As gyms are closed, I see a lot of people running when I go for my evening walks. They are in shape and have a lot of stamina. I used to run but now I walk, as it is better for my joints. I used to run after things a lot. Even recently, I was running after a few things. Now that I have imprisoned myself, I am looking at all the things I ran after. I ran after money, name, fame, beautiful girls, spiritual Masters, the truth, power, peace, college degrees, service, knowledge, and wisdom—basically everything under the sun. Now I am tired of running. I will instead, walk calmly and peaceful. What ever comes, that is fine. Even heaven can wait. When you see people run, their faces show that they have pain. They looked stressed, as they are pushing themselves. While walking, you are smiling and are relaxed. There is no pain, no stress, and you are not tired at the end of the day. So walk and enjoy this journey of life. — Satish Daryanani

Runner looking pained