A realized soul would rather receive blessings than give blessings. He is always willing to learn in the university of life. He is crushed by the grace of realization, and the world thinks he is humble. On the other hand, he can roar like a lion and tell you he can lead you to God realization, and the world thinks he is egotistic. He has a sense of humor, takes serious things lightly, and light things seriously. He does not compare himself with other realized souls. He does not get into a mental tug of war to prove his wisdom. He does not waste time on video games, crossword puzzles, or selfies. For him, everything and everyone is the same. He spreads the teachings without expectations of money or gratitude. He does not seek disciples to put a star on his shoulder. He can be a butcher and show anger for the good of others without really getting angry. Sometimes, without sugar-coating the truth, he can be misunderstood. He lives in the world but is not of the world. He loves spending time in seclusion. He will always see the wonders of this world with a childlike expression on his face. — Satish Daryanani

The face of a baby