In olden days, people used gramophones to listen to music. They had to place the needle on the correct track to hear the music. If only there was one record that could hold all the music ever created and in every language, then, all we would have had to do is find the correct track, and we could listen to any music, whenever we wanted. That is what inner wisdom is—one record with all that we need within us. Use the inner needle of the mind, and all the information that the Lord has will be yours. Listen to it in the words you hear and the experiences you have and you can enjoy His music. How can we find that needle within us? Focus, devotion, silence, and letting go make the needle function. Then, depending upon the situation and the questions asked by others, you will put the needle on the correct track. That is why the spiritual Masters say, “I learn from your questions.” Questions help them find the track and learn the answers. This fun of wisdom is to be discovered, then you can start your own discovery channel.—Satish Daryanani