If I could reverse time, would I change anything? The answer is no. Even if I could go back to 2001 and buy stock in Apple and Amazon, or meet my spiritual Masters again and become a better disciple. Now, when I close my eyes and experience from within that which cannot be limited by using the word God, why would I take the chance and change anything from the past? I’d risk the priceless wealth I already have. The past is perfect, as will be the future, once you are able to bathe in this wealth which is permanent. It only improves as your abilities increase. To everyone in my past, whom I might have hurt, I can only apologize for my wrongs. Remember, you all are part of my current wealth, so I hope you forgive my shortcomings. It is all part of the perfect plan. If for fun, I could change one thing from the past, it would be to tell my younger self to have patience and that God will eventually reveal everything. — Satish Daryanani