The musical group, “ABBA,” sang the song, “S.O. S.” Whenever a ship, or a person, is in trouble, we send out an S.O.S.—Save our Souls. The irony is that the message is meant to save our human forms, and, yet, we want someone to save our souls, which are immortal. The only one who can save our souls is God. Yet, no one sends an S.O.S to God—not when our physical lives are in danger. We do that when we are fed up with our existing lives. When we are drowning, we run out of breath and, living our daily lives, we get choked by our routines. Then, the real lifeguard comes into our lives. A handsome, dynamic person with a sweet smile holds our hand and rescues us. Then, our souls are saved permanently. There is no fear of physical death. The soul is filled with peace and joy. We become members of a new Coast Guard team, rescuing souls who send messages to save them. The storms of this life will be our calling to go help the souls who need to be saved. Then, we, too, can write a song, “S.O.S.,” but the words will be inspired by the rejoicing that comes from becoming a saved soul. — Satish Daryanani