Are rules required to attain realization? There are a few rules, like having no attachments, living a life of non-violence, speaking the truth. The rules vary according to their sources, a saint or the scriptures. All these rules are required only in the beginning. Its like going to school until you graduate. You are trying to sit in silence so your mind does not get disturbed. To become an enlightened being and open the treasure within, you need a crystal clear mind. If you lie and feel guilty, or have desires and attachments, they end up controlling you. If you eat the food of violence or have violent thoughts, your mind gets agitated. Keep your mind under your thumb. This first step, following rules, is needed to discover the inner light. Then the light of wisdom and peace opens the door to the ultimate truth. Now this light needs to be spread. Even though you do not need to follow these rules anymore, you do so just to encourage and inspire others. Once you are alone and you have gotten the treasure from within, you don’t need to follow rules anymore, as the catalyst has served its purpose. You have graduated. Now enjoy freedom from all rules.— Satish Daryanani

The Rules of Life, title of a fat book