We reheat frozen or leftover food. Even though it tastes the same, it loses the benefits that we get from eating freshly made foods. Fresh foods need no preservatives. What we put in our bodies can benefit or harm us. It is okay to bend the rules sometimes. Our minds, too, get reheated foods when we hear of others’ experiences rather than experiencing them ourselves. It fills our appetite for knowledge but does not benefit us completely. Reheating food is easier than preparing from scratch a fresh dish. Listening and learning from others is easier than putting it into practice in our lives. Microwave gave a shortcut to preparing food. Internet gave a short cut to spreading knowledge. But fresh food and fresh ideas have no short cuts. They are earned. Those who care for their bodies and minds are aware of this. Fresh food is created in nature and fresh ideas are created within us. So, work on making and eating fresh food daily and spend time in the fresh thoughts that can arise from you daily. — Satish Daryanani

Fresh vegetables and fruit