Most shopping malls do not dedicate enough space in which people can rest. The only way you can rest is if you stop to eat or drink something. The rest of the time you are expected to shop. We all need time to rest from making and spending money. Not just physical rest, but mental as well. I have noticed the moment someone rests, they end up falling asleep. Even while practicing silence, I hear them snoring. They are so tired that the ability to rest turns to sleep. Rest from the constant movement of the mind. You see someone running a 26-mile marathon. As soon as they finish they are on the floor resting. We run a 26-year, 52-year, or more, marathon of the mind and still do not rest enough. After the rest, we have more energy to go back to earning the means to shop again. If the designers of the malls were smart, they would create places of silence and rest so that the shoppers could get their second wind to shop again. — Satish Daryanani

shopping mall lounge