I play with words and enjoy the reactions of others. I know which trigger points to push to make them react. I just enjoy the show. The ones who do not show reaction are not my customers. My fun is to enjoy the others as toys. I press one button to make them laugh, another to upset them, a third to put them on the defensive. The more buttons you have, the more I enjoy. People are made like toys, they can be played with by others. The world knows exactly how you will react to any particular situation. You are no longer the master of your reactions. Take control of your reactions so nothing can disturb you. My spiritual Masters had a lot of fun at my expense. I could see them smile, watching my reactions. If nothing can affect you, there will be no reaction. I was very ticklish. Now, if I close my eyes and someone tickles me, there is no reaction. I am lost within, nothing can affect me. I do not even react if someone talks against spirituality, my Masters, or vegetarianism. That is their opinion. Even if they want to debate the existence of God, there is no reaction. You know the truth of who you really are, so why react? Someone might call you selfish, egoistic, self-centered, hot-tempered, or even a male chauvinist, still no reaction. This gift comes from spending years in silence. Nothing, nothing is worth reacting to.—Satish Daryanani