If you give a child total freedom, chances are he or she will misuse it. Freedom is powerful. Those who do not have self control, mess it up for everyone else. For example, if we have the freedom of driving without speed limits, not everyone will know how to use this freedom correctly. Even God has given us the freedom to take our own lives, and some do. We are given the freedom to think and use our minds as we wish. We have been given the freedom of speech and we know what happens with that. Freedom should be a privilege yet, we take it as our right. Sitting in silence and enjoying the peace is also our freedom and only a few use this one correctly. The biggest freedom is our decision to be born again and again. There is nothing wrong with that, just don’t blame God if you feel your life is miserable. You can read or delete this message, that is your freedom. As I am neither getting paid nor do I seek fame from these words, I can send the unedited version of what comes. Today is Monday. You have the freedom to decide what you want this upcoming week to be. — Satish Daryanani