When someone speaks the truth about you, you have no right to get upset. If someone speaks false statements about you, then you have no need to get upset. If you understand this and, if anyone says anything about you, it will not upset you. That’s one less thing to forgive someone, as you were not hurt by it. My spiritual Masters used me as an example and would destroy me in their public talks. They spoke the truth about my weaknesses. People would ask me, “Are you not upset that He mentioned this in front of everyone? He even shouted at you in public!” My answer would always be, “I cannot see anything beyond the love they have for me. Their love takes away the need to react. The truth they reveal puts me on the right path.” People need a job and, after they get one, they fight for their rights. Need and rights are in battle with each other. Once our need is fulfilled, our minds work on our rights. We need to find someone we love and after that, we try to make them our life partner. We argue for our rights, our right to freedom. You were free, you chose to bind yourself with someone, and now again you need your space. Similarly, you need God, not the other way around. If you need Him to be your slave, that will not happen. All your rights are lost if you really, really want Him. — Satish Daryanani

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