A beautiful warm coat in winter will be appreciated. The same coat in the heat of summer, not so much. With the passing away of a spiritual Master, tears are shed in attachment to the physical form. Instead, when you are by yourself, tears are shed in longing for the Beloved. Same tears for the same person, but you have different results. Attachment binds you, longing liberates you. Being competitive in sports, or in life, only to win—or in doing your best as an offering to the Lord, is the same competitive spirit, but with a different approach. Giving a donation so others can see or out of guilt, or doing it because it came from the Lord to be used in His service. Most of all, those who receive the gift of the teachings from the Lord should use it wisely. Make sure you use your words carefully. Even though they may be true, if the person is not ready, you will be hurting them instead of helping them. — Satish Daryanani

Woman in warm coat on a snowy day