There are those who return phone calls by the end of the day. Some people are busier than the president of the United States and never return calls. Slowly, these people get out of the loop. They fall into the category of Missing in Action. Even spiritual Masters prefer dealing with those who respond. They like doers, not just talkers. God also sends us messages. If these thoughts are not written or shared for the benefit of others, my phone calls from Him will stop. If you keep postponing, then eventually you will forget to respond. That is why you can set up reminders on your phone. If you are busy, make a note to call. Sometimes thoughts come when you cannot type. Just save the title and the rest of the thought will come when you are free. The value you give to someone else’s time is the same value the world will give to your time. So, please respond to messages. Thank God, at least someone needs you and has left you a message.— Satish Daryanani

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