In the new Matrix movie, the characters get confused as to what is real and what is an illusion. Both seem real, like we sometimes think our dreams are real. I cheat with reality and illusion. If I’m enjoying any experience, which may be real or in my dreams, I consider it real. If I just won an NBA championship or spent time with my spiritual Masters even though they have left their bodies, it is real to me. All the experiences that I don’t enjoy, like going to the dentist, are illusions. One day, with the grace of God, you will realize that everything is an illusion, but you can continue to think God is real otherwise the fun of life is gone. Once you are able to dance between reality and illusion you will have no fear, anxiety, desires and attachments. When fear comes, it is an illusion. All my desires are fulfilled, as my imagination is real. All those to whom I am attached have never left me and I have no anxiety of the future, as it’s all an illusion. This becomes a new toy to play with. You start this new dance that will make you famous in Tik Tok. Satish Daryanani