We choose like-minded friends. They pull us down or push us up in life. One of the reasons to be around spiritual Masters is that you spend less time with your regular friends. Through the Masters, you find new, like-minded people. This new group is on the same path as are you and everyone in it can inspire each other. I lost a lot of my close childhood friends due to this. The person I was and the person I am now are different. One day, slowly, you will find the most like-minded person within you. This new Buddy takes over your life, lifts you up, and brings out your hidden qualities. Often, you start a conversation using your mind and your worldly experiences and, then, suddenly, you get pulled in a whole new direction. This inner friend takes over and you will be astonished as to how you spoke before. It’s hard to let go of long-time friends, but keeping only the right ones will lead you to your real goal in life. — Satish Daryanani