their customers correctly, they will have repeat business. God and Spiritual Masters are smart business people. They shower you with so much love in the beginning that you get caught in their web. Later, when they have trapped you completely, they start rubbing and scrubbing you. Other businesses want you to be a repeat customer so they will get more of your money, God and the Masters turn you into “Honey.” Then, the businesses will not only want you for the money you spend but also for the sweetness that comes from the wisdom within you. They may have a lot of repeat customers, but they will never forget you. — Satish Daryanani

honey being poured over a spoon into a dish

Q. What makes a person unique?

A. To be unique is to be unlike anyone else. Those who are unique have just one complaint. There is so much to learn, discover, and do that there is not enough time. Even to complain of anything, takes away their precious time. They are not here to compare or judge, but to grasp as much as possible. They are not bound by social structures. They are fascinated by everything around them. Even the so-called duties of the world that have to be performed, occur in the background. Imagine the mindset of God: What made Him create everything? What must He have been thinking when He made this or that? What a crazy mood must He have been in when He made this unique one? Unique means the world thinks that the screws in your head are loose. Many unique souls have been killed because of that and many unique people have helped make changes in this world.  Mahatma Gandhi did not accept that he was not allowed to sit in his seat, after purchasing a first class ticket. Abraham Lincoln abolished slavery. Being unique is not easy. But, if you are blessed and fortunate, then this world becomes a paradise. Thoughts of depression and suicide do not occur. You are already in heaven. All you can do is pray that everyone can enjoy life as do you.—Satish Daryanani

A unique standout

Q. Why do beautiful made-up women still look at a mirror and put on even more make-up?

A. This is due to insecurity. Putting on more and more make-up covers up the natural beauty given to you. How many think that the beauty, intelligence, strength, and all other assets given to them are perfect? There are only a handful like that. I am starting to lose hair on my head. If even one hair was less or more on my head, it would mess up the Lord’s master plan. Imagine, one hair can change the Lord’s plan. When you really understand the absurdity of this, then no war paint is required on your face. Put it on for fun, if you want to play, and not because you are unsure of your true beauty. Let people see you the way they want to see you. You are still the beautiful princess of your love. So please do not let the next pimple ruin your day. — Satish Daryanani

Woman applying makeup in a mirror

Q. What do you do if your flight is delayed?

A. It all depends on the length of the delay. If the delay is a short one, all you can do is walk around and use your phone. The longer the period of the delay, the more options you have. First, you can write a few thoughts down. Then, tell yourself that this time is a bonus. What you had to do at your destination cannot be done. You have free time. This is a gift from the airlines. They should charge you for it. Watching people is also fun. Some even eat more than you. Most importantly, analyze if you are affected. This unplanned time should become your life. You are neither at your previous destination nor at your final one. You are in the no man’s land. You are stuck. This is life. Our flight is delayed for 80 years, going nowhere. We are waiting in this airport of life. The flight that we are all waiting for is the one that will set us free from this airport. In the meantime, I have a trapped audience. All are, like me, stuck here. Take advantage of the opportunity to transform someone. They are also bored and need entertainment. Prisons and airports have good audiences. People have nowhere to go. Those who can make the most use out of the airport will even forget about the flight. When the time comes for you to “really” take off, you might just miss being at the airport.

Airport wait

Q. What is the key to everything?

A. I just saw the movie, “The Nutcracker.” It tells the story of finding the key to a music box. When the key was found and the box unlocked, the character was disappointed. She found nothing inside. Then, later, she discovered a small mirror behind the mechanism and saw her own reflection. She got the answer. Everything is within you. When you go inside, you will be disappointed to see nothing. All your efforts were for nothing. Then, when your mind is clear as the small mirror, you will see the reflection of your true self. That divine self and you are one and the same. Unlocking this truth is the key to everything. Then the music of ecstasy starts to play. Now, you can dance to this music, which comes from within. Everything that you will ever want comes true. Discover the key to unlock the treasure of treasures. Then you will be living in a Disney movie permanently. — Satish Daryanani

Ornate vintage key

Q. How to stop feeling powerless?

A. The feeling of powerlessness comes when things do not go your way. Even if you are trying to serve the world, hurdles will appear before you. When you try to take the load of the world on your shoulders, you will feel powerless. Find the source of all power; like electricity, it is everywhere. All you have to do is get connected and then you are fully charged, the current starts flowing through you. How do you get that? When our parents take us to the church, mosque, synagogue, or temple, it is as if we are sitting in an electric substation. There, electricity is easy to access. You can also access this at home. Slowly, begin to experience the power that flows in you. Not only will you stop feeling powerless, but there will be a power surge. Now, to prevent an explosion, you will have to distribute the current. Then, when they are connected to you, you will be able to lift up all those who feel powerless. — Satish Daryanani


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Q. Do thoughts and prayers work?

A. The answer is both, yes and no. Thoughts and prayers are very powerful but often unused. The simple reason is that we think one thing, pray for something else; ours minds are wandering. Even God gets confused as to what we really want. With so many distractions in the world today, we have lost the focus and ability to think. You can change the weather with your thoughts. What you think can actually manifest. Our prays can not only help us, but also our loved ones. But if your prayer becomes a spare tire of a spare tire, how do you expect it to work? When your prayer turns from mere words to the cry from the bottom of your heart, even God will come running to obey your command. We pray, wondering if God is actually listening. We do not have confidence in our prayers. You do not need to know the rituals, or go to a priest, in order for your prayer to be heard. When you build a relationship with God, He knows what is in your heart. You do not even need to pray. He will do all that is good for you. Then, your mind will become an antenna, sending positive thoughts to the whole world. Everyone will benefit from your existence. In that case, prayers and thoughts work. — Satish Daryanani

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Q. What is the purpose of having a Parliament of the World Religions?

A. People from different religions and beliefs meet every four years in different parts of the world. It is a buffet feast to feed the hunger of the soul. There are those who give talks and those who listen. When it is not your allocated time to talk, you may choose to listen to the other speakers. It is always a good place to pick up one-liners to improve your craft. In the end, the whole purpose is to see that truth is one. While there, we may enjoy sampling many of the flavors available to nourish us while finding that universal truth. Though it is fun being around like-minded people, the problem is that those who come are already open-minded. Not much is required for them to be united. Unfortunately, the religious extremists, who really need to come, do not show up. I hope good and positive vibrations are sent out to the world as differences between the peoples are increasing. Innocent people are being killed because of their religious beliefs. This year, the Parliament is being held in Toronto, November 1-7. In addition to having good food for my soul, I hope they also have good food for my physical body. — Satish Daryanani

swami vivekananda at the Parliament of World Religions

Q. What is philanthropy?

The act of sharing wealth with others is called philanthropy. To help others with the wealth you have is a good act, however, the truth is no one is truly a philanthropist. If everything is given by the Lord, and we are only custodians, then how are we giving donations? I feel I am a thief, keeping a very large portion for my personal use while being in charge of the Lord’s treasury. I cannot justify the amount I withdraw for my personal use with the amount of effort I put in. Even the deal I made for the wealth within was to share it with others. It was given for that. Instead, all I give is a daily thought and a few lectures; and I meet and talk with a few thirsty souls. In the meantime, I over-indulge in the nectar within. Maybe that is why I have put on some weight. Both kinds of wealth, spiritual and material, come from the Lord and should be distributed. Otherwise, you will feel that you are a thief. Keep some for your needs, but even the Lord’s treasury cannot satisfy your greed. So, the word “philanthropy” should be removed from the dictionary. — Satish Daryanani

hands, giving and receiving

Q. What is the true purpose of all these thoughts?

A. The real purpose is that I am bored. So, to entertain myself, I write these thoughts every morning. The deeper purpose is to see that every one of us deals with someone, or something, that has an impact in our lives. All those who do not face any obstacles are enjoying themselves in the graveyard. Until we are fortunate enough to join that group, we have to deal with all that comes in our lives. There is no escape. These thoughts cannot change even one situation, all they can do is to make you see things from a different perspective. The more you contemplate these thoughts, the more grows your understanding of the truth. Then, instead of being consumed by your daily situations, you look forward to new challenges—as you want to test your newly found inner strength. One day, when you really get it, you will laugh at how these dreams you faced daily, affected you. Then, you too will be sending thoughts to help everyone enjoy the gift of gifts: This perfect human birth, given to each one us. — Satish Daryanani

Rays of sunlight through a hand mudra.

Q. How much information should we keep in our minds?

A. I have a good memory and I retain all the information in my mind—until yesterday. The thought came, ”If the Internal Revenue Service (the tax department of the USA) is only interested in our information for the past seven years, then why am I storing information longer than that in my mind?” I would store in my mind all the talks, the questions and answers with spiritual Masters. Instead, if I become a microphone and just relay the message given for a particular situation, or a particular group, or individual, then I do not have to store all the teachings in my mind. So, yesterday I felt like I lost 200 pounds by deleting all that excess information from my mind. When needed, the right thoughts will come for His service. I just want to let the spiritual Masters know that the time and energy I took asking questions of them is not wasted. Even though it is not stored on my mental hard drive any longer, this open mind is there to be used. Instead of me taking control of spreading the teachings, this microphone is ready to do as they please. — Satish Daryanani

squirrel with a blue hat holds a microphone

Q. How can one see good qualities in others?

A. It is easy for me, a person of limited quality, to see the good qualities in others. All I see are those who have patience, are organized, hard-working, obedient, and caring. Even those who can type quickly fascinate me. Those who are technically challenged appreciate the mastery of those who have technological skills. When I was with my spiritual Master, I saw the importance He gave to details: how gently He moved a chair, how softly He moved a spoon. Masters see the Divine in everything. Seeing positive qualities in others can inspire you. There is so much to learn that you feel there is not enough time. I thank all the chefs in the world for creating delicious food, the athletes and entertainers that thrill and amuse me. Above all, I thank God and all those who have a sense of humor and make me laugh. Seeing the good qualities in others makes you humble as you see how much you lack. — Satish Daryanani

A child drawing

Q. What is the purpose of having certificates?

A. To sell diamonds, a certificate tells you the color and clarity of the stone. Doctors, lawyers, massage therapists need certificates to give them the licenses to practice. While there are some doctors, lawyers, and therapists who are better than others, no one is allowed to practice without a certificate. Even spiritual Masters need certificates. They have to wear orange or white uniforms so people can recognize them as Masters. Even to be a husband or a wife, one needs a certificate. To own a car, one needs a certificate. We believe in certificates and uniforms. What certificate is given to one who has not wasted this human birth? Only he or she knows that fact. One needs no certificate to serve. Without being the Master of any profession, one becomes a Jack or Jill of all trades, reducing the load of humanity. — Satish Daryanani

2 certificates, rolled and tied with a bow

Q. Why do we lose opportunities?

A. We lose many opportunities due to over-thinking. We feel fear and walk away. Even if things come on a platter, we do not accept what comes. We wonder, “It is too good to be true. What is the catch?” Even if realization comes, we may lose the opportunity to grasp it, thinking it is a hallucination. Opportunities appear sometimes in the hurdles through which we may be passing. We might end up changing our businesses, careers, or the towns in which we live and, later, find great opportunities come from making the move. When you are young and have good health, do not waste the opportunity to see the world. Anytime, seize the opportunity to see God and then have fun with His creation. The opportunity to be around realized souls should never be lost. Also, never lose the opportunity to flirt and make pretty women laugh. — Satish Daryanani

person standing before 3 doors

Q. Who is your true soulmate on this journey of life?

A. Many times this question is asked, “I met so and so, and is this person the right one for me?” Or we hear, “I am still looking for the right person with whom to spend the rest of my life.” Ask yourself this question: “Can I sacrifice everything for that person without ever getting anything in return—not love, a smile, or even a thank you?” When you are willing to do that, then that person is perfect for you. When we expect things in return from our so-called soulmate, it becomes a business deal. You give and get so that you can have a companion on this journey of life. Your true soulmate should be the Lord. In this relationship, He only gives, and you do not have to love, smile, or even thank Him. There is no divorce and you do not have to buy any gifts. You get to keep 100 percent of what you have and He still gives more. So, make the Lord your soulmate, and find a companion in life so you will not get bored. — Satish Daryanani

silhouettes of soulmates sitting on a seashore

Q. How many friends do you have?

A. In my case, aside from my spiritual Masters, I have no friends. I have a lot of acquaintances. This way, if someone wants to be with me, or if we are apart for long periods of time, I am not affected. With friends, there are too many expectations. When I was a child, friends stopped talking to one another over small things. We would use a third person, a common friend so that we could communicate. I realized then, that, when a friend let’s me down I get hurt. The reason we all suffer from the ups and downs of friendship is that the true meaning of friendship is not understood. My Masters are my true friends, as everything they do is for my benefit, no matter how painful the experience might be. They give unconditional love and do not expect anything from me in return. For others to do that for me is not easy. For the smallest misunderstanding, they like to break the so-called friendship. So, it is easier to keep everyone only as acquaintances, as there is neither a break-up nor a make-up. Just have fun with the relationship while it is convenient for everyone. Then your focus is on the one true friend. If you have that, no other friend can satisfy you. — Satish Daryanani

friends bicycling together

Q. Why be serious?

A. Most serious people should be in a hospital. They say, “This patient is serious.” On the other hand, those who have a good sense of humor may be admitted to a hospital only to trouble the nurses and entertainment them. In life, take light things seriously and serious things lightly. Even religion and spirituality are taken seriously. God has enough people who pray to and worship Him. He looks for those who want nothing from Him, who just want to entertain Him. Your parents have an effect on you. Very strict and serious parents influence their children, trying to live their lives vicariously through them. Even sports, which is for fun, is made serious by the parents. You are made to become a doctor, a professional athlete, losing the joy of your childhood. You will never discover God by being serious. He is sleeping within all of us, so play with His beard, tickle His feet, tell Him a joke. That just might wake Him up. Then, no one can call you a sleeping soul. True awakening is that simple. We all are the products of our parents having had a lot of fun. When there is joy in your life, how can God stay away from you? — Satish Daryanani

illustration of two serious and silly gentlemen

Q. How can we manage our resources?

A. We all have limited resources. We must utilize them correctly. One of our resources is time. Successful people know how to utilize this 24-hour time period given to us daily. We have goodwill in the world, make sure we do not waste it. Like a bank line of credit, we maximize the returns. How many of the limited breaths that are given to us are used to help others? How wisely do we use the material wealth we have? Do not take for granted what you have. All that you have may not be permanent. Do not let people influence you about how to spend your resources. Be firm and spend a few minutes daily considering how to use your different resources. You can utilize your resources completely for your inner growth. There is no budget limit for that. On worldly matters, use your resources like a bank loan: Think you have to pay it back with compounded interest. — Satish Daryanani

Resources symbols: shelter, money, and time.

Q. Which is the best language in the world?

A. There are so many languages, the most popular being English. When you are alone, the language you use to speak to yourself, or to the Lord, is your primary language. The language I most love, the language of silence, is used when words cannot express what you are trying to say, when you speak with someone with your eyes. When I am around my spiritual Masters, I love communicating with the different looks and smiles. When you are alone with the love of all your loves and speak the language of love, there are no words to express that feeling. Just by being you, the language that inspires and transform people is another wonderful language. Language is our tool for communication, yet it cannot express all that we want to say. Trust me, the toughest thing in my life is trying to put into words all that the Beloved sends to me daily. — Satish Daryanani

Man with loving look

Q. How can we make correct choices?

A. We have to make choices throughout our lives, from ordering our favorite flavor of ice cream to selecting our life partner. The choices we make will determine the life that we are going to have, whether they are about our career, the place where we live, the friends we make, the service we offer, and so on. The more the variety the harder it is to choose. How do we know if our choice is right for us? The first, simple step is to enjoy making the choice. Ask these questions, “Is it going harm anyone?” “Will it help me to achieve what I want in life?” “Will this choice take me away from my spiritual path?” In the end, if you cannot make a good choice, ask a spiritual Master or someone whom you trust, to help you with your decision. Be careful before you choose. You have to live with your choices. It will be too late to complain after. Now comes the secret: All these thoughts are there to lead you to that day when you will never have to choose. Something within you will be automatically guiding you. The choices made are for your evolution or for the benefit of others. It happens to those who are fed up with choices and completely surrender to the One who knows more than you. So, the ultimate choice is whether you want to choose or let Him choose everything for you. — Satish Daryanani

7 identical doors from which to choose

Q. What is your purpose in life?

A. We all have a general purpose, the same purpose: to get closer to God, to experience God, which can only be done in the human form. Then, there is a specific purpose for which each one of us has been created. The only way to get the answer is to either go within or find a spiritual Master to reveal the answer. In my case, my Master told me, “Your specific purpose in life is to spread the teachings.” Once you know your specific purpose, you will find that the capabilities are within you. The hidden talent for which you were created is already there. For example, if a person is a good massage therapist, his or her specific purpose is to be a healer. We must find our specific purpose so that we can get into the work, or path, for which we were created. In time, you will find yourself drawn to your strengths. No one purpose is greater than the other. We are all not meant to be doctors or spiritual teachers, but each one of us is equally important in His master plan. In this jigsaw puzzle of life, everyone is required to do his or her part so that this game of life is played perfectly. Even if one piece is missing, the game gets disrupted. Pray so that you can find your specific purpose. Do what God has planned for you. When you do, you will see that this will bring you true joy in your life. Knowing that you are doing that for which He has created you, gives you a true purpose of life. Then the real fun begins, as you are being utilized correctly. Hope you all find your purpose soon. — Satish Daryanani

woman considering career choices

How shall we respond when people disappoint us?

A. When someone lets you down you get disappointed and hurt. The trust you had in them is broken. The more the faith in that person, the greater the pain. Now, what can you do? Get upset, be hurt, be sad and miserable? On the other hand, we can use this experience for our growth. This is our test to see if we have grown from within, by not letting others affect us. Speaking and writing on spirituality is easy. Thinking that you have faith in God is easy. The bigger the loss, the greater the disappointment, the greater the test. If you can still maintain your peace from within, you have reached that state where nothing can disturb you. I am not saying to not have trust in people, but if this happens again with another person, you are prepared. The world might, but this will only bring you closer and closer to the One, the One in whom you can completely trust. There is one friend who will never hurt you. Then no one and nothing can disappoint and hurt you. Thank all those who have disappointed you for bringing you closer to the love of your life. — Satish Daryanani

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Q. Why is the world divided?

A. Today, the United States is divided into blue and red states. The country is broken up into political beliefs. Islam is broken into different sections. People argue, debate, and even get into physical fights because of the differences in their opinions. Some people say climate change is caused by man, while others do not believe that. Even with these thoughts, there are some who may agree and others who may not. I was with my spiritual Master and a close disciple asked a question. The Master’s answer did not satisfy him. Later, when I was alone with him, I elaborated on it. There was no difference. I learned my lesson that day. Once someone’s mind is made up, even the truth cannot help him. If someone wants more of an explanation of my thoughts, I will most gladly expand on them, but I will not get into a debate to try to change their mind. Each political party or religious group has positive things from which we can learn. Even if someone believes that there is no God, lovingly try to explain, but do not force your will upon them. — Satish Daryanani

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Q. Can one truly say, “Never again”?

A. After “Diamonds Are Forever,” Sean Connery said he would never play the role of James Bond again. Still, he came back for one more movie — “Never Say Never Again.” We say never again to smoking, drinking, and people still end up smoking and drinking again. Saying never again and sticking by it is not easy. On the other hand, if we fly with a low cost airlines such as Spirit Airlines, or if we have any other experience we do not enjoy, saying never again is fine. Still, sometimes we have no option and end up using that service again. In spirituality, if you say never again, then no matter what happens you should never break your word, for example, being vegetarian, spending time in silence, serving others, and enjoying all that comes to you. These should never become never. The most important thing is never, never have any regrets of the past. You are wasting your precious time and energy for nothing. In anger, never say you will never talk to a person, because life is funny, you will end up being his friend again. — Satish Daryanani

Never again! Holocaust memorial.

Q. How to avoid traffic jams?

A. The simple answer is, “Stop driving!” If you have to drive, figure out alternate routes or alternate timings. Still, if you have no choice and have to face traffic jams, what are the options? First, look at the opposite side of the road. If they are going slower than you, thank God you are not on that side. If you are stuck in traffic and do not have to go through it daily, thank God you are saved from this. If you do this daily, then form a routine with this gift of free time given to you by the Lord. You can catch up on hands-free calls with your friends and family, listen to chanting on your radio, or have a nice conversation with the Lord. Plan your day correctly. Look at the other miserable souls around you and give them a smile. There is no such thing as a bad situation. We must have an ability to make the most out of any situation. When I used to travel with my spiritual Masters, a traffic jam meant I got to spend more time with them. Sometimes I still imagine they are sitting with me when the car is going nowhere and I, again, get to spend quality time with them. — Satish Daryanani

Traffic jam

Q. What draws us to magic?

A. We love Harry Potter and other magic shows. We keep our eyes open, trying not to blink, in order to catch the magicians doing their tricks. Yet they deceive us. They have good hands, and we would like to know how they do it. They put in a lot of effort to master the tricks. Those who are very religious do not approve of magic, as they think it leads to black magic. That is totally another subject. I am only talking about magic in the form of entertainment. The greatest magic show is by the Lord, and it’s happening every second. If we can see that, then we get free entertainment all the time–for example, a flower blooming, a moth turning into a butterfly, a useless person like this one sending thoughts daily. The greatest magician provides the illusions of sunrise and sunset, the colors of leaves changing in the fall, the northern lights in Iceland, and so many others, all for us to see. I try to understand how He does the tricks. As with any magician, we cannot understand how the tricks are done. Simply have fun being deceived. Then, the magician has done a good job. — Satish Daryanani

A young magician shows card tricks.

Q. What makes a dumb person?

A. Dumb is the person who keeps forgetting, the one who keeps repeating the same mistake again and again. It is okay to make new mistakes and learn from them. There are those who are very smart in one or two aspects of their lives, but lack street smarts in daily matters. They do not learn. So for them, God gave a smartphone, with which you can take pictures, make notes, create reminders, and set alarms so as to be on time. It is not whether you are born with intelligence. It is the effort you put in to use what is given to you that matters. Forgetting the deals you agreed upon will hurt your business and your career. Those who have this weakness need to spend more time in silence, not to see God, but to build focus and mental capacity. Only when you work on the worldly things with your mind will you be able to grasp all that is within you. — Satish Daryanani

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Q. Why is popularity so important?

A. We all want to be popular. People keep track of their Instagram followers. They want to see how many thumbs up they get on their Facebook page. Even the secretaries of the spiritual Masters want to see how many came for their talks. They are after the quantity of people, not the quality. How many truly benefited from the talk or the retreat that they attended? Even the secretary, did he get self-realization by being with the Master? The popularity of the Master is more important than the teachings. They even try to make Jesus Christ popular. There are 2 billion Christians. Yes, but how many truly practice the teachings of Christ in their lives? Being popular is only to boost your ego, that you are something or someone of value. Work on being popular with the Lord. His approval is all that matters. Does He give me the 👍🏽? If I have Him in my life completely, then all this superficial popularity is of no value to me. — Satish Daryanani

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Q. They say the best has yet to come. When?

A. When you are struggling in life to take care of your basic needs, there is no fun in that. When you have made enough for your needs and still continue working just to keep yourself busy, then you are working for fun. Similarly, when you struggle to sit in silence, you try to save the world without knowing the truth. Have a whole bunch of questions starting with the word “WHY?” You get stuck on what religions tell you to do and what not to do. Sometimes you lose faith in the will of God. There is no fun in that. The fun comes with the realization that this is all a play and that each one of us is only playing our part. When you do not just understand this, in words, but truly realize it, then, the best is going to begin. The best is not reaching realization, but the new, endless journey that awaits you: the infinite wisdom: layers of nothingness; the layers of inner light and sound; the struggles of putting into words your inner experiences; that part of your life for which a human birth was given; and, above all–having the fun of confusing people with spirituality. — Satish Daryanani

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Q. Who should get an F-grade for doing their job?

A. God. Let us see the list of what happened while He was in charge: Earthquake and Tsunami in Indonesia;, Donald Trump won; overpopulation; global warming; poverty; sickness; the suffering of so many people; death of loved ones before their time; no cure for cancer; continuous wars in the history of human beings; human trafficking of young children; racism and fighting among religions. If God was running for re-election, He would lose. There is no competition, so we are stuck with Him. That is why the religion that is growing most in the world is Atheism. We, with our finite minds, are trying to understand the infinite. People say, if they could meet God, they would ask Him a lot of questions. When you do meet God, there will be no questions. You will melt into Him. So, God gets a lot of both, thanks and blame from everyone. Luckily, He is not affected by our reactions. All you need to know is that He is too wise to make a mistake and too loving to punish. — Satish Daryanani

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Q. Why do people keep dogs as pets?

A. Dogs give unconditional love and are good companions. People who are blind can use dogs to guide them. I am a vegetarian and love animals, but what I am going to say may be misunderstood. Our families and friends do not give us unconditional love as a dog can. We can ignore our dogs when we are busy and expect them to love us when we have free time for them. They require low maintenance and, in return, we get so much love and companionship. To get the same from people is hard. Even after your full effort, there is no guarantee that a person will give us love as a dog can. Now, those who have experienced God’s love and have truly made Him their best friend, do not require a dog. They are bathing every moment in the Lord’s love for them. It requires even less maintenance than a dog. Whenever you want to be aware of His love you can. You do not have to feed Him, take Him for a walk, or even love Him back. Just use Him as you need. His love and friendship are at your beck and call. Relationships with dogs last approximately 14 years. Your relationship with the Lord will be eternal. Just reverse DOG to GOD, like in a mirror. Then, there is no need to go to the veterinary for your best friend. — Satish Daryanani

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Q. What makes our hearts skip a beat?

A. In my case, the smile of my spiritual Master, or the Lord makes my heart skip. For others, it could be seeing or being with their children or their loved ones. Each one has something that makes their heart skip a beat. There will come a time when it will be the silence within, and not because of anyone or anything, but just knowing how fortunate you are that you are able you enjoy that peace. All the struggles of humanity can go away, if people could do that. The heart skips with the reverence of knowing I am well taken care of. All that is happening and will happen is perfect. Then, where you live, the work you do becomes your dream place and dream job. No regrets, no longing. Monday is perfect, and Saturday is perfect. Working is perfect, retirement is perfect. Success is perfect, and the so-called failure is perfect. Being aware of this perfection will keep your heart permanently skipping a beat. — Satish Daryanani

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Q. What is the purpose of being mediocre?

A. If every thought sent was great, there would be no appreciation. Mediocre thoughts enhance the good ones. Movies, plays, books, and television shows also have mediocre moments so we can appreciate the great ones. When this mediocre person traveled with the spiritual Masters, it was to enhance them. Their wisdom, love, and sense of humor shone through. Everyone has a purpose. Not all have to be great. When grace is one day poured on a mediocre person, even grace gets enhanced. People will say, “This crazy good-for-nothing person is now spreading the teachings.” They cannot believe it is the same person they have known for so many years. A mediocre person can either become an A-plus student of life or can become a F student. They are in between. They are neither a lost cause nor have they completely evolved. Only grace can move them to A-plus. — Satish Daryanani

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Q. How do we get out of the same?

A. You might meet a person after a year and the same complaints start. They are in the same situation. Your whole life will go by and you and your situations will remain the same. I saw a few Indian movies recently, which show the struggles of the poor people in India. Seeing what a poor, blind, crippled, deaf, or dumb person goes through, our struggles look so small. In the USA, even if a person makes $250,00 a year he still has financial problems. We all are in the same boat with financial, health, family, or social issues that consume us. To get out of the same rut, see those who are worse off then you. Slowly, gratitude will start to build. Your outlook in life will become more positive. The situations you are in may be the same. However, you are no longer the same. That is more important. — Satish Daryanani

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Q. Why do we hire professional people for what we can do ourselves?

A. We hire financial planners, wedding planners, and mediators to solve our disputes, fortune tellers to tell us our future. We can do all this on our own. We have to put in study and effort. We need no others to do what we know we need to do for ourselves. We tend to underestimate our capabilities. Your finance is your concern. The wedding is yours, plan it the way you want it. Disputes can be resolved when you put yourself in the shoes of the other person. Your future is predetermined, all you have to work on is your reaction. Do not spoil the end of the movie of life by going to a fortune teller. Only you will know how you want things done. Others cannot read your mind. Start taking control of your life. Only use others if that is the last or only option. Start using the gifts you have. You can see your entire future. No planners are required. Instead of requiring a mediator, you will be able to help others in resolving their problems. Then, you will be giving professional help to others, taking their blessings as payment. — Satish Daryanani

Fortune tellers

Q. Who is a rich person?

A. The one who is content is a rich person. There is a step beyond that. Not only is he content, but also feels that everything that is coming to him is in abundance. He can even save it. For example, a beggar who is hungry is given a slice of bread. He feels it is so much that he only eats half a slice and keeps the other half aside. It is not about how much is given to you. Everything that you get from your Beloved you feel it is too much. Contentment is like acceptance. This evolves into gratitude, when you see you have received too much of knowledge, grace, wisdom, peace, love, wealth, and all that comes to you. Then, you share everything with others. The person who sees the abundance coming from God is the richest person in the world. — Satish Daryanani

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Q. Why do people get so confused?

A. We get confused between what is right and wrong. We are confused between our austerities, duties and service. We are confused between what to eat, what to wear, where to go on vacation, when to retire, and so on. We are confused with what is real and unreal. This confusion ends up consuming our lives. How can we get out of it? Ask yourself this simple questions, “Who is getting confused, and who is the one that knows he is getting confused?” If you just ponder on this, most of the confusion will be cleared. My mind is confused, I am not the mind that is messed up. The real you is enjoying this confusion of the mind. It’s like watching a child who does not know which toy to play with. Even in spirituality you will get confused. On one side, there is the law of Karma. On the other, if there is no doer then there is no doer-ship. Confusion is good, it will make you fed up. One day you will give up and just accept the teachings of the saints and sages. That wisdom, when realized, will set you free from all confusion. — Satish Daryanani

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Q. How can you tell if people are religious?

A. Religious people are masters at repeating quotes from the scriptures. They will also use the names of Allah or Jesus, or say So-and-So Saint said such and such…. They repeat everything, word for word. They even try to convert people to what they believe. For example, they can talk about how to see God. The ones who have really seen God cannot express that in words. They will not advertise it. When you bring up this question, you will know if they have seen God just by looking at their faces. Religious people spread knowledge that they have heard or have read. Spiritual people spread wisdom they have experienced or realized. They will never get into a debate as to which path is better. The words, “This is the only way,” will never be uttered by them. Repeating the teachings can be done by a parrot. It’s like saying, “Sugar is sweet.” When you taste sugar, you will say “Aaahhhh.” When the teachings are tasted, you live with the pain of knowing the ignorance of humanity. Then, you can spread the teachings with empathy. — Satish Daryanani

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Q. How can you keep your mind busy?

A. Those who run businesses keep their minds busy with their work. Others keep their minds busy with social media and with what people say and do. Those who are on the spiritual path think of the Lord and fill their minds with inner wisdom that flows. We have to occupy our minds or we will grow crazy. The choice of how to do this is yours: What can you do to occupy the mind? Time should be given for the mind to take a break and enjoy a few minutes of a thoughtless state. How you keep your mind busy will determine how much anxiety, stress, and worry you create. Everyone is different, so there is no magical formula for occupying your mind. Only you can decide what is harming you. Start being aware and stay away from what disturbs your mind. Block from your contact list those who affect you. Similarly, all things that consume you, put them, also, on the blocked list. Delete them from your life. Occupy your mind so inner peace remains in the background, with the scenes of mischief, fun, and entertainment in the forefront. — Satish Daryanani

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Q. Where is our real home?

A. Those who are paying a mortgage think that the place is their home. Others who have summer and winter homes are confused as to which one is their real home. Your true home is not limited by doors, windows, and walls. You do not need to buy insurance, pay property tax, maintenance, and do any repairs. It is given to you debt free. The physical address in which you now reside is where your mail and Amazon packages can be delivered. Your true home lights up not with electricity but with the current of love. This is your permanent home. You do not have to leave it in your will. Those who are able to find this home while they are alive do not seek heaven. If an earthquake, fire, or flood destroys their physical address they are unaffected. Our longing should be to find our real home—and not try to buy a penthouse in Manhattan. We have all come from the same home and one day we will all return. While here, the fortunate ones are still connected with their origin. I pray and hope that all of you get to experience your real home. — Satish Daryanani

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Q. What do our stars teach us?

A. Our stars can put us on a path so that everything we do is profitable. We feel that we are so smart and talented that whatever we do leads to success. Our ego grows as our stars have put us on a successful path. One day, when the same stars put us on a path of loss, we then blame the stars and not our incapacities. Our faith is tested at this time. If you realize that both these situations come from the loving hands of the Lord, and for your good, then your ego will neither be boosted nor will you get depressed and lose faith. The ups and downs that come from your stars are not rewards and punishments for your past doings. Rather, everything that comes to you is to reform you, to make you better today than you were yesterday. The world might praise you in your success and make fun of you when you are down. You are not affected by the world. Use your stars as a navigation tool to guide you in the darkness of this world. — Satish Daryanani

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Q. Why are conversations with God only one way?

A. Most people who pray to the Lord do so as compiling a grocery list; they have a whole bunch of requests. Then, they do not even wait to let the Lord answer in His soft, sweet voice. They feel He must be deaf. Their whole life has been spent only in this one-way conversation with the Lord. First, try to talk to the Lord without asking anything. Like a friend, just speak from your heart. Then, please, I beg you to sit in silence and you will, for the first time, hear His voice. Later, His words will turn to experiences. One day, you might get messages, not only for you but to share it with others. As you develop this relationship, you will realize so many things that it will be hard to put into words. In the beginning, do not get confused about whether it was your mind playing tricks or the Lord answering, or talking, to you. The only way to get His answer is when you are free from the answer to the question you asked. Enjoy Him. That is all I can say.—Satish Daryanani

Notebook with prayer list

Q. How can one raise funds for charity?

A. Most people do not have the skills to do this job. They put pressure on others or make commitments on their behalf, without asking permission. They even use guilt as a tool to raise funds. Even spiritual retreats, where you are supposed to go within, are used for fund-raising. Most people are attached to their own causes, and they tell everyone to donate to that cause. Even business people put pressure on their vendors, or customers, to give. The fundraisers do not know the financial situations or the commitments already made by others. These people do not tell all that they do. Those who give should not tell others of their service. Real charity should come from the heart of a person. They should do it willingly. Then, only the one receiving will benefit. I understand that fund-raising is required. It is okay to inspire and open people’s hearts. It should be done carefully, with detailed explanations, and not using peer pressure. Do not be attached to the target you are trying to reach. Only if you can do that, will you be the correct person for this job. — Satish Daryanani

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Q. Will Jesus Christ come back?

A. There are those who believe that Jesus Christ will come back. How can he come back, when he never left? Those who love their spiritual Masters also wish they would return from the dead. If these wonderful souls came back in the same form they left, they would be surrounded by the media, scientists, politicians, and powerful people. Scientists would check their DNA and conduct tests on them. An average person would not have access to them. You would only be able to see them on television. Instead, build a relationship with them, knowing they are always there to bless, guide, and love you. Then, they are always with you, one on one. You do not have to share them with anyone. These great souls leave their bodies when their time is up. They leave you if you think they are no longer with you. Let others wait for them to come again while you continue to have fun with them. — Satish Daryanani

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Q. What is Karma Yoga?

A. Karma Yoga is the Yoga of service. It requires action. Mother Teresa is the best example of this path. In the beginning, even she started losing faith in God. After seeing so much suffering around yourself, you start doubting Him. This path can also create a subtle ego, as you feel you are doing something. Some even go through depression, as they deal with people and get consumed. Even an ax can get blunt if continuously used without being sharpened. In order to do service, we, too, need to work on ourselves. We sharpen and recharge our batteries by connecting to the peace within. Only when you understand the truth, that all this is an illusion, will you not be affected by your service. If you are involved in a lot of service, you do not have to stop. Keep reminding yourself, you are doing nothing, everything is happening through you. Then the people you serve cannot affect you. — Satish Daryanani

Mother Terese

Q. How can one live a balanced life?

A. Einstein said life is like a bicycle: In order to maintain your balance, you have to keep moving forward. The first step is to not look back in life. Secondly, by looking to the left or right, you lose your balance. Keep your eye on the goal and do not get distracted. That is why they put blinkers on horses so that the animals keep moving forward and nothing distracts them. The third thing we must keep in mind is that the reins on our lives are being controlled by the Lord. He knows where to take us. All we can do is go forward with His will. That is why life is called a journey. We are not supposed to stay in one place and stagnate. When you keep all this in mind, nothing can disturb your balance. Like on a bicycle, if you lose your balance you will fall and get hurt. Maintaining balance is your natural state. Keep your balance and this ride of life becomes a breeze. — Satish Daryanani

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Q. Why do people let their feelings get hurt easily?

If you are busy and do not have a chance to return calls, people get hurt. If you do not acknowledge a person when they pass you by, because your mind was occupied, they get hurt. Hurt comes due to the insecurity over our importance. If we feel someone disrespects us, we get hurt. The easier your feelings get hurt, the more you are under the influence of your ego. It is okay to have the hurt of displeasing the Lord. Hurt mostly hurts you, not the other person. Most of the time, people do not realize they are hurting you. Hurt takes place unintentionally. Now, if someone tries to hurt you on purpose, please do not give them the pleasure of knowing that they have succeeded. Work on developing a thick skin so that these minor things do not affect you. Only you are paying the price for it. — Satish Daryanani

Young woman looking emotionally hurt

Q. Why do we believe only in what we can see?

A. A lot of people do not believe there is God because they cannot see God with their own eyes. Until we experience something with our own senses, we do not believe they exist. Sometimes people deceive us and we then do not believe in their words until we actually see what they are talking about. Those who use their hearts to see do not wait for their senses. For example, can you see grace? You experience it and, based on that, know someone is giving it. The giver is sometimes called God. Those who keep their own words believe what people say. They may get deceived many times, still they have faith in people. Those who do not need proof for everything but believe in the existence of the Divine in everything, see life from a different angle. They may get hurt and deceived by the world, yet they see the good in everyone. They even trust in those people that lie and trust that one day, they just might come through. It is with this optimism that they live: That all is perfect, as everything is coming from the perfect One. — Satish Daryanani

Endless road

Q. Why are we waiting in line?

A. We wait in line to get Starbucks coffee. In Disney and Universal theme parks, we wait in long lines to enjoy the rides. A doctor friend of mine has a long line of patients waiting to see him. Yet, when he wanted to see his spiritual Master, he was waiting in line. He had to study so much, work very hard, and spend so much money to become a doctor. A spiritual Master did not work hard. It cost Him no money. He enjoyed un-doing things, discovered Himself, attained wisdom, and now the world waits in line to see Him. The bottom line is: When you truly become nothing, there is no line to stand in, as you desire nothing. Instead, the whole world will stand in line to get your blessings and your wisdom.—Satish Daryanani

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Q. What are the best responses to love?

A. The first natural response is to satisfy the love. The other is to sacrifice in love. For example, a parent has to send their child to a university that’s far away from home, and they sacrifice their love so that the child will benefit. If your loved one has had physical suffering for a long time, instead of praying for them to continue living, pray for them to move on. You are then sacrificing your love for them rather than satisfying your love of being with them. The hardest test comes when, as a spiritual aspirant, you reach the last stage, where you have to realize everything is an illusion — even the Lord and the spiritual Master. Rather than satisfying your love, thinking they are real, sacrifice is required to see that they are illusions. You will lose the fun of tasting sugar—to become sugar. When you get this, you are free from all suffering, even the physical death of the Master. Through this sacrifice of love, you are now liberated.—Satish Daryanani

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Q. What is one regret we all can have?

A. It is not doing enough: not doing enough to obey and get closer to the Lord; not doing enough to be humble and simple; not doing enough to become an ocean of love; not doing enough to realize and utilize all the gifts given to us; not doing enough to fight all the temptations that come to us; not doing enough to utilize this limited time given to us, time that can be spent in silence and reflection. That time can be used in maintaining our health and happiness. It can be spent inspiring, healing, and helping others. “Oh Lord, please let me always feel that I have not done enough, so this hunger within me will always be there to move me forward, onward, Godward.” — Satish Daryanani

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Q. Who is the most misunderstood person in the world?

A. It is God. Most people have not seen Him or determined His form, understood the way He works, or thinks, or even be able to communicate with Him. Some believe He does not exist. Some say He is She. Our limited minds cannot understand the function of the infinite. So many disagreements take place in the name of the One. He gets our love and hatred. People even fear Him. What to do with this abstract person, who is also our savior? We cannot run away from Him, as He is everywhere. He has been given more names and forms, yet there is only one of Him. We cannot escape Him even when we die. We are stuck with Him. There is only one solution. Build such a relationship with Him without knowing Him. Have blind faith that He knows more than you. Slowly, He will unfold all that you need to know. When you really get it you can write about it. If you try to talk about Him you will be misunderstood. All you can tell others is that He is your best friend. — Satish Daryanani

SIlhouetted man facing the illuminated Infinite sky

Q. If there were only two places you could live, would you choose a frigid place or a desert?

A. We all would prefer to live in a place with a moderate climate, not the extreme temperatures of this planet. Moderation is what we seek. Yet, we work too much or too little. Some talk a lot, others speak a few words. Some spend a lot, others are misers. Some exercise so much they hurt their bodies, others do not get off of the sofa. How do you know what you are doing is in moderation? There is a joy that comes from moderation, as it is effortless, with no side-effects, no suffering, and a feeling of self-satisfaction. No one will tell you that you are overdoing or not doing anything. There is a perfect alignment between your mental, physical capabilities, and the resources given to you. You are full, with still a little hunger inside you. This outside moderation will lead you to the inner moderation — a perfect amount of devotion, peace, and wisdom. Then, you will feel as if you are living in Miami during the months of January and February. — Satish Daryanani

Miami, Florida

Q. Why are some people so blessed?

A. This question was asked yesterday by a friend. I was happy that someone asked this question. You are truly blessed if this question even arises in you. The sun’s rays spread equally all over the world. However, clouds can block the rays. Grace is the same. If you go outside and bathe in the rays of the sun, you are experiencing grace. If you stay inside an air-conditioned room with the curtains closed, you cannot experience the rays. Clouds are sometimes challenges that come in our life. We feel God has abandoned us. The sun is still there. We cannot see it. When everything is good in your life, enjoy the rays of grace, so that this question can arise within you. Then, the second question should come, “Lord, what have I done that your grace, love, and wisdom are permanently with me?” — Satish Daryanani

Sun rays through clouds

Q. Why do we have difficulty understanding others?

A. Sometimes these thoughts are not understood. We have to rise above our knowledge, views, and beliefs —which all become barriers to understanding. We need understanding hearts, which will flow like water and penetrate. The intense desire to understand must be in our hearts. Today, when two people are talking, it is like one deaf person talking to another. We have to become good listeners. It is the ego that makes us misunderstand. We want to imprint our ideas on others. As our capacity for understanding increases, our reverence for those who share their wisdom with us increases. You will lose the ability to argue. If we grow in the spirit of understanding, we will automatically grow in the spirit of service. — Satish Daryanani

Faces of two people sharing understanding

Q. What causes anxiety?

A. Anxiety is worse than fear. We can be afraid of a situation that is happening now or that might happen in the near future. Mental anxiety occurs for something that may never happen. Many diseases, like ulcers, are caused by anxiety. We even may have an anxiety attack. We have ruined our today for something that may never come. If you lack faith in knowing that everything is for your good, others also get affected by your stress and insecurity. Ask yourself this simple question? “Can I change the situation by being anxious?” Instead, build your immune system so, whatever may or may not come, you will not be affected. Spend time daily feeling thanks for all that you have today. Then, you are free from anxiety. — Satish Daryanani

woman appearing anxious in a crowd

Q. Can you attain self-realization by just reading spiritual books?

A. I get emails from those who have not found a spiritual Master, a guide, a teacher. They have read spiritual books and have gotten inspired. Now, questions arise within them. They are confused about what is right or wrong. This is the state of having half knowledge. These thoughts and emails, sent to them, will help but will not free them completely. Finding a correct guide in today’s environment is not easy. You can pray for it. There is another option. Use the teachings you have in front of you. Contemplate them in silence. The guides want us to eventually find the guide within. The ones whose wisdom you read can do the same, even though you may not have them in the physical form. They are beyond form. Think they are present with you. The inner guide is your true self. Awareness of that makes you a self-realized person. — Satish Daryanani

old book, pages open

Q. What is the most powerful instrument in the world?

A. The mind is the most powerful instrument. The thoughts that come from the mind are extremely powerful. In the beginning, you and I may not know its power. As you develop focus and willpower, you will slowly realize the power of the mind. In movies, you might have seen the power of the mind. Jesus could heal people, walk on water. Moses could part the sea, and so on. Even if you get this gift, do not use it for your own benefit. Use it sparingly for the sake of others. You can even heal yourself, yet you will still go through the suffering, as the more you suffer, the stronger your mind becomes. It is ironic. The more power you get, the less you will use it. It is like someone has $100 billion, but still makes more—not for himself. This power of the mind is used to give grace and wisdom, and sometimes to heal and guide others so they, too, can tap into this inner strength, which is in all of us. — Satish Daryanani

parting seas

Q. What is deep relaxation?

A. In Yoga, we do deep relaxation. We slowly focus on and then forget the body, toe to the head, then our breath and our mind. Then slowly, we bring the awareness back with fresh revitalized energy. To relax, you have to forget yourself. Get connected with your true self, reenergize the battery, and come back. If you keep this awareness of this experience you can always be at ease. Ease, peace, and happiness is with us always. Just being aware of it relaxes us. My Master always told me, “What is going to happen will happen. There is nothing you can do to change that. Gage even the amount of work you do— without being lazy. Keep your needs simple. If more comes, enjoy without attachments.” In my case, I do not have to forget myself to relax. Just being aware of the Master’s smile puts me in a permanent state of deep relaxation. — Satish Daryanani

Relaxation pose

Q. How does one develop patience?

Q. How does one develop patience? A. This question is really for me. I lack patience. I want everything done, not right now, but yesterday. There is one particular area where patience is required. When you first begin to sit in silence, it takes a lot of patience before you can start enjoying peace. It takes a long time to realize that the thoughts that come from within are not the mind playing tricks on you. You must long to see the Lord, but wait patiently until He reveals Himself to you. In worldly matters, wait for the Lord’s grace to have patience. I guess all we can do is pray. There is an advantage also, of impatience. You do not postpone your duties and service. Some people are blessed with the gift of patience. Others are struggling like me. — Satish Daryanani

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Q. What is the reason we bow down and touch the feet of a person?

A. It is out of respect, humility, and gratitude—to seek the grace and wisdom of the other person. Your head, being the body’s North Pole, is trying to gain the magnetism of the South Pole, from the feet of the other person. Some people take blessings and then squeeze their way in to get another, thinking the first one did not work. In martial arts, we bow down to our opponents before we fight. The smaller your ego becomes, the more you can gain from others. One day, you might be able to bow down and touch your own feet. The lower self seeks the blessings of the Divine Self within you. If someone seeks your blessings, be aware of the divine grace passing through you so they can benefit. You are not giving the blessings, only being God’s instrument. Seek blessings from others so that you can, one day, seek blessings from the Lord sleeping within you. — Satish Daryanani

Bowing down at a Master's feet

Q. What is the best moment of the day?

A. The best moment is when you first wake up in the morning. It is the 3-5 minutes before you get out of bed. You are still a little sleepy and enjoying the smile of your Beloved. Observe the thoughts that come up during this time, before you start your daily rituals of praying and meditation. Putting them into words and trying to be politically correct, these thoughts become diluted. Sometimes I wonder, “Is my mind that crazy, or is the One sending me all this information crazier?” It is a lot of fun. The rest of the day does not matter. Your day is already made. You know He is with you. He gives you your daily dose of laughter and wisdom. That intoxicating smile, that look of peace and love, fills your heart and mind completely. Please set your alarm a few minutes earlier so you, too, can spend time with your best friend. He is waiting to welcome you daily. — Satish Daryanani

Smiling woman awakens in bed

Q. Why do we go against our spirit?

A. In spirit, we are all the same. We go against our spirit so that police officers, the FBI, the CIA, the military personnel, and all those who safeguard us do not go out of a job. It is when we go against our spirit that all these people are required. When you realize you are the spirit, you can go a little off-track for fun—because you are capable of going back to being a spirit. Until then, all you can do is remind yourself that the spirit is the real you. Trying to go against it is going against your true self. When you get this, you can even tell your loved ones who are suffering that it is okay to leave the body. The spirit is never born nor does it die. Go with the flow of the spirit, life will become easy. — Satish Daryanani

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Q. How can one get closer to the physical Master?

A. Those fortunate ones who can cook, sing, are doctors, or people of action, get a chance to be close to the physical Master. I have none of these talents. Yet, with their grace, I was allowed to be close to them. Even those who pray, meditate, do selfless service, get closer to the Lord. I was not very good at that either. Yet, the presence of the Lord is within me. Now, how do I encourage people to do things that I myself have not done? I guess the Lord chose a useless person and bestowed His grace to show what He is capable of. My only purpose is for you to not lose faith. If this good-for-nothing can get close to the physical Masters and the Lord, then anyone can. — Satish Daryanani

washing the feet of the master, with rose petals

Q. Who is a hero?

A. Veterans are considered to be heroes, as they were willing to sacrifice their lives to protect the nation. All those who become a zero become a hero. When they are nobody, they live for the sake of others. People who have the qualities of a broomstick, which does all the work, gets dirty, and does not take any credit, are heroes in my eyes. They get no awards, medals, nor recognition, and quietly perform their duties in transforming lives. The right hero will come to you when you are ready to receive help. So, pray for the hero in your life. These are the unsung heroes — a school teacher, a nurse, a maid, or a friend. They can help transform someone’s life. You, too, may become that hero who saves a soul, and not only a life.— Satish Daryanani

old broom

Q. Where is Jesus Christ?

A. That question was asked of me many years ago by a person who was going through a very difficult time. I told him to rephrase the question and ask, “Where is not Jesus Christ?“ And he would get the answer. We lose faith and wonder if there is anyone out there who even cares about what we are going through. People say that, if they get to see God, they will ask Him a list of questions. If you ever see God, there will be no more questions. Fortunate is the person who gets connected with the Lord. He or she will see nothing but the Lord in every one and every thing. When you are such a person, you will have attained God realization. You become an ocean of love by seeing the Lord in every one. It is the easiest state to reach. All you have to do, first, is suee now the Lord within you. I am stuck on words in attaining that, as it cannot be put into words. It just happens. — Satish Daryanani

Light rays and golden hearts

Q. How can you stop thinking?

A. Thinking is like breathing. It is happening all the time. Even in deep sleep, our thoughts turn into dreams. To rest the mind, we need to stop thinking. To do so, first, we have to start analyzing the thoughts that come. They are only to do with the past and the future. If you can think only of this present moment, you are halfway there. Now you are only living in the present – you are reading this line and have nothing else on your mind. You have developed focus. Then, slowly, you will see that while you are brushing your teeth, having a shower, eating your meal, there is nothing much to think about. Slowly, you will reach the thoughtless state. To remain in this state permanently is boring. Now, your thoughts will change to the Lord, service to others, and wisdom, that you can witness. So, thoughts are created by you for your fun, and not for your being a slave to them. Enjoy a thoughtless state for peace, rest, and serenity. — Satish Daryanani

Don't even THINK about it! Sticky Note

Q. Who is your favorite actor?

A. My favorite actor is Ben Kingsley. He played the part of Mahatma Gandhi and won an Oscar for his role. In a new movie, he plays the part of Adolf Eichmann, a Nazi officer, and might be nominated for that. Playing Gandhi he was shot, playing Adolf he got hung. Gandhi brought tears of love, Adolf brought tears of joy. Both were alive in the same era. One saved a nation, the other was responsible for taking 6 million lives. One brought out the best, and the other brought out the worst of what a human being can do. In both cases, the actor was the same. In both these characters, the spirit was the same. If you can see that in everyone, then neither Gandhi nor Adolf will affect you. We all have to play our parts. Be a tough general during the day, where everyone obeys your command. In the evening, come home and play the part of a mouse next to your wife. Bringing out the best and the worst emotions from the people around you, depending on your role, makes you the best actor in my books. — Satish Daryanani

Photo by Timothy Shields of a sculpture of lion and lamb

Photo by Timothy Shields (CC)

Q. What is the difference between philosophy and spirituality?

A. Philosophy is when a person does not know what he is saying and the person listening cannot understand what he is saying. Many people think spirituality and philosophy are similar. They are poles apart. Real spirituality is simplicity. Philosophy shows that you have a lot of knowledge. Spirituality makes you humble. Philosophy can boost your ego. Philosophy uses the intellect of a person. Spirituality uses the heart of a person. Philosophy is put into words. Spirituality is put into practice. Philosophy is a subject that can be taught in a university. Spirituality can only be experienced through silence. Philosophers can be compared. True spiritual teachers are all one and the same. In philosophy, you can get a degree, whereas, in spirituality, you lose all your degrees. So, these thoughts are not philosophical. They are only a guide to put you on the path of realizing that you are actually a spirit. That is true spirituality. — Satish Daryanani

Philosophier's Rock, Barton Springs, Austin TX

Q. What is the meaning of Om Shanti?

A. Today, we use the words, “Karma,” “Om Shanti,” and “Jesus Christ,” without realizing the value of them. If I am using my Beloved’s name, Jesus Christ, it should be with that love, reverence, and gratitude, not out of frustration, “Jesus Christ!” or “Om Shanti!” to tell people to take it easy. These have now become slang. Those who use it are complacent, docile, and do not value time. If you tell them they are running late, they utter “Om Shanti.” The real Om Shanti is experienced when a person goes within and drinks the nectar of deep inner peace, and you see the reflection of that nectar on their face. Those, who like to put off things for tomorrow, which never comes, use these words. Those who believe not only in doing things today, but yesterday, do this. The one who really has experienced Om Shanti will never use these words. In the same manner, the one who utters the holy name of Jesus Christ will do so with a broken voice from the pain of love for his Beloved. — Satish Daryanani

woman in sincere prayer

Q. What is the greatest fear of all?

A. The simple answer is the fear of death. Then, all the fears are gone. There is still another major fear. This major fear is that of losing our mind willingly. Even those who can sit in silence and enjoy peace and wisdom have to go through a last big step before they can truly enjoy the world within, a world which is full of light. It’s like scenes you see in movies, where particles stream out from the arm and the body slowly disappears into the ether till there is no person left. Similarly, to enter the light, pieces of our mind, our thoughts, our knowledge, our religious beliefs, our desires, our identities have to disappear. The hard-drive of the mind has to be rebooted. Only then can the inner world be enjoyed. The stronger the thoughts in a person such as, “I don’t understand,” “I don’t believe,” “I don’t agree,” the less the chance of seeing the inner world. This fear is your barrier to enjoying the gift of gifts. — Satish Daryanani

Girl looking on scareas

Q. Why do children argue with their parents?

A. My parents are no longer with me in their physical forms. We argue with our parents because we do not understand their love and attachment to us. We may not have to agree with them, but we should look at things from their points of view. One day, you will be fortunate to experience grace, love, blessings, protection, and guidance from your parents, the spiritual Masters, and the Lord all the time. This wealth, if you get it, will put you in Forbes’ list of wealthiest people. Parents do not even seek your love in return, nor your obedience. They just give out of love for their children. When the parents and Masters are no longer physically with you, then you will realize you argued for nothing. Many times, you will tell yourself, “I wish I had listened to them.” So, to not have regrets later on, make this change in your life now. — Satish Daryanani

Child arguing with mother

Q. How can you deal with a physically challenging situation in your life, or in that of a loved one?

A. The word is “challenge.” A person who is climbing Mount Everest does it because it is a challenge. If it was easy, everyone would do it. Now imagine, just before he reaches the summit, he gets amnesia. He would be extremely cold, have a hard time breathing, and get frostbite. He would immediately start complaining to God and not understand the suffering he is going through. He will question, “What am I doing here?” He might even say this must be due to his past karma, for which he is paying the price. When we come on this earth plane, we all get amnesia and Alzheimer’s disease. We forget the physical challenges we chose, or our loved ones chose, and even the challenge of taking care of them for life. You wanted to win the trophy of this obstacle race. You cannot run around the obstacles and claim the trophy. Your challenges are created by you so you can put your flag on the summit of life. Enjoy this challenge. My hat’s off to you for conquering this Mount Everest that you chose. — Satish Daryananibing Mount Everest does it because it is a challenge. If it was easy, everyone would do it. Now imagine, just before he reaches the summit, he gets amnesia. He would be extremely cold, have a hard time breathing, and get frostbite. He would immediately start complaining to God and not understand the suffering he is going through. He will question, “What am I doing here?” He might even say this must be due to his past karma, for which he is paying the price. When we come on this earth plane, we all get amnesia and Alzheimer’s disease. We forget the physical challenges we chose, or our loved ones chose, and even the challenge of taking care of them for life. You wanted to win the trophy of this obstacle race. You cannot run around the obstacles and claim the trophy. Your challenges are created by you so you can put your flag on the summit of life. Enjoy this challenge. My hat’s off to you for conquering this Mount Everest that you chose. — Satish Daryanani

Flag raised by a mountain climber on the summit.

Q. Which has been the greatest day of your life?

A. In my case, it was on July 25, 2010, Guru Purnima Day, the day of the Master. I was not allowed to meet the Master, as I was told that I was an outsider and could not see Him. I left, heartbroken, and drove away really fast for 7 hours, not worrying about speeding tickets. I reached a meditation location in the late evening, but the place was closed. Fortunately, I had a key. That day, my life changed completely. I had the physical key and the key of grace to be free from everything. That day, I promised myself that nothing would ever affect me from the outside. I dug deep and realized everything is within me. Even the separation from the physical presence of the Master can never affect me. This world has hurt me enough, I am fed up, and now completely free. From this moment, the Master, the Lord, and all that I need is already within me. Why am I running after everything from outside? Honestly, July 25, 2010, should be my birthday. This is the meaning of being reborn. Thank you for making me an outsider, so I could become an insider. — Satish Daryanani

Man in a primitive thatched hut having his best day

Q. Who is better off in life, the Master or me?

A. The Master has to talk, write, and implement the teachings. All I have to do is spread the teachings, and hopefully someone gets it. The Master also has to always give me unconditional love. I can only show Him love whenever I feel like. The Master sometimes has to show anger, be tough, and become a butcher in trying to improve me. All I can do is laugh at His poor acting skills. The Master has to deal with all the crazy people. All I have to do is be crazy for Him. When the Master is surrounded by rich, serious, constipated-faced disciples, I tell Him a joke. Then, I watch Him struggle with trying not to laugh, and I look at His naughty face with a smile. Playing the mental game of tug-of-war with a question and answer session is fun, even if I have to use Google to prove him wrong. The joy of my life is in troubling the Masters, rather then just getting their grace and wisdom. Having only reverence for them is too boring. The bottom line is that when I am with them, they are looking at me and I am looking at them. Who do you think is better off? — Satish Daryanani

Mentor and disciple Lego men.

Q. What is the key to success?

A. There are many ways to be successful. The easiest path is in one word—consistency. Many times, people start something new, they put in the effort but, soon after, give up. If you start learning martial arts, stay with it until you get your black belt. If you start sitting in silence, do not give up till you reach the state of nothingness. Even if you take on the task of spreading the teachings, do not stop until your last breath. Being consistent will guarantee you success. Soon you will be able to add new goals in your life. You know if you take on something, you will not stop in the middle. This way, there will only be success in your life. You will not even be able to spell the word failure. — Satish Daryanani

key to success

Q. How do you know you have done a good job of being a parent?

A. The key word in this question is “job.” Your job is that of the babysitter. The real parent is the one who created the children. The child should learn from your actions and the way you live. Words are of no value. For example, if you show stress, anger, or fear, the child may pick up those qualities. On the other hand, if you are a non-smoker, live within your means, are punctual, organized, and the child does completely the opposite, you are free from the guilt. Your job is only till the child reaches the age of 13. (Legal age is 18, but you can only be tough on the children till they turn 13–then, they start thinking for themselves and will learn from their own experiences.) Then you get fired from this job. You are allowed to remain friends, but not a parent for life. If you were too hard on them, or too easy on them, the results will show up in time. Many times, the parents over-compensate with their children, based on the childhood they themselves had. Worrying about your children when they grow up serves no purpose. You had a chance when they were very young. In your heart, you know the truth. I have never heard a parent say they have not done a good job. If anything, see the magnification of your weaknesses that the child has picked up. Use that to motivate yourself to overcome them. — Satish Daryanani

Young girl walking with Mom and Dad

Q. Can one get one’s horoscope read and does it come true?

A. If you find the right person who can read your horoscope, then he or she can tell you the future. In my case, what was told to me did come true. I wished he was wrong, but I had to pass through what my stars had aligned for me. Today, all this does not matter. The biggest star of my life is my Beloved, who guides me. Those small stars of my horoscope were only there to, one day, lead me to that big star. It is like reading the stars for the future dream I am going to experience. It is like me knowing the ending and ruining the entire movie, or the final score of a sporting event. Let the suspense of this drama of life keep me on my edge. The new tomorrow should unfold itself, making it a new beginning daily. Whatever comes — the good, bad, or ugly, it’s is for me to grow. — Satish Daryanani

Starry sky over mountains

Q. If everything is an illusion, is the relationship between God and His disciple also an illusion?

A. Many years ago I was in London with my spiritual Master and He told me that everything in this world is an illusion—including the relationship between the Lord, the Master, and me. At the time, it was very painful for me to hear that. Later in life, I got it. The creator and the creation, both are illusions. The experiencer and the experience both are illusions. We know a movie is an illusion, yet we watch it for fun. We do not go in front of the screen and question why this or that. When we choose to make God real, out of our own free will, all the whys will disappear. Why am I suffering? Why is there poverty? Why are You not answering my prayers? Why are the oceans polluted? And so on. When you make God, or Masters, or the movies, and everything you choose to make real, strictly for your entertainment, you become wise. In not realizing this truth, you can continue to remain otherwise. — Satish Daryanani

Optical illusion

Q. What is a perfect act?

A. The simple answer is: Any act that can help someone, or at least not hurt anyone is a perfect act. Always put yourself in the shoes of the other person. The realization will come that the action is being done through you and not by you. The moment you lose this awareness, the action is no longer a perfect act. You are free from all the results just by keeping this awareness all the time. If you give a wonderful talk, you will enjoy it as much as the audience—as you are a listener. The talk is done by the Lord. This thought, too, can be enjoyed by you just as everyone enjoys it. It is written through your body, but also read by you. Every act will be enjoyed when you are witnessing the actions happening through you. The true, perfect act happens with the perfect hands of the Perfect One. Today, my beloved Master left his body in 2002. This is in His honor. — Satish Daryanani

Terry Factor and his puppet

Q. Do Masters practice what they preach?

A. I know of a wonderful, realized soul who would tell aspirants to avoid very spicy food or coffee, as they over-stimulate the mind. But once in a while, he would have spicy food and coffee. The spiritual Master has already mastered the mind. He is not a slave to anyone or anything. Masters guide us by suggesting the dos and don’ts to reach that level. In the beginning, even they had to maintain discipline. The Master tells us to sit in silence, at the same time and same place daily, to go within. The Master has the awareness that you are trying to attain, even when watching an IMAX 3D movie. All they are doing is helping you help yourself. Do not judge them, compare yourself with them, or find faults with them. Just work on your own growth so you, too, can enjoy the same gifts given by the Lord to all of us. — Satish Daryanani

Coffee cup and coffee beans showing up and down pattern

Q. Is being shy a strength or a weakness?

A. It is a strength and a weakness. A shy person does not confront another person. Shyness is also a sign of humility. A shy person has a soft demeanor and does not show anger. There is a charm that draws us to a shy person. On the other hand, shy people have trouble expressing themselves. They sometimes lack self-confidence and feel they cannot accomplish their goals. They will not come forward even for a good cause. Their feelings can get hurt easily. In life, we have to develop inner strength. We must face life knowing we have the backing of the Beloved. If you are shy and cannot speak in public, how will you spread the teachings? Let everyone see the Lord’s grace working through you. Only then will you become an inspiration to others. Do not be afraid of people’s reaction when you are doing your duty for which you are here on this earth plane. — Satish Daryanani

Shy girl

Q. If God loves us, why does He allow us to suffer?

A. What we consider suffering is actually a blessing from the loving hands of the Lord. It is hard to see that in the beginning. Reformation takes a little rubbing and scrubbing, which may be painful now but, in time, you will see the benefits. It is the suffering from attachments that will make you detached. It is the pain of your desires not being fulfilled that will make you desire- less. Even the suffering for the Lord will lead you to merge with the Lord. Nothing in this world can be gained or realized without some kind of suffering. Please do not get me wrong from this statement. God has given up on that person that is not going through any suffering. When He thinks you have a chance to develop, he sends you the right dose. He has not given up on you. So, welcome suffering as a magic pill that will help you progress in life. — Satish Daryanani

Silhouette of kneeling man in surrender

Q. Can God’s grace make you humble?

A. No. The moment you feel that God’s grace has made you humble, you are no longer humble. Those who repeatedly say they are humble have a tremendous ego. If others feel that you are getting humble, plead with them not to mention it. Those that feel you have a tremendous ego, plead with them to let you know. When I do this, I can always continue to cry and pray from the depths of my heart for the gift of humility, knowing that this prayer can never be answered. The awareness of the grace of humility working on me will instantly make me lose this gift. You should never feel that you are more humble today than you were yesterday. Put in your effort, pray and aspire but get nowhere. Your life’s journey is to try to be humble. In your mind, you still have the same ego that you were born with. Let the grace of humility come to you, but, in your life, you cannot be aware of this grace. — Satish Daryanani

Man in prayer

Q. Is forgiveness a form of ego?

A. Yes. It is a good ego but still ego. It is your ego that gets bruised by someone. If you are not affected by the words or actions of another person, there would be no need to forgive. If we are affected by a stronger person, a family member, or our boss, we may still smile and be nice, without even showing that they affected us. On the other hand, we can vent our anger on a weaker person. In both cases, we are affected. Forgiveness is a selfish act. We benefit by letting go and removing the anger and hatred from our hearts. We celebrate Forgiveness Day on August 2nd. The only problem I have is thinking, “Who do I forgive?” I can only think of one person. Me. I forgive myself for being a pain in the butt to everyone. We must first be able to forgive ourselves, then only can we forgive others. I hope, one day, no one can affect you and the word forgiveness is removed from the dictionary. — Satish Daryanani

Forgiving hug between two women

Q. Why do people want things for free?

A. People want free food, free clothes, free jewelry, free airline mileage, interest-free loans, and so on. They do not realize that there is a very big calculator keeping track of all our debts and credits. Even if people have taken advantage of you, or if you might have given a lot out of your own free will, do not keep track of it. Keep an eye only on the debt score going higher. The credit column is not your concern. Do not say, “I have given so much in my life,” just so you can justify getting something for free. Even if I am late in a payment with a supplier, I plead with them to charge me interest. They are my friends and so do not want to charge. I, then, pay them in advance in the next deal to average out my internal accounts. All I have is an insatiable appetite to get free grace, free wisdom, free peace, and free love from the Lord. The worldly free stuff is not important. — Satish Daryanani

balance beam with one box outweighing six boxes

Q. What is Judgement Day?

A. On judgement day, people think that St. Peter, or God, or someone is going to judge you based on your thoughts, words and actions during your lifetime. You either get rewarded or punished for those things. Based on that fear, we do our best to live life correctly. Now, have you seen a mother sit and judge all the actions of her child? She does not even have to forgive her child, as nothing affects enough for her to forgive. We think God created us so He can judge us for all that we do. Along with this gift of life, He also gave us a conscience, to guide us on the correct path. We follow our conscience, not from the fear of our judgement day, but so as to not displease our Beloved. Those who are able to sit in silence do not want our conscience to prick us and disturb the nectar within. Nothing is worth crossing that line. Judgement day occurs daily when you are with yourself. That person who is supposed to judge you at the moment of your death is now out of a job. — Satish Daryanani

Judge in a wig

Q. How can one get everything in life?

A. To get everything, want nothing. It’s that simple. When you want to sleep, let sleep happen. If you want it, you will not be able to sleep. Cry and long for the Lord without wanting to see the Lord. Sit in silence without wanting to experience peace. Contemplate the teachings without trying to become a living example of the teachings. Exercise without wanting to lose weight. Work hard without trying to be rich. Spread the teachings without expecting someone to transform. Help others without getting a thank you. When you truly do not want anything, everything will come to you. The most important thing is: Everything will unfold within you — absolute truth, wisdom, and peace. When you get everything, it will not be big deal because you did not want it in the first place. On the other hand, if everything is taken away from you, it will not affect you. Then you are free from all that comes and goes in your life. — Satish Daryanani

Back of woman standing on summit, viewing mountain landscape

Q. Why did God create human beings?

A. Because He was bored. We are the creation of His boredom. Everything that He created, plant life, animal life, fish life, bird life, and all of nature obeyed Him. For His fun, he gave human beings their “free-dumb”. The free will to disobey him. The quiet goody-goody ones who obey Him, who follow the Ten Commandments perfectly, are behaving exactly like everything in nature before human beings were created. The Lord has billions of disciples who obey and worship Him. On the other hand, I do my best to question His will, argue and fight with Lord, create my own Ten Commandments, make Him my friend, joke with Him, pull His leg, push His buttons, be a naughty child. At least there is one who tries to entertain Him. — Satish Daryanani

Satish Daryanani amusing Swami Satchidananda on a boat.

Q. Does faith in the Lord help in what comes to you?

A. There are those who have a lot of material wealth, good health, name, and fame in the world, yet have no faith in the Lord. On the other hand, there are those who have a lot of faith though they are struggling and barely making ends meet. So, faith does not guarantee success from worldly matters. What comes to you is from the fruits of your past actions. Faith is your relationship with the Beloved. Those who may have everything from this world can still be miserable. Those who have nothing much are still rejoicing. This is because they have complete faith that the Lord does everything for their benefit. Faith changes your reaction, not necessarily the situation. Only one ounce of true faith is required to free you from the worldly things that may or may not come to you. — Satish Daryanani

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Q. How To Balance Spirituality, Service, and Duties

A. The experience you get while sitting in silence for 15 minutes or longer can be with you all the time. While you are brushing your teeth, or in the shower, or exercising, or stuck in traffic jams, or in the airplane, bring that awareness of silence that you had experienced earlier. In service, it can start with a smile, a hug to one who is in pain, helping pick up things that might have slipped from someone’s hands, help in carrying a bag for someone who is struggling. The best service is not gossiping and not getting involved in things that do not concern you. In your duties, when things so smoothly, that is within your capacity. When you try to do more, there will be hurdles and you will be hitting your head against a wall. Leave those projects alone even if they are profitable. Stay away from unethical opportunities that come to you. The perfect balance of everything is within you. Try listening to it. — Satish Daryanani

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The Correct Price

In a deal, the buyer has one price, the seller another. If no compromise is made there will be no deal. In life, to get work done we may not always get exactly what we want. If we are stubborn no deals will be made. I have heard many questions asked of the Masters. Many times, the person asking is only looking for a confirmation. If the Master gives the correct answer the person may not accept as it may not be the answer he is looking for. When your mind is rigid, you will not learn anything. You may not accept the answer, but if you have an open mind then at least you will contemplate on it. In time, you will understand the Master’s answer. Life is all about adjusting, adapting and accommodating. The one who has these qualities will be successful in worldly matters and will also be able to digest the wisdom they experience. — Satish Daryanani

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Mission Impossible

In a movie, the actor gets to choose an impossible mission. We also have the choice to choose an impossible mission. What is the mission? Trying to save just one soul in our lifetime. To do that, the first part, which is extremely hard, is to save ourselves. If you have really got it, the impossible mission is to do it for another person. Many spiritual Masters have spent their lives and have failed in this mission. When you do take on this mission, be free from the result of your actions. This way, you will not have expectations or disappointments. Just do it for your entertainment. Saving someone’s soul is not in your control. All you can do is your best, with you being the example. If you accept this mission, all the talks shared, books written, and thoughts sent are you playing your part. The result lies in the hands of the director of this movie. − Satish Daryanani

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Greed can be an asset or a liability. It depends on how you use it. Your beliefs, your principles, your faith, and your conscience are tested by greed. You can convince yourself that these are only shades of gray and yield to your greed. You can create stress and even lose your sleep because of greed. On the other hand, greed, if used correctly, can also be a strength. If it used for helping the poor and needy, to guide people who are carrying heavy burdens on their shoulders, to save animals, and the environment. Be greedy to serve more and more. Above all, if you are greedy to get the Lord’s wisdom, grace, and peace, then that is perfect. Greed is a gift given by the Lord to be used correctly. — Satish Daryanani

Exchange Rate

We travel all over the world and look for the best exchange rate. If our nation’s currency is strong, we get happy, we get more for our money. Where can we find the best rate so we do not go have to go through the ups and downs of the exchange rates and can lock it in for life? Talking about the Masters’ teachings is my currency. Wherever I am, in whichever country I travel, I get the same exchange rate. The look of wonder on people’s faces—no matter what nationality, religion, or belief in God they have, all respond in the same manner. At first, all do not see life from that angle. All laugh and think I am crazy. All, suddenly, then have the thirst for more and they take information down to learn more. Now, we are all one and have the same longing for truth. There are no borders. My International exchange rate is fixed for life. — Satish Daryanani

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I was in a large, air-conditioned catamaran with a few hundred people. The seas were rough and most of the passengers were throwing up. The others were either sleeping or enjoying the ride. This was a test for your sea legs, to see if you could be balanced and not tossed around. It is easy to enjoy boating when the ocean is like a lake. When it’s rough, those who can enjoy the large waves get a different thrill. They are not waiting for the journey to end. Life is the same, enjoy all that comes. Do not count how much time you have left to graduate, to retire, or to live. Everything has its own charm. Do not miss school-life when you go to college, or college when you are at your job, or your job when you retire. The phase that you are passing through now may be challenging or a breeze. Have fun, either way. How can you have fun if in your current phase you have just lost a loved one? Show your true love for that person by not crying. Laugh and enjoy the wonderful memories of that loved one and celebrate their life. — Satish Daryanani


Open Mind

I asked my Master, “Is it possible to read the mind of a person?” He said, “Yes, but, normally, it is not done.” “So,” I asked, “If a devotee would like you to access his mind, would you agree?” He smiled and said nothing. As different programs took place, he said, word for word, what was in my mind, with a naughty smile. Knowing that He can tap into your mind, start being aware of your thoughts when the master is around. “Now,” the Master said, “why only when I am around you physically? I can access your mind anytime. It is easy to control the mind for a few hours. To do it all the time is hard. The Lord knows all your thoughts all the time. All you are doing is being aware of that fact.” The Master does this for a short period of time only to train you. You can make it permanent. I plead to the Lord, “Please do not read my mind while I am at Miami Beach.” — Satish Daryanani

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True Love

Today is my beloved Master’s 100th Birthday. The hardest thing for me to admit is that I have truly loved no one in my life — neither the spiritual Masters, nor the Lord Himself. Did I rejoice in everything that came from the loving hands of the Lord? The answer is no. Did I completely obey the Masters who were guiding me for my benefit? The answer is no. Did I argue, fight, get upset, or get hurt by someone? The answer is yes. True love is like an iceberg dissolving in the ocean. Love just for the sake of loving. The “I” melts in it. Longing and shedding tears for the Beloved is just infatuation. Not only have I not given my heart to anyone, I have not even given the shadow of my heart. It is easy to die for someone, but hard to die for the same person while living. It is only when you lose yourself completely in love for the one who is in everyone will you be led to universal love. Please bless me, Oh Lord, to experience this love in my lifetime. — Satish Daryanani

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When Jesus was alive, he had 12 disciples and a few more followers. Today, there are more than a billion followers of Christ. Same thing with Buddha, Mohamed, and other sages. When a spiritual master leaves the body, the first thing people ask is, “Who will take over?” They do not realize the true master is not the teacher, but the teachings. Many times, the followers grow after the masters leave their bodies. I even joke with them that, while they were alive, they were hindering the growth of the organization. The reason is because we see a person in the human form and judge them. They travel on a private jet, watch movies, stay in nice places, eat good food, and so on. The teachings take a back seat. We get attached to their physical form and do not grow. Now, we only have their teachings. In the pain of a mourner’s longing, we now start digging and the journey they wanted us on begins. All these wonderful souls come for the same purpose: to help us discover ourselves. — Satish Daryanani

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In trying to satisfy the taste buds of the tongue, I try to walk 20,000 steps every day. If only I could control it a little, I would reduce it to 10,000 steps daily. Then it would literally be a walk in the park. This gift of the tongue can spread the teachings, inspire people to become vegetarian, make people laugh, and also sell ice to an Eskimo. The same tongue can also be a curse. It can be an ax and slaughter the self-esteem of a person. It can crush the egos of the rich, the intellectuals, and famous people. It is fearless and has a rapid-fire capability of being faster than any machine gun. I wish I could only communicate with WhatsApp. I am a very slow typist and this will give me more time to reflect on my thoughts before I press send. There would be no regrets later. This way, I could put my tongue to permanent retirement, and bathe in the silence within me. – Satish Daryanani

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A lighthouse helps ships navigate the rocky shores, especially when the weather is dark and foggy. In olden days, when there were no GPS or depth gauges, a lighthouse was useful. We, too, all have an inner lighthouse, which helps us when we are lost. If you are able to see it, you can avoid many situations for which you may have to pay a price. How can we see the lighthouse within us? It’s very simple. When you have tried every solution from the outside and it has not helped you, then you are forced to find the lighthouse. The lighthouse is always there, ready. You don’t need to recharge the light. It is waiting for you, patiently, to be used for your benefit. Just try it once and you will not be able to live without it.—Satish Daryanani

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Good Listeners

I am not saying that people do not have trouble hearing, but most people lack the focus of listening. Their minds keep wandering and they don’t pay attention while the other person is speaking. For those people you have to keep on repeating yourself. We only pay attention to things we enjoy, like gossiping about someone else. When you develop the focus of listening you will not have trouble in understanding different accents, or those who speak softly, or even those who speak very fast. The development of this awareness will make you see, hear, and smell everything around you. You will never miss a thing. The benefit of this is you will never miss a chance of learning something new. This will, one day, enable you to hear the sweet, melodious voice of the Lord within you. This way you will not make Him repeat the guidance He is giving you. — Satish Daryanani

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When we take loans, we have to pay interest plus the principal. If we cannot pay, we can file Chapter 7 and we are free from the loan. After 7 years, your credit history is clean. How fortunate we can be free of the monetary loans after 7 years. How about the loan of love, of wisdom, of grace, of peace? Those who get this loan cannot even pay a small percentage of the interest. They are crushed with the debt of this loan for life. The bar is so high you cannot even come close to it. All you can do is shed tears with the pain of this burden. You may get a chance to reduce this debt by sharing this wealth. Unfortunately, there are no takers. Hopefully with every breath, you are aware of that grace and live in the permanent pain of gratitude. There is only one question, “Why me, oh Lord?” — Satish Daryanani

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Master’s Day (Guru Poornima)

Today is the day to thank all our teachers. It is a time to honor all those who have taught us things that have made us better people today than we were yesterday: the spiritual teachers, school teachers, parents, friends, and others. Today, I thank my ultimate teacher, the teacher within. The outside teachers only enable you to find the true Master within. The teachings from outside are not going to satisfy the inner thirst. The Master within knows everything that you need to know and do. All you can do today is to have gratitude for the time and energy you have taken from the outside teachers. To repay, show the world by the way you live how their fingerprint is on you. Today, no words can express what you truly feel for every teacher who has influenced your life and has made you the person you are today. All you can do is thank the Lord for giving so many wonderful angels. — Satish Daryanani

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Suicide Point

At one end of an island there are cliffs and, beyond that, all we can see is the vast ocean. We can end our lives, whichever side we jump. At this point, the thought came to me: To enjoy the raw and vast nature, I have to look forward and forget the past. As our bodies are mostly made up of water, we are naturally attracted to the ocean. It is when we are fed up from the world that we want to end our lives. It is not the death of our physical forms but the death of our attachments, desires, our notions of right and wrong, our fears, our ignorance, our possessions, etc. Then we are free from the past. From now on, the present and future is the same. We are lost in the infinite nature and the infinite within us. The new I is free from karma. Free from action and reaction. Free from doer and doer-ship. To the born-again Christians, who is born and who dies? We now experience that: the suicide of the lower self, the birth of the true self. – Satish Daryanani

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Wherever you go they want you to go online and rate the services. Even Uber has 5 star ratings for the passenger and the driver. If these thoughts were rated, I would be going through the highs and lows of the ratings, like a roller coaster ride. I would be more interested in the ratings than the benefit of others. Ratings should come from knowing you did your best, and not from the response of others. If we sit in silence and give stars based on the experience we have, will God have an incentive to take us to a new level? Instead, pray to the Lord for you to have the perfect experience. It could be the filth of the corrupt mind or the ecstasy of nothingness. It is perfect coming from the Lord. One day, there will only be the one bright star, which shines the light that comes from the reflection of deep inner peace and the divinity within you. — Satish Daryanani

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Yoga and Meditation

In this day and age, Yoga and meditation have become fashion statements. On Yoga Day in New York, I saw a lot of selfies being taken. Today, Yoga is a brand with great outfits and an exercise routine. Whenever spirituality is discussed, the first question asked is, “Do you meditate?” What is the real purpose of Yoga and meditation? Yoga was created to make your body supple and relaxed so you could sit in silence for long periods. Meditation is one form of silence. People find it hard to do. Is it hard for a rich man to mediate on money? Or for women to mediate on clothes and shoes? You have to focus on something you love. So, if your head is on the lap of the Beloved, is it hard to focus?. Do not meditate, let meditation happen. Practice Yoga to keep your body fit to serve. You do not have to become a pretzel. The body is like a moving car. Practicing Yoga brings your body to a parked mode. Once there, please turn off the engine by spending some time silencing your mind. — Satish Daryanani

Yoga Day NYC


After coming out of an hour-long session of tranquility, it is very hard to talk. You gauge the depths into which you went based on how long it takes you to get your voice back. When you meet people afterward, all you can do is look at them. At that moment, if people seek your blessings, it is of no use to put your hand on their heads. They should look into the eyes of the one who has just come out of being completely with the One. That person is nothing but a conduit to the infinite. The longer you enjoy this tranquility, the more a cocoon of peace wraps you. It is like Spider-Man covering you with his web. Then, no matter what is happening in the world, you are protected. There will even be slight guilt about that, “Have I stopped being human? Have I become a stone now that I am unaffected?” Then the answer will come: Being human is not about how you react to the world, rather it is about how you live for the world. — Satish Daryanani

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Defending Champions

In sports, politics, and business–thoughout life–defending champions do not like to give up their standings. The new kid on the block, trying to succeed, is crushed so the current champions maintain their power. The same thing happens in spiritual organizations. A new disciple starts getting close to the spiritual Master and the inner circle of defending champs try to keep the new kid out. The ones who do this are insecure about their own closeness to the Master. They do not believe that what is due to them will come to them and that no one can take it away. Even if grace is poured on such a person, the new self, the real self, the true self, will not be allowed to enter. The defending champion, the ego-self, will reject the change. So, the stronger the personality of the defending champion within you, the harder it will be for you to see the inner light within. — Satish Daryanani

Defensive chess move

What You Think of Yourself

People think they are humble. They think they are spiritual. They think the world does not affect them. They think they are honest, compassionate, and knowledgeable. These same people crumble when a massive jolt comes into their lives. It is easy to be all of the above when life is smooth. You are tested when the death of a loved one occurs, or when you face a big financial or health challenge. Your reaction shows what you are made of. It is easy to run way from the world and say, “I am not affected.” Go get roasted by this world and see if you are still on top of the world. Take pressure, take risks, get completely involved, and see if you are still floating. Talk is cheap, show your inner strength through action. See how well-anchored you are, so the storms of the world do not affect you. You should get so consumed in problems that people feel you may have a heart attack. You must develop the ability that, in a split second of a split second, you can leave the world and its problems completely. — Satish Daryanani

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Guilt is one of the most misunderstood feelings. Religions have taken advantage of this. Guilt is among the biggest loads people carry on their shoulders. Parents, spouses, children, friends, all use it for their benefit. What is guilt? We feel we did something that was not supposed to have been done, and guilt is the price we have to pay: the fear of displeasing the Lord and having to go to hell for that. The real hell is now when you are punishing yourself for the guilt. Have faith in the love the Lord has for you. Ask forgiveness from the bottom of your heart. Learn the lessons from your action and not repeat it again. Realize that there are forces of nature that keep you away from doing things that are required for your spiritual evolution. Feeling guilty will not help your growth. Acceptance will free you from guilt. The bottom line is that guilt is given as a gift from the Lord to keep you on the right track. — Satish Daryanani

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Atlantic Ocean Meeting the Pacific Ocean

Where is the line where these two oceans meet? Where is the line in the sky where two nations claim the airspace? Where is the line in the sheet of ice in the North Pole that countries fight over oil rights? In religion and in spiritual organizations, where is the line in the Lord’s teachings and the service of the needy? The Ocean is nothing but water. We give it different names. The creator is one. We give it different names and forms. My religion, my non-profit organization, my Master. The core teaching of all the spiritual Masters is the same, just put in different words with different flavors. All want you to discover the truth, find inner peace, and see the Divine in everything. This way, you live for the sake of others. Who runs the organization, what name is used, who is the spiritual representative is meaningless. As long as the teachings are being spread, the rest does not matter. Separation comes from fear and ignorance of our mind. Unity comes from the wisdom of seeing nothing but the One. – Satish Daryanani

Sunrise on Planet Earth

Right Thing at the Right Time

A beautiful warm coat in winter will be appreciated. The same coat in the heat of summer, not so much. With the passing away of a spiritual Master, tears are shed in attachment to the physical form. Instead, when you are by yourself, tears are shed in longing for the Beloved. Same tears for the same person, but you have different results. Attachment binds you, longing liberates you. Being competitive in sports, or in life, only to win—or in doing your best as an offering to the Lord, is the same competitive spirit, but with a different approach. Giving a donation so others can see or out of guilt, or doing it because it came from the Lord to be used in His service. Most of all, those who receive the gift of the teachings from the Lord should use it wisely. Make sure you use your words carefully. Even though they may be true, if the person is not ready, you will be hurting them instead of helping them. — Satish Daryanani

Woman in warm coat on a snowy day

Having Everything and Yet Having Nothing

There are very slim people who are still not happy and try to lose more weight. Maybe they can lose a few grams, but not more than that. People with tremendous wealth are still trying to make more. They do not spend on themselves or on others. There are those who have read a lot of spiritual books and been with spiritual Masters. They still ask the question, “When will I get it?” How can you get something that you already have? Your asset only exists if you realize it is an asset and not a liability. The biggest asset is this human birth. When we lose our dear ones, we realize their value. We have everything that we need from the stingy creator who does not give us more than we need for His purpose. When you realize that, you truly have everything. – Satish Daryanani

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Will to Live

When people are tortured beyond a certain point, they become unconscious. Then they are forcefully revived so they can again be tortured. Even when people fall very ill, they reach the state of unconsciousness. To be aware of this unconsciousness is something quite unique. It is a state in which you are aware of the pain, but not painful. You are unconscious, yet conscious. You are with the Lord, but still separate. You are enjoying the state of this haze. Words cannot express this feeling. Now, the person has three choices. First, to leave this body which has served its purpose and completely merge with the Beloved. Second, continue to enjoy this state where you are at the edge of the cliff: enjoying a state of being alive and dead. Third, because of the love and prayers of everyone, you decide to come back to this asylum. The will to live is only for the love of others. It is like waking up from a deep sleep that takes place from jet lag. This one is very hard to explain. Only the one who has enjoyed this state will realize the sacrifice it takes to come back. So our prayers and love for that person are for him to stop enjoying and come back and suffer with us. — Satish Daryanani

Illustration of human with orange aura

Crocodile Tears

The “I” is strong in those who shed crocodile tears. Their egos get bruised easily. Any small thing happens, they start crying. You have to walk on egg-shells around these people. It is also a sign of insecurity and the desire to be needed all the time. They have many attachments, which cause them to shed tears easily. However, this emotion can also be a strength. Imagine every picture of the Beloved, every thought of the Lord. This longing that makes you shed tears is an asset. It is these tears that can melt your heart-made-of-granite-rock. Then can the seeds of grace germinate. Turn all your weaknesses into strengths. — Satish Daryanani

Stone-faced man with tear on cheek

Wi-Fi Password

When we get the Wi-Fi password on a plane, or of a hotel, etc., we get happy. We can now connect with the world. The speed of the internet may not be as fast as it is at home. However, it is free and so we put up with the limited speed and limited data with which we can download. To connect to the ultimate Web we also need a code. Instead of www, you will be linked to the Divine web. Here, you do not need to search on Google, you become Google. You will have all the answers to the questions people will ask of you. You will learn new things from these questions as you would not think of those topics. The answers will come to you instantly in the concentrated form. You will have to dilute it into words based on the capacity of the listener. All the information or entertainment that you require from the internet will more than be satisfied with this connection. What is this password? “You must want it more than air.” Now you are permanently connected. — Satish Daryanani

Free wi-fi

Coffee or Tea Break

Those who like coffee or tea, look forward to a break when they can have it. We take a break, or a pause in our routine, to enjoy this hot beverage. Without taking a break, our jobs become mechanical. We lose our creativity. Breaks re-energize us and we are able see things from a different perspective. Now, what will it feel like to take a real break from your life? You will stop swimming against the current of life. You will see how much of your time is wasted with you getting nothing in return. How many people and situations affect you? You will, for the first time get a chance to truly appreciate all that you have. All that you have lost really did not change your life. All the concerns you had are so meaningless now. The person you were, and wanted to be, is so different from the person you became and how you enslaved yourself in this illusion of life. Hopefully, this break will lead to a new beginning where you realize that what is unreal is real and the real unreal. — Satish Daryanani

Woman embracing a coffee cup

Immigration Officer

It is the job of immigration officers to let visitors enter a country. They know what to look for and what questions to ask. If the wrong kind of people enter, it takes a lot of time and energy to remove them. Our senses tell us which food or drink should enter our bodies: if the milk is spoiled, or the food stale. The immigration officer within knows what we should not hear, see, or think. It is our temptations that let unwanted things enter our systems. Once they enter, then it is hard to remove them from our minds. In both cases, the officers are only interested in protecting the country and ourselves. We must let them do their job. It takes more effort in trying to undo things. — Satish Daryanani



To play the part of Gandhi, Lincoln, or any famous person is not easy. You may have to put on or lose weight, put on a lot of make-up, and practice the accent of the person. The audience must feel that you are the character that you are playing, and even cry at the scenes where Gandhi and Lincoln are shot. If done correctly, you may get an Oscar for the best film and best actor. The spiritual Masters who have attained everything from this world, also want this award. They eat your food and make you feel that this is the best dish they have ever eaten. They show you so much love that you will feel they love you the most, that you are the nearest and dearest to them. They play the part of being sick in the hospital, and people actually pray and cry for them to get well. The Master enjoys his performance when the audience reacts. One day, from the depths of silence will come knowing. The knower still has to play his part and let the world feel he is the same. Even though he is awakened, the world must feel he is still a sleeping soul. Then, you too can win an Oscar for that. — Satish Daryanani

Actors on stage


The meaning of news is facts from the North, East, West, and South. Today, however, it is only the opinions of the media without any investigation in the story. They put it in a question form, and not a statement: “He is guilty?” “God is dead?” “There is no God?” And so on. This way, they cannot be sued for falsehood. It is not the fault of the one who spreads false rumors that can change one’s career or the elections. It is the fault of the ones who are influenced by it. There are two groups: the ones who believe, and those who do not believe these stories; those who believe that there is a creator, and the ones who do not. There is only one that is always right. That is your inner voice. Develop the ability to listen to that. No one, then, will be able to influence you. You will be able to block the noise of the world. Keep only the information that can help you develop, or help others. Slowly, you will learn to walk in this world alone, but never be lonely. — Satish Daryanani

Art gallery questioning REALLY ?1?

House of God

I was in a church yesterday. There, I saw a mother keep on telling her child to kneel down and ask for a wish. So, the child is learning from the mother that a church is a wishing well. When she grows up she will see the church only as place to fulfill her wishes. In Hinduism we have many gods, each one specifically designed for a particular wish. God of wealth, of knowledge, of strength, etc. I see each person praying to that specific God when they want a particular wish fulfilled. The purpose of going to temples, churches, mosques, and synagogues is to go to the house of God, your real parent’s home. You talk, thank God, and enjoy the love you have for each other. Ask the Lord once, “How are you doing?” Just being in God’s presence should make you forget all your wishes. The great gift from Him is to free you from the desires of all gifts. You will have the gift of the Beloved’s presence all the time, and not only in His house. — Satish Daryanani

praying woman

Complete Change

When we have a skin problem, we go to a dermatologist, apply some ointment, and the surface is healed. However, what caused the problem is not taken care of. When we want a complete change to reach the surface, it has to start from the core. Only then can it be a complete change. It takes time, strong will, and grace. When that change happens, we can even help to change others. The first step to realize change is required and we have to want to change. We do not learn the lessons from our mistakes. We have a wound, scratch the scab, and the wound reopens. Change in our understanding, reaction, attitude, and acceptance is the real change. Then, life will feel like you are floating on water. — Satish Daryanani

Bubble floating on water

Master’s Love

The name given by the parents is no longer used once a person becomes a spiritual Master. That person ceases to exist. It is as if the tenant of the house left and the original owner moved in. It is like the death of a person while still being alive. The lower self, or the ego self, is replaced by the true self. This is the reason why the Master’s love is so pure. It is even greater than the love of a mother. With this love, we lose all our attachments and desires of the world. We now become attached to the physical form of the Master. He becomes our crutch. We lean on him and depend upon Him. To evolve we have to be free even from this crutch. When the Master leaves his physical form, the pain of separation begins. Our tears are used to wash His lotus feet. The unbearable pain will want you to end your own life. So, too, will you end your life while you are alive. The end of the lower self, the ego self. Only then will you understand that when the Master and you died nobody came to the funeral. This garment, or house, or vehicle, now has the same owner. The pain of attachment to the physical form is no longer there. It is like being attached to a signpost saying 110 miles to Mumbai. We are worshiping and crying at the signpost, but not going to Mumbai. The Master’s love is to put us on the right track. Use the pain of separation to discover what the Master wants us to experience. Then, live only with the pain of gratitude. — Satish Daryanani

Swami Satchidananda walking with devotees

The Battle Within Ourselves

We see images of a person having a small devil on one shoulder and a small angel on the another. These are our two sides. A person has principles but still yields to taking a bribe to satisfy his family’s insatiable appetite for materialism. There are people who want to be with their families but sacrifice their lives for their nation. They are called heroes. The real hero is the one who becomes a zero: the one who battles between the paradise of the inner world but returns to the asylum of the outer world to play his part. We want to keep our word of honor but succumb to the tricks that the mind plays and break our word. Opportunities are given to us. We should have the strength to refuse some of them to maintain our equanimity. Try to be well-anchored while the forces of nature try to dislodge you. Try not to answer phone calls while eating or working on your spiritual practices. This is the battle between duty and service. and, above all, between reality and illusion. – Satish Daryanani

Everything has a Price

You eat a lot of spicy food and the next morning you have to pay the price. You work out a lot in the gym, your body gets sore. You drink a lot of alcohol and wake up with a hangover. You want a lot of name and fame, you lose your privacy. You do a lot of business activity and get involved in the world, you lose your precious time. One day, hopefully, you will get fed up and say, “For whom and for what am I doing all this?” This is your first step towards being free from the price you pay for your actions. Now you are aware, and will start doing everything in moderation. Everything you do, ask yourself, “Will it disturb my peace?” Nothing in this world is worth turning your peace into pieces. — Satish Daryanani

Man holding head in despair


Some believe that people are successful because they are lucky. If they are struggling, they blame it on bad luck. When you see your reflection in the mirror, do you say that the reflection is good or bad luck? When Michael Jordan hits a game winning shot, do we say it is luck? The truth is, if you put in the hard work and practice, that shot is not due to luck but your preparation for that moment. Your lives, thoughts, words, and actions create the reflection that you are seeking in the mirror. The sum of your mistakes is your bad luck, your own doings coming to you. You are the master of your so called “luck.” There is also another factor called grace. That, too, plays a part in your life.Instead of thinking that only luck determines one’s destiny, keep this mathematical formula in mind: The sum of your deeds plus your desires multiplied by the X-factor (grace) equals your destiny. — Satish Daryanani

Michael Jordon makng the perfect shot

A Realized Soul

A realized soul would rather receive blessings than give blessings. He is always willing to learn in the university of life. He is crushed by the grace of realization, and the world thinks he is humble. On the other hand, he can roar like a lion and tell you he can lead you to God realization, and the world thinks he is egotistic. He has a sense of humor, takes serious things lightly, and light things seriously. He does not compare himself with other realized souls. He does not get into a mental tug of war to prove his wisdom. He does not waste time on video games, crossword puzzles, or selfies. For him, everything and everyone is the same. He spreads the teachings without expectations of money or gratitude. He does not seek disciples to put a star on his shoulder. He can be a butcher and show anger for the good of others without really getting angry. Sometimes, without sugar-coating the truth, he can be misunderstood. He lives in the world but is not of the world. He loves spending time in seclusion. He will always see the wonders of this world with a childlike expression on his face. — Satish Daryanani

The face of a baby

Slaves of our Minds

We are the slaves of our minds. Before one thought is over, another one begins. The mind needs action all the time. A friend told me he loves meeting new people so he can talk and tell jokes. The more active the mind, the harder it is to calm it. The fun is when you can control the mind and play with it, instead of the mind playing with you. You can reach a stage when, in a split second, you can experience deep peace and then purposely disturb it with the worst thought possible. Get consumed by the thought and then bring it back to the nectar you were enjoying earlier. You can make your mind dance to your tune, even tease it and make fun it. Your mind becomes your best friend as it entertains you. True freedom is being free from your own mind. — Satish Daryanani

Everything from Nothing

All your austerities will lead you to nothing. You will experience and realize nothing. Then you can talk and write about nothing. All your attachments and desires will dissolve into nothing. You will spread the teaching of nothingness. You will fear nothing. You will have guilt of nothing. You ambitions and goal will become nothing. You will be serving nothing. Your ego becomes nothing. Your destination is nothing. Above all, both God and you are nothing. Today’s picture will be of nothing. — Satish Daryanani

black nothingness


Buddha had no Guru, spiritual Master, nor a guide. He had questions, but no answers. He left his family and his kingdom to go into the forest to find answers. If only he had a guide to tell him, “You can run away from the kingdom, but not from yourself. The same person will also be in the forest.” You can get answers wherever you are: in the kingdom with your family or in the forest. It is not the change of location, but the change within you. To awaken, you do not need to suffer. You can get it in a 5-Star hotel. This is the benefit of having a guide in your life to show you the way. — Satish Daryanani



I know a person who loves reading so much that, even if a wedding processing were to go by, he would not get disturbed. Today’s children, while playing video games, do not notice the delicious food kept next to them, even if they are starving. When we are watching a sporting event, television, or a movie, we get lost in it. The reason is that, if we love something and are completely engrossed in it, nothing can disturb us. When we do our studies, our jobs, or sit in silence we do not have the same focus. How can you love all that you do? First, know the benefits of your actions. If you study hard, you will earn a degree and have a wonderful career. If you enjoy your work you will have success and your 40-60 hour week will become a breeze. Above all, if you enjoy silence, there is nothing in this world that can disturb you. — Satish Daryanani


The first type of blessing is a blank check. You want unlimited wealth, wisdom, peace, and the absolute truth, and so on. The other blessing is a check with a specific amount. A good job, a good spouse, good results in an examination, free from a specific health issue, etc. Then there are those who pray to the Lord, “Please bless me so that I do not bother You for blessings. Whatever You give me is a blessing and what You do not give me is a bigger blessing.” If a person talks about vegetarianism, he will be blessed by becoming a vegetarian. If a person spreads those teachings, he will be blessed in realizing them. This way he is not a hypocrite. Then everything in life is a blessing. — Satish Daryanani

blessing by pouring water

Flying a Plane

Those who have flown a plane know the wonderful feeling of flying. When they are sitting as passengers the plane feels like a bus; that is why it is call an Airbus. We try to take non-stop flights so we can reach our destination faster, even though it is more expensive. We try to get seat upgrades to make our journey more comfortable. In life, however, we do not want to reach our real destination with the same speed. People ask the same questions of the spiritual Master again and again, going nowhere. For example, “When will my daughter get married?” Maybe she is happy being single. We are moving in circles. Every day should take us one step closer to our destination. One day we will realize that there is no destination. The journey is the purpose of life. — Satish Daryanani

2 planes at sunrise

Natural Beauty

It is our true nature to be happy, peaceful, and joyful. A child wears no make-up, undergoes no plastic surgery, and we are all attracted to it. A child needs no sleeping pills to sleep; it does not develop a poker face to hide the truth. A child does not worry about retirement plans. If you have a loved one in the hospital, it is alright to pray for them. You are not affected as you have developed a childlike faith in the Divine’s plan. You do your part and let things fall in its perfect place. Then, you will always be childlike, but not childish. Natural beauty will always be on your face. You were born fine, you defined yourself, and now are struggling to refine yourself. — Satish Daryanani

Baby with natural beauty

The Doctor Within

We go to the doctor when we have a health issue or for a check-up. Our bodies have a doctor within. If we learn to listen to our bodies, the need for doctors will be reduced. We know what is good or bad for us. We even know our limits, yet we often lack willpower and pay the price. Our mind is the doctor for our wellness. It knows the amount of workload we can handle, the amount of rest we need. Yet we become a slave to the world and our electronic toys. We do not devote enough time to recharge our internal batteries. Instead, we complain about our physical issues and the self-induced workloads of our lives. We blame everyone and everything instead of blaming ourselves. All the problems we face are self-imposed. Obey the internal doctor. By not disturbing the ease we have within, we will be free from dis-ease. — Satish Daryanani

Changing Time

Most people do not like Monday mornings and are always looking forward to Friday, 5 pm. Imagine that our whole life was Friday, 5 pm. We look to Friday in anticipation of the perfect weekend we are going to have. The actual weekend may not turn out as well as we imagine it. It rains, there are traffic delays, we get an upset stomach, and so on. Our imagination of the weekend is better than what really takes place. So, Friday evening can sometimes be better than the actual weekend. Now, who looks forward to Monday mornings? The ones who anticipate a perfect week. The ones who love what they do. The rest of the week may not be perfect but, in the mind, they imagine perfection. Make your mind-set stuck on Friday 5 pm, always imagining wonderful experiences. Often, planning and imagining your vacation is better than the vacation itself. The happiness of Friday, 5 pm, is a state of mind. — Satish Daryanani

Coffee-drinking woman


Sitting with a spiritual Master, or the Lord, you purify your mind. There are no thoughts and no words. You reach a state of nothingness. You are beyond time and space. You have nothing to gain or lose, and are free from dualities. You are free from desires and attachments. It is at this stage that you see your true self. You will experience the inner light and hear the silent hum of the universe. You go beyond the creator or creation, beyond the experiencer or the experience. Just being will lead you to non-being. This is the reason for the human birth.

woman in silent meditation

What’s in it for Me?

Most of us do every action so that we may benefit from it. If you develop the ability to benefit from the reaction of others, life will change for you. You will wish you have a Go Pro camera permanently drilled in your forehead so you could record the reactions of others and play them back again and again. When someone benefits from your actions and you see the true joy, gratitude, and happiness in his or her face, it is the greatest feeling in the worldbetter than what the world gives, which benefits only me. This is not because of gaining good karma from my service, or brownie points with God. This is only a selfish act because I enjoy it. — Satish Daryanani

A group of children looking delighted.

Hidden Talents

On the TV show, “America’s Got Talent,” some participants have so much talent that they astound the audience and judges. I’ve seen a doctor who sings and melts hearts with his voice. Our fear stops us from discovering our talents. A shy person could be a great public speaker, but due to stage fright, does not utilize that talent. We put spiritual Masters, celebrities, royalty, and billionaires on a pedestal. We put ourselves down and do not tap into our own talents. Talents are given to us, not earned. All we do is discover them. We can earn a paycheck with our talents, help others, or just entertain ourselves. Each year a new talent not discovered is a year wasted. Writing these thoughts is a talent given by the Lord. — Satish Daryanani

Searching for Peanuts, Overlooking the Diamonds

When we face obstacles such as the sudden death of a loved one, a financial, or health problem, we blame God. We lose faith, and He is no longer a part of our lives. For small things, we lose the compass of our lives. Then, without any direction, we go nowhere. Even in worldly matters the same thing happens. We delay payments, do not answer phone calls, or lie about small things and so lose out on many great opportunities. When people trust us, we can receive more from them. A person did not take small commissions from me when he was a buyer for a company that I was supplying. When he started his own business, he got a lot of support from me and now is very successful. Learn to see the big picture of life. Do not get consumed by petty things. That becomes a cloud that blocks the sunshine of grace. — Satish Daryanani

Heaven or Hell

I heard a person say on television that if someone goes against Mr Trump’s policies, he has a special place in hell. My question is, “What is hell?” Ask a married man for that answer. Hell is a state of mind.
1. If you identify yourself with this body and think you will die or be reborn.
2. If you think you are too thin or too fat, or not rich enough, or not have good health.
3. You blame God, or karma, or everyone.
4. You have not built a strong relationship with the Beloved.
5. You are trying to save the world.
6. You have not enjoyed inner peace or wisdom.
7. You are living with the guilt of stealing, lying, hurting, or betraying the trust of someone.
8. The person who has received these actions has not forgiven you.
9. Above all, you are consumed by your thoughts, words and actions, by the fear of hell or the desire of heaven.
If these above are true, you will go crazy, even in heaven. When you are living in heaven, you would even welcome hell, to help others make their lives heavenly. — Satish Daryanani

Making Decisions

We go to our friends, family, or our Master to help us make a decision. That person should have a neutral mindset while helping you decide. Once you develop this neutrality, a time will come when you will be able to get all the answers within yourself and you will be guided correctly. There are two types of answers. The first is whether something is good or bad for you. The second is more complex. If you are a spiritual aspirant, the answers will be for your spiritual evolution. You may lose opportunities to make a lot of profit. Also, you may not legally go after someone who has taken advantage of you. The reason being that the Divine within you has taken over. Every decision you make will take you to a layer deeper within yourself. If you can also benefit from the outside world with that decision, then it is a bonus. The choice is yours. Make every decision which can help someone. If not, at least it should not hurt anyone. — Satish Daryanani

You Want It, You Got It

We have heard this saying. All the talks of spiritual Masters, their books, as well as their thoughts are for one purpose: to encourage everyone to want self realization. The hard part is to describe that. It is like encouraging a blind person to see the ocean or a deaf person to hear music. Both are wonderful to experience. How to create that want? Many examples are given and stories told to encourage us. To put it in words is very hard.
The only way to encourage us to want that indescribable ecstasy is to see the results after someone has gotten it. See the Masters who have got it. The way they live will encourage us. This is the hardest thought so far to express. You must want it more than air itself that gift for which this human form is given. Only then will you get it. All you can do is to not be satisfied with the outer world. Let there be a vacuum, or a void. The wanting will fill it. — Satish Daryanani


We have wonderful dreams. We think they are real. Especially when we dream of our loved ones who are no longer with us in the physical form. When the Lord, or our spiritual Master, comes in our dreams, we do not want it to end. When we enjoy the dream, we are not waiting for the alarm to ring. When we are restless, not sleeping, or in a dreamless sleep, we wait for the alarm. We hear of so many celebrities who, in spite of having everything, commit suicide. They have name, fame, and money, and yet they still end their lives. If only they knew they were having wonderful dreams and not a nightmare, they would not want to end it. Those of us who are blessed with this understanding do not wish for death. We actually look forward for the dreams yet to come. — Satish Daryanani

colorful Native American dreamcatcher

Feast or Famine

In our jobs or business, we get very busy and tired. On the other hand, if there are no customers or no work, we get bored. We either get a rain-forest or a desert. In both cases, people complain. This is the reason why God does not get bored. He will always have customers complaining to Him. Feast and famine is our life. When we are young we overwork. When we are retired we get bored. If you are depending on this world to get a perfect balance all the time, you will be disappointed. When the feast comes you should thank God for the bounty coming to you even though you are tired. When there is famine, spend time in rejuvenating your body. Also, you get more time for silence. Extremes are our life. Balance is in our minds and in our attitude. Enjoy this roller coaster ride of life. – Satish Daryanani


We only remember the champions. The teams that lose get scrutinized. Only one team gets the trophy, when all the other teams have lost. In life we all want to be champions, only a handful achieve that. True championship is the trophy of being free. This trophy does not have to be won year after year. No rings are given, and no one will know. Only you will know that you have won. What is that championship? You came to play the game of hide and seek. You hid yourself from yourself to discover yourself. When we, as children, find the person who is hiding, we become so happy that we start laughing. In the same way, when we find our hidden true self, we, too, will laugh. The victory over your ignorance makes you a true champion. — Satish Daryanani

Fans in a sports stadium

Being True to Your Nature

More important than truth is being true to your nature. You should not try to change the true nature of others or yourself. Instead, spend time contemplating on your true nature. It is a gift from God that each of us is different from others. Find out about your strengths and weaknesses and use them to your advantage. You will not get carried away by your strengths nor will you put yourself down for your weaknesses. For example, anger, impatience, and greed can be used as strengths. Anger has the power to push you to recover from the losses you have had. Impatience makes you want everything done yesterday instead of tomorrow. Greed will make you want more knowledge and wisdom. Even the gift of gab can make you money and help spread the teachings. Every instrument is perfect in God’s garage to be used the way He wants it. Knowing that will make you see the world in whole different way. – Satish Daryanani

Many tools hanging on a wall

Slight Difference

The difference between a gold medal and no medal at all can be .01 seconds. The difference between a great salesman or an average salesman are a few words. The difference between success and failure are a few decisions. The difference between a wise or an otherwise person is the ability to realize the truth. For that one thing, the whole outlook of life can change from struggling and suffering to joy and peace. We do not have to change the big things in our life. Instead, work on the small stuff. For example, just the continuous repetition of this small word “OM” can set you free. Your entire life’s service can transform all around you with a simple “SMILE.” All that you face in life can change with the one word, “YES,” to the Lord’s will. Above all, the greatest nectar of this life can be enjoyed by bathing daily in this indescribable word, “SILENCE.”  – Satish Daryanani

illustration of a smiling face standing out among frowning faces

Strength of No

It is easy to say yes. It is harder to say no. The world loves the people who say yes. You will have a lot of friends. Even charitable organizations will love you. You will have no fights with your family members. Saying no is your strength. It comes when you have set limits. People will offer you food, drinks, cigarettes, or drugs. Learn to say no. Your time is limited. Use it wisely. Learn to say no. The wealth that you have, use it carefully so that you do not stress yourself. Learn to say no. If there is anything that is going to harm you or others, say no. To all the negativity in life, say no. For some time, even say no to the world untill you develop your inner foundation. It is this no that will lead you to the real KNOW yourself. – Satish Daryanani

T letters NO comprised of yes's.

Time Management Skills

To travel for an important event like a Master’s 100th Birthday celebration, some people have not gotten their plane tickets. On top of that they want to use air miles to pay for it. Even to book the hotel, many waited so long that the hotel is now full. Unlike them, those who know how to manage time, plan correctly and end up with the best seats at the master’s talks, great hotels, movie theater seats, concert seats, and more. When they have to be somewhere at a particular time, they plan it backwards. They give ample time to be on time. They know that

this human birth is given to experience certain things. Time is limited. They do not believe heaven can wait. Each day is spent in learning and experiencing something new. They arrive early at their own wedding to welcome guests rather than the guests welcoming them. If you value time and plan correctly you will always enjoy the hospitality of Etihad Airways in first class for free.       

time management illustration

Different Flavors of Ice Cream

Today we have so many flavors of ice cream. We take free samples of a few flavors before we decide which one to buy. Even with so many flavors in the world, vanilla and chocolate are still the most popular. In the same manner we have many paths to satisfy our inner thirst. Vanilla flavor is the path of devotion. You can add anything to vanilla and chocolate ice-cream and make it tastier. You can add hot fudge, brownies and whipped cream to either ice-cream. Devotion is also a base to which you can add any image, format, language, words or no words. It is for the rich, poor, educated, uneducated, man, woman. Nobody can teach us devotion. It is already within us. The more you grow in it the more you enjoy the sweet vanilla, without the calories of ice cream and without getting diabetes. Chocolate ice cream, on the other hand is helping others, again and again, in many ways. By not hurting others, you are also helping. Service can be done through your thoughts, words, or action. The more you enjoy the vanilla ice cream within you, your heart will automatically share chocolate ice cream with the world. – Satish Daryanani

Vanilla and chocolate ice cream hot fudge sunday

Stagnant Water

Do not let your mind stagnate like water, otherwise flies and mosquitoes will fester. We tend to limit ourselves. We use these words, “I cannot do it” or “I am not capable of it.” There is nothing you cannot do. At least try and test your capacity. We lose a lot by limiting ourselves. We make easy things look hard because we put up barriers. For example, people find it hard to sit in silence. It is the easiest thing to do! It requires no action, no thought, no effort – and we call that hard! By limiting the mind, you are limiting His grace working through you. The mind is given by Him. Your will-power is given by Him. Why then would you let your mind become stagnant? – Satish Daryanani


A coconut is hard on the outside but soft inside. A drill is required to pierce the hard shell. Once you reach the soft coconut inside, the drill bit is not required, and it is dropped off. The mind is like a coconut. The drill is the holy name given by the Guru or chosen by you. Repeating the same name again and again makes it a drill bit, which can pierce the hard shell of the ego. There are people who chant different holy names depending on the day of the week. It is like trying to make 7 holes but getting nowhere. Chant the same name, or word, to drill the hole in the same location. The holy name is the grace of the Guru, or the Lord, that can make you enjoy the soft nectar within you. More important is that you have faith in that name Divine so that it will set you free. The holy name is only a tool. It will automatically drop away when it has served its purpose. – Satish Daryanani

Getting Lost

With GPS in our phones and cars today, it is hard to get lost. Our lives are all about getting from one point to another. Try getting lost on purpose. You will find new places, new restaurants. Take lots of pictures. You will see new man-made structures and admire the creativity of architects. Even while on vacation, do not blindly follow what the maps tell you to see. Find new sights. Use the GPS when you are tired and want to return to your hotel. Even when you tour the world within, do not make it a routine. I want to know, “Who am I?” Sit in silence and with no expectations. Enjoy the world within. Every day, find something new. In both the worlds, there is not enough time to see everything. The inside world can be explored without dealing with the weather and traffic jams. To burn calories, go and enjoy the outside world, too. Become the next Rick Steves, get lost, and write about what you discover. – Satish Daryanani

labyrinth of light

Walking on Air

When you attend spiritual camps, retreats, or programs for a few days or weeks, you come back with a feeling of being on cloud 9. You do not want the program to end. While you are at the program, you stop carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders and so you feel as if you have lost 200 pounds and are floating.. This is only a preview of the movie. Imagine what you will feel if you see the entire show. Now go deeper. Realize that you are the producer, script writer, director, actor, and the witness of this production. This movie of life is solely for your entertainment. Then, you are always walking on air.

Walking on air

Entertaining Yourself

You watch movies, sports, plays, concerts, read books, and more to entertain yourself. If you want to retire, you need to do things to keep your mind occupied. Either you have hobbies, spend time in silence, or serve. We have 24 hours in a day. To the one who knows how to entertain himself daily, the day feels like 24 minutes. For those who struggle, the day feels like 240 hours, never-ending. The one who performs his duties, job, sports, spiritual practices, and service as a form of entertainment enjoys his life. All is for fun. As you are able to tap into the wisdom within you, not only will you be able to write a thought for the day, but also a 365-page book of daily thoughts. Entertaining yourself with the Divine peace, wisdom, and the world within—along with all the entertainment from outside, a day feels short and your whole life will go by feeling there was not enough time to enjoy. – Satish Daryanani

2 happy children playing in a cistern

Different Forms of Pain

We experience physical pain as well mental pain. Those on the spiritual path have different types of pain. The first being the pain of longing, the sweet sorrow of separation. You are yearning for the Lord, but do not want the Lord. You are just enjoying the pain of separation. Then, when the Lord decides to reveal himself to you the second form of pain begins. The pain of gratitude. “Why me, O Lord? You gave me the gift of you.” That gratitude comes in the form of pain in your throat and not in the words, “Thank you, Lord.” Then, one day when you sit in silence, you will get to experience God’s love. All the pain so far took place because of your love for Him. But His love is far greater. The third form of pain takes place when you realize His love for this wretched self. This pain is the hardest to bear. No words can describe it. Once you experience His love for you, all physical and mental pains vanish. Even the pain of longing. You feel the pain of His love for you. Experiencing this pain is the greatest pain of all. – Satish Daryanani

Praying young woman in a field of yellow flowers

The Fun of Being Selfish

Bill Gates and Warren Buffet are enjoying being selfish. They are giving away their wealth while they are alive. Many wealthy people leave their wealth to their family members or to some charity, after they are dead and gone. They do not get the joy of giving while they are alive. In the same manner, the Masters too, enjoy being selfish. They have gained so much wealth from within that they are spreading the teachings. If they will not do that then all that wealth will have been wasted. They cannot even leave it in their inheritance. By sharing their wealth of wisdom, they get free food, travel expenses, and free boarding. There is a sense of guilt when you have gained tremendous wealth from outside or from within. Sharing it with others reduces that load. If these thoughts that come to me are not shared with others they will have been wasted. So this is a selfish act for my fun! – Satish Daryanani

Hands offering cumpled $100 bills

Too Much Knowledge

Those who have read a lot of scriptures or have heard many talks of the masters have too much knowledge. Describing the experiences that come within you in words dilutes the true experiences. Some, who hear or read this, have enough knowledge from before so that, instead of listening, they reply with the knowledge they have already heard. It is hard to make your point as the vessel of knowledge is full. Sometimes it is easier to explain to those who have not heard or read a lot. They are more receptive. Just knowing the teachings and repeating them like a parrot is not enough. See the teachings with a new angle. Even if you have heard it earlier, now focus on digesting it. For example, the saying, “It is all for good.” It took me over 20 years to truly digest it. Listening and repeating shows that you have a good memory. You know a person truly understands when he responds with a silence and a radiant look appears on his face. This radiance comes when you are bathing in the nectar of that particular teaching. – Satish Daryanani

If You Knew the Future

If you could predict the future, then you could bet on any game and win. You could buy stocks or real estate and make a lot of money. However, there is a price for that. You will know the ending of every movie before it begins. You will know when you are going to die. You lose the mystery of life. More important than having the gift of knowing your future is to be able to enjoy this very moment. When you watch TV, all the pundits are predicting the elections, stock prices, winner of a sporting event, and so on. Experts are hired to predict the future. No one is hired to teach us how to enjoy the here and the now. Thoughts come to me daily. I cannot even predict tomorrow’s thought. It is for me to enjoy today and learn the lessons I need to learn. In a way, it becomes my protective shield as to what may come to me today. – Satish Daryanani

black and white op art landscape of the future

Drop It Like a Hot Potato

I was on a 3-day trip with my master in Paris. He wanted something, and we spent an entire day working on it. In spite of all our efforts, it did not happen. The moment the master saw that, he dropped the project like a hot potato, never discussing it again, as if it never happened! I learned my lesson from this. I went to the Miami Heat basketball games for ten years. My life revolved around their schedule. Recently, I gave up my seats. All I kept are the good memories and the friendships I made at the games. I moved on. Now I am working on a project. I want it to happen but, if it slips through my fingers, it will be out of my mind, completely and with no regrets. If you want something, go for it. Want it more than you want air to breathe. The moment you want to walk away from it, drop it like a hot potato. This is a great gift to have from God. Pray for this gift. Then you can get attached to and detached from anyone and anything at your will. – Satish Daryanani

Deep Sleep and Deep Meditation

Deep sleep and deep meditation are similar. In both, you are free from time and space. In both, the lower self takes a break and you have to let go. The main difference is that, in deep sleep, you are unaware of the true self. In deep meditation, you are aware of the deep sleep, therefore the true self. The by-product of deep sleep is freshness and dreams that you may remember. In deep meditation, the by-product is the peace, bliss and wisdom that you experience. I give credit to those who can survive with just 2 hours of sleep and spend no time in silence. I would be a walking, talking zombie. Many people have a hard time in dealing with me, even in small doses. Just imagine, I have to deal with myself all of the time! In my case, to escape from the lower self, deep sleep and deep meditation is easy. For those who are consumed by their duties and service and who give importance to their lower self, it is harder. You, either become a crusader trying to save the world, or first work on saving yourself from yourself.  − Satish Daryanani

Closed eyes illustration

Meeting People

We meet new people and we click with some of them right away, mainly because we have common issues we can discuss. On the other hand, when there are arguments on issues, we may not want to meet them again. It does not matter if people have different opinions from us. When you meet people, slowly find out what they like and engage in that. If we try to force our views on them they may not enjoy our company. We will have lost a chance to learn something new from them. People are created for us to learn, laugh, help, inspire, or be inspired. It is new people we meet who can bring out the best or the worst in us. We sometimes see their situation and realize how grateful we should be that we are not going through their rough patches. The inner thirst for truth, peace, and wisdom could be found in the person we meet. We could have a fulfilling day by helping them get on the right track.  − Satish Daryanani

Several people meeting and greeting at sunrise

Sense of Humor

In the movie, “Pope Francis: A Man of His Word,” the Pope says that he prays daily to have a sense of humor. It is one of the greatest gifts from God. We send a lot of jokes and funny videos on WhatsApp and with other social media. Fortunate are those who can laugh, but a real sense of humor is deeper than that. It is making fun of yourself and laughing at your own innocence and ignorance as you evolve. Even joke with God. Make Him your friend. How can you give a dollar if you do not have one? For example, we feel lust, greed, anger etc. This can only come from God if He Himself has the same. So ask Him, “Why are you giving me your weaknesses? Then on top of that, You made heavenly bodies with curves. Some natural, and some enhanced in Columbia. You want me to overcome this and think only of You? Is it okay, Lord, if I am thinking of and appreciating your creations? Isn’t that indirectly thinking of the Creator?” This fun between the Lord and you can only be enjoyed if you have a true sense of humor. As you get older you can even enjoy making fun of your body parts. Making fun of others is easy. Real laughter comes when you understand how all this illusion you thought was real, affected you. – Satish Daryanani

Dada J.P. Vaswani and Swami Satchidananda laughing with love


There are people to whom you just say hello and their dam of complaints starts overflowing. If I do not hear a complaint from them I will get a heart attack. At least, if you are going to complain, make it a variety pack. Wife, husband, children, mother-in-law, Donald Trump etc., so we do not get bored. There are those who say business is slow year after year. Then it is no longer slow. You must celebrate and say it is normal. Instead of complaining, work on reducing the expenses or create a new product line. If it does not work, it is a dead horse. Move on. Even if you have to take a job instead of owning a business. At least you will stop complaining. It is because we don’t understand that these experiences are for our own good. Life is a mirror and we have to face our own doings. Complaining will cost you opportunities as people will not want to invest with you. Your relationship with the Lord is tested during challenging times. Work on them and the ride will get smoother. − Satish Daryanani

Cat in defense mode


All human beings are insecure. Those who have wealth want to help the needy, but give little because they are unsure whether they will have enough for their old age. They are insecure about the capabilities of their children and grandchildren and so have to leave their wealth for them. Even if the master ignores us, we get insecure. Instead, have empathy for the master. How hard must it be not to look at one who truly reflects on his teachings and becomes a reflection of the teachings? You must be a well-anchored person so the forces of nature cannot affect you. You must have utter faith in the Lord’s grace that he has no choice but to bestow His grace upon you. The Lord becomes your slave. It is through this intense faith that all your insecurities dissolve. − Satish Daryanani

Eye reflecting a warrior and a peacemaker

Stand on Your Own Feet

Our parents have given us birth and taken care of us. Some were fortunate that their education was paid for by their parents. Now we must stand on our own feet. In the same manner, the Lord has given us everything. We must learn to use the assets we have. Instead, we want to make God and our parents into a mule to carry our load. They are there for us only after we have put in our best effort. We say, when God blesses us only then will realization happen. No. We have to do our best and, when His Grace pours upon us,  we will experience everything. Children want to help the world by using their parent’s wealth. That is wrong. We can earn it ourselves and then help others. Real service is when we can stand on our own feet, without complaining, and let the Lord work through us. This will make our parents truly proud. − Satish Daryanani

Child trying to stand next to strong adult legs

In the Future

We may invest in a zero coupon bond which will pay us back the principal and interest on a future date. We do this so we can enjoy the money later. In the same manner, we do not wish to enjoy the wealth given to us today but want to utilize it when we get older. What is our wealth? We are blessed with youth, wisdom, peace, sense of humor, ability to connect with the Divine, and so on. However, we do not want to enjoy it today. It is when we get older that we want to tap into this wealth. We, instead sacrifice our today so we can enjoy our tomorrow. These habits you have created for yourself today will be extremely hard to break as you get older. All this sacrifice will be for nothing. You will feel you have wasted your life by not living when you had youth and health. I am not saying that you have to not to save for a rainy day. Do it in moderation. Enjoy all the gifts given to you today. There is no guarantee you will be alive to spend the inheritance given to you at a later date. − Satish Daryanani

bit coin

It Never Ends

Just after you deal with one situation and think you are done, another one arises. It does not matter if the situation is good or bad. That is only in your mind. Some situations are challenging and some are easy. Even in your spiritual evolution, there is no end. Once you realize, “Who am I?” or the absolute truth, there is more to come. Human birth is for that. You cannot escape all that you are going through. Your evolution is only the development of your reactions. Nothing else. Each year that passes, you learn from your experiences. You will learn you cannot change situations nor the people involved in the situations. The only one that is changing, is you. − Satish Daryanani

A road goes on forever

Go with the Flow

If you go with the flow, the thoughts that come will fall in the right order. If you use your will and try to change the thought, then you imprint upon it. When you move with the Divine flow, your life will unfold perfectly. We think we are smart and so we want to exercise our will on everything. We are only creating hurdles for ourselves. If it is an act of service, do your part even though the world may not appreciate it. You should not get affected by that. You went with the flow. For example: You organize a spiritual talk by a saint, and not many people show up. As long as you do your best, the number of people who come should not affect you. At least you were there for the Master and paid full attention to his words. If you go against the flow, you will struggle, get disappointed, stressed, and disturb your peace. It is your choice. − Satish Daryanani

Water flower over rocks in sunlit creek

What Makes You Alive

When you do things out of passion, zeal, then you are alive. If you do your work with that attitude, you enjoy and have fun. That makes you alive. When you do the same work for a pay check, then it becomes an obligation. The same work gets you tired, frustrated, and stressed. Now you have to find things that make you alive. You will never say, “I want to retire from that.” Even to sit in silence, people have to put in their effort and find time. If silence will make you feel alive, then you will always find time. And it will not be a struggle. It does matter what you do. As long as you feel alive, you are not a burden to society with your constipated face. That itself is a great service to the world. Writing these thoughts makes me alive! − Satish Daryanani

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We get a chance on our birthday, or New Year, to evaluate the year that has just passed. The person that we were a year ago, where did that person go? The way that person saw things, reacted to situations or comprehended the teachings, where is that person? Fortunate are those who realize that, with each year that goes by, you must laugh at the ignorance with which you saw the world. Laugh at the way things affected you: How you were consumed by a situation; how you disliked something then but now cherish it. Then the Lord will bless you with the ultimate gift. The gift of gifts is having no desire for any gift at all. Then a new birth takes place. That becomes your true birthday.  − Satish Daryanani

Lit birthday candles


We all have to make plans. Otherwise, we will not be able to book airline tickets using miles. We plan to do something and the weather can change our plans. You are told to have positive thoughts, pray to God so that plans become a reality. There are those who leave it to the will of God and say, ‘Man proposes, God disposes.’ There is no harm in planning. Remember, your life’s plan is already made. Nothing can change that. No matter what we do or don’t do. Once this is realized and not just in words, your outlook on life will change completely. You will plan everything but will remain unaffected by the results of your planning. People say it’s all God’s will and planning has nothing to do about it. Put in your effort. Make it your will. Then leave only the result as God’s will.  − Satish Daryanani

Map, computer, 2 sets of hands

Over Thinking

We all tend to over think. If someone offers us something good at a fair price, right away we think, what is the catch? The other person has to convince us that it is good for us. We think so much and hence lose many opportunities in our lives. Now imagine, God is free, wisdom is free, peace is free. So where is the catch?  There really are no books to read, no exams to give, no effort to put, no thinking required. The reason is that all three things are within you. You do not have to attain them. Your mind does not have to play a game of chess all the time, thinking of the next move and the move after that to beat your opponent. The great masters tell us things. We over think and thus do not grasp the meaning. Sometimes it is fortunate to be dumb and not study in order to enjoy the gifts given to us. − Satish Daryanani

Pile of books obscuring an adult reader

Our Real Home

When some people travel they like to take their own coffee, pillow, etc, so that they can feel that they are still at home. Even though we are on the road we want to maintain our comfort zone and our familiarity. We think the address on our driver’s license is our home. We have come for a short period of time and we might change addresses during this time period. So where is our real home? The place where we all belong? This has to be discovered. We are separated from that place. We must miss it. If you are not at home, then you are here either on a work trip or a vacation. The choice is yours. If you are here only for working, then keep on working till your last breath. If you are here on an 80-year vacation, then enjoy this life given to you. Knowing this is temporary, why be attached to your current address? I see people crying when there is a flood, a fire, etc in which their temporary address is destroyed. They say they lost everything. Do we cry if our hotel room is destroyed? Get to experience your true home and be free from your current address. − Satish Daryanani

Teddy bear in luggage

Lucky Charm

We all have our own lucky charms. It could be a hat, a tie, a color, a chair that you sit on while meditating or even a lucky number you bet on in a casino. We find things to bring us good luck and we think it is because of these objects that we are blessed. You may move into a new office and business goes bad. So you blame the new office. We need something to give credit or blame to. Keep the Lord as your good luck charm. You can enjoy giving him the credit or the blame. He will make you realize that everything is good luck for you. Nothing that happens in this world is bad for you. You are learning the lessons of life. One day you can sit with your grandchildren and tell them stories of your life. If everything was smooth and there were no hurdles the child will get bored and leave. We love movies that have villains who challenge the hero, otherwise we want a refund. Enjoy the roller coaster ride of your life. − Satish Daryanani

Sunset roller coaster

The Art of a Deal

All of us would love to have good negotiating skills. It helps you in many ways. What is the secret? First and foremost, put yourself in the other person’s shoes before you start negotiations. Secondly, decide upon the highest and lowest number, depending on which side you are on. No matter what happens, do not go beyond that number. This requires willpower and faith. You get tested, and the inner greed can make you change your mind. If it is the will of God, the negotiations go smoothly. When you feel you are breaking your head against the wall, let the deal go. One day in silence you will thank God for saving you from those deals that did not go through. You will even laugh at your own stupidity for thinking of doing the deals. This way you will start getting detached in your negotiations. The other person will see that. They will not be able to take advantage of you. You will have a poker face. Keep in mind: Father knows best. − Satish Daryanani

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Insatiable Appetite

Each one of us has an insatiable appetite. If utilized correctly it is helpful. A rich person may have a lot of money but still wants more. You may have won 10 gold medals, but still want more. Use this as a strength, not as a weakness. This way we seek unlimited wealth from outside while working on experiencing the unlimited wealth within. Our appetite should not be satiated. We can have an insatiable appetite to help others as long as we are doing so only for our fun. If you think you are doing it for the world then you will have expectations from the world and will get disappointed. Also, your ego grows with the thought that you are saving the world. Have an insatiable appetite to get closer and closer to the beloved. Dig within and gain the infinite wisdom. Gain the maximum knowledge from the outside world by making Google your master. Enjoy the layers of nothingness within you. Try to see as many places as you can of this wonderful world given to us. This way you will never be complacent. − Satish Daryanani


In a Split Second

When the truth is revealed to you, it happens in a split second. When we work to get something, we must put in an effort. Any person around us should feel we want it more than air. There is no harm in desiring anything, but the moment you feel it is slipping from your hands, let go. Walk away from it in an instant and never think about it again. Being completely detached from the world makes you no better than a rock. Being attached to the world makes you a slave. Being the master of your mind will let you enjoy life. You can get completely involved in the world and, within a split second, you should be able to go within and enjoy the ecstasy of bliss and peace. Enjoy the creation and be with the creator completely whenever you want . Then you can enjoy both, truth and the illusion of life. Both are here for your pleasure. − Satish Daryanani

A clock with a second hand


An artist needs a blank canvas, brushes, and paint to create a painting. Even more important than all that is expressing the images that come into the artist’s mind. Those images, transformed into a painting, becomes art. After it is completed, someone might appreciate it and pay even more than a $100 million for it.  I might look at the same piece of art and might not even take it for free. There is no logic as to who loves or hates a piece of art. One artist may become a multimillionaire while another may have a hard time to make ends meet. Our thoughts, expressed through words, songs, paintings, and actions, etc., may or may not be appreciated by the world. When you take the credit or the blame,  you go through emotional highs and lows, depending on how the world will respond you. If you live with the attitude that everything is coming from God–and all you are doing is sharing those gifts with everyone, then you are free from the reactions of the world.

These messages sent to you are the same. Some may be inspired by it and some may not. My part is to keep on doing it as long as these thoughts come. − Satish Daryanani

Artist holding paintbrush on floral painting

Change of Mind

We may get the best gift from God. Yet our mind will play tricks on us. We will still try to find alternatives. Sometimes it takes a friend or a family member to point out the wonderful gift you already have. Then we have an appreciation for that gift. Once we realize this fact, all the worry in your life should, could, disappear. When you see a chain of dominos that fall in order, it looks wonderful. Even if one domino is moved the sequence will be broken. Our life is the same way. Everything that is happening is in perfect sequence. One slight change and the game of life will not be the same. Everyone we meet and will meet is perfect. Every profit or loss is perfect. Every experience is perfect. Above all, the beloved is perfect. So our life is perfect. − Satish Daryanani

Colorful array of gift boxes wrapped with bows

City Life or Country Life?

There are people who only like cities. There are those who only like the countryside. There are some who like both.  In the cities, you see skyscrapers, museums, historical buildings, rivers, lakes, or ocean. In the country you see farms, nature, animals, birds etc. Both are wonderful as they are gifts from God. Now we must create city life and countryside in our mind. Countryside is where you can go within. It is calm and peaceful, with fewer people. We have to go into the silence and gain the wisdom. Only, enjoying this nectar for yourself is of no fun. Once you have gained this wealth, go back to city life. There are people there. Go and share this inner wealth. Watching people is fun. Helping people is fun. City life is for fun. Country life is to maintain your equanimity. − Satish Daryanani

Cityscape surrounded by countryside.

Good Morning

We say good morning, good afternoon, good evening, good night, have a good day, and good luck. All want good and also want others to have good. Nobody wishes bad for themselves or for others. So what is good and what is bad? We have to understand the difference. What is good for me may be bad for you. For example, a jacket is good when it is cold. The same jacket is bad when it is hot. So the right thing at the right time in the right amount with the correct attitude is good. Each and every one of us is different. Those who have a positive attitude and the willingness to learn will understand that every experience that comes to them is for their own good. It is coming from the loving hands of the Lord. Everything then is for my good and will benefit me. Perhaps you feel it will not be good for you now but, in time, you will realize it was good for you. My favorite line is life is –  “All For Good.” Make this the motto of your life and enjoy His perfection.  Satish Daryanani

sunny skies in open window

Choose Divine Love

We have experienced mother’s love, that gave birth to us. Some have experienced Guru’s love, that holds us by our hand to put us on the right track. But imagine what it is to experience Divine love. The one that really created us and we are a part of him, what it is cannot be described. Our love for him is nothing in comparison to his love for us. So Divine love is always there, we have to melt into it. Peace is always there, we have to experience it. Wisdom is always there, we have to tap into it. Truth is always there, we have to realize it. That the world is a dream within a dream is always there, we have to witness it. Grace is always there, we have to prepare ourselves to receive it. The light within us can be seen. It comes from the reflection of the deep inner peace and the inner sound that come from the universal Om should be enjoyed by us. Once we have gone through this spectrum of our lives, we have truly lived. There is no bucket list after that. Then our human birth is complete. May all of us get this in our lifetimes. − Satish Daryanani

baby foot in heart-shaped hands

The Common Factor

Whether I travel to Miami, New York, or the wonderful Caribbean islands, there is one thing in common. People complain about money, their health, or their family. As long as I hear these complaints, I feel I am home. I am never homesick because of this common factor. It is as if people have a wound. A scab is formed. They scratch it and the wound opens. This repeats again and again. There are those who try to spread the teachings or let the world know about their teacher without first working on themselves. It is like a sick person teaching the world how to become healthy. You cannot try to save the world if you need a lifeguard yourself. It is only when you are positive minded, enthusiastic, jovial and intoxicated with gratitude are you helping. People will tell you that you are truly blessed. At least this way you are showing that there is God in the world and He still has the ability to bless.  − Satish Daryanani

2 hands pointing in disagreement

Time on our Hands

We all start with 24 hours a day. What we do with this asset is up to us. The success of a person should be determined on how one uses the limited gift. Everyone’s mind can justify how efficient and productive they were during the day. So what is the litmus test to see if you if your day was want wasted?

  • Did someone benefit from you?
  • Did you learn something new?
  • Did you consider today as one of the best days of your life?
  • Did you see the Divine grace working through you?
  • Did you make someone laugh?
  • Did you laugh at yourself?
  • Did you live today with Zero complaints?
  • Did you enjoy your inheritance of peace bliss and wisdom?
  • Did you thank the Lord for all the gifts he gave you today?
  • Did you pray today so you can have another day like today?

If you did, your time was utilized correctly. − Satish Daryanani

Watch face

God and Devil

If there is God there has to be a Devil. It is like heads and tail of the same coin. This entire world is made of opposites.

What are the differences between God and Devil?

  • The Devil looks for customers, God looks for your love.
  • The Devil can be won with your mind. God can be won with your heart.
  • The Devil will fulfill our wishes easily. God will only fulfill our wishes if it good for us.
  • The Devil will boost our ego. God crushes our ego.
  • The Devil will make us selfish. God makes us self-less.
  • The Devil gives us powers easily to deal with the world. God gives us strong shoulders to deal with the load of the world.
  • The Devil will give you name and fame easily. With God, the world will think you are crazy and need a psychiatrist.
  • To spread the teachings of the Devil is easy, as it can be expressed with words. To spread the teachings of God is harder, as it has to be expressed with your actions.

The Devil and God both are within all of us. It’s your choice. Both are powerful and attractive. The Devil is like a politician and seeks your vote. God has no competition and is only one so he does not run after you. But If you leave the world and walk away,  like a shadow He will come after you.  − Satish Daryanani

Flames of hell and the clouds of heaven

Stagnant Water

Do not let your mind stagnate like water, otherwise flies and mosquitoes will fester. We tend to limit ourselves. We use these words, “I cannot do it” or “I am not capable of it.” There is nothing you cannot do. At least try and do to your capacity. We lose a lot by limiting ourselves. We make easy things look hard because we put up barriers. For example, people find it hard to sit in silence. It is the easiest thing to do! It requires no action, no thought, no effort – and we call that hard! By limiting the mind, you are limiting His grace working through you. The mind is given by Him. Your will-power is given by Him. Why then would you let your mind become stagnant? – Satish Daryanani.

Stagnant water frozen on hillside