In the old days, I used to carry a small dairy and a pen to remind me of things I had to do. Now, smart phones have replaced the diary. I asked my spiritual Master, “How do I remember God?” When I would wake up and, before I would go to sleep, I would think of God. Before every meal, I would say such a long prayer that the food would get cold. My phone would buzz every hour on the hour to remind me to thank God. Later, I would remind myself to thank God with every sip of any liquid I would drink. One day, all this stopped. God became real to me. A permanent connection was formed. I am always with the Divine. Now I can eat hot meals—no prayer required. I still need reminders to do my duties and service correctly, but not for my love. I laugh at myself today that I needed reminders to remember the love of my life. As the body gets older, reminders are still needed for medicines and supplements. — Satish Daryanani

Post-It reminder