I was on a flight, and a fellow passenger was praising God for how fortunate he was, as he had financial success. Suddenly, another passenger came and handed him his wallet. The man had not known he left it in the bathroom. In the wallet were his USA green card, drivers license, and all his credit cards. He thanked the person. Before the flight landed, he looked through his wallet and found that $1000 was missing. He got very upset and started shouting. He got all the crew involved. Even after getting off the flight, he told everyone about it. I told him, “The person who returned the wallet could not have taken that money. Someone must seen the wallet, removed the $1000, and left the wallet in the same place. The one who gave it back did not know what was inside. You have so much wealth, all your important stuff came back to you, so just think that you gave a $1000 reward. You would not even be able to clear immigration without a green card. I would gladly give a $1000 for all the headache that the person saved me.” This is a test. We thanked the Lord for all the fortunes a few minutes ago. Yet, if a $1000 is taken away to teach us a lesson about being careful with all our valuables in our wallets, we lose our peace. With every lesson you learn, think of offering a reward to give to the person who gave you the lesson. Giving the reward may hurt slightly, but it will not destroy you. Appreciation of life’s lesson makes you appreciate all that you still have. The lesson on the plane was also for me. See what comes to you and the benefit you get, even if there is a small price to pay. Then you’ve got a bargain. — Satish Daryanani

Man's wallet in back pocket