We get carried away by what others tell us. Until we hear it from the source, from the “horse’s mouth,” it is only a rumor. People have nothing better to do, so they spread rumors about whatever they want and, as long as people believe them, the information spreads. It even may remain permanently on the internet. I had to defend a lot of false rumors about my spiritual Masters over the years. The Masters do not get affected by the rumors. If it is the truth about you, you have no right to react. If it is false information about you, there is no need to react. People talk a lot about spirituality and spread their experiences, which may not be true. You do not need to argue about the truth. Some religions say that their path is the only way to God. You do not need to prove them wrong. Let the world say, or write, anything about you or your beliefs. Let that not change you or your reactions. The only purpose served by rumors is to show how bored the world is.— Satish Daryanani