The United States, today, is politically split on how the country should be run. Just like a nation being split, two friends sometimes cannot agree on many things. The reason is that we have only read half of the book of life. We have limited knowledge of the meaning of life and its purpose. We have limited knowledge of the so-called death and what really happens. We have limited knowledge of God and His master plan. We have limited knowledge of what is right and wrong. The splitting of the nation occurs because of differences in what we believe. Let’s just change one thing — our understanding. Just as no two things are the same, in the same way, everyone is perfect in what they believe. Everything is right for you when your peace is not disturbed. When you leave this body, you should have taken full advantage of everything that was given to you. Time is valuable so spend it on only changing yourself. It sounds selfish yet, it is the most selfless thing to do. — Satish Daryanani