In today’s world, we cannot be neutral, with no response. On top of that, we have to give positive responses. Can we say things like, “We do not like this food,” or, “Your childhood picture is no good,” or “Your joke is not funny,” or “This thought gets a thumbs down,” or “Good your loved one passed away as they are now free from suffering”? No, people will be offended. God is easy. We do not have to thank Him for every breath or heartbeat,. Otherwise, we would go crazy. We do not have to send Him messages for His birthday, or anniversary. No condolences are needed in His life. We can tell Him, honestly, that mosquitoes, cockroaches, rats, snakes, and lizards are not very creative. We have the freedom to not respond to all His blessings. Let’s be like God: His feelings are not hurt by our responses, and He continues loving even when there is no response.— Satish Daryanani