I see people sleep a lot, drink a lot of alcoholic beverages, read books, spend time on their phones, or talk to others when swimming in the pool or while relaxing at the beach. While I was walking to my room, suddenly, appeared the pure presence of the Lord. All my relaxation from the outer environment paled in comparison to what I felt when I saw the Lord. I was not even aware that I was walking. It hit me that the location, the situation, or the environment, is not important. It is the moment when the Lord decides to show up. It was nothing that I did. It just happened. I do not want to lose this experience but would love to have only this experience for the rest of my life. All the resorts and vacation spots are useless compared to this ecstasy. This gift of grace can come and go but, once you experience this, all other methods of relaxation are meaningless. — Satish Daryanani