Robin Hood stole from the rich to give to the poor, with no selfish motive. It sounds good but it is not correct, as giving to the poor and needy should be done out of free will. Unlike in the movie, “Death Wish,” we cannot take a life, even though it may be the life of a criminal. We have to let justice play its part, either through karmic or government laws. Our job is to do our best with the resources and talents we have and to offer our well wishes. Even the winnings from gambling cannot be given to benefit others, as the source of income is not right. Everything we offer should be pure in its nature. Only then can it benefit others. Even the food we prepare, should be made with love so it can be digested well. It is not our thoughts and actions that matter.  It is the true intent behind them. Help every one without harming anyone. That is a perfect act. — Satish Daryanani