Some people like to pack their bags the night before traveling. They know months ahead they have to travel. Then they rush and have a sleepless night. Putting off things till the very end can cause you to forget things you need to do. Similarly in spirituality, people want to enjoy everything from the world and only when they get old and retire do they start to work on packing for the real big journey ahead. It is too late. You will have more anxiety and stress by trying to rush what you did not enjoy while you were in your prime. It is like trying to get in physical shape at an old age when you did not take care of your body when you were young. Still, do not give up hope. Something is better than nothing. Those that have good years ahead of them spend time in taking care of their bodies and minds. If you are flexible, it feels so nice. You feel light, as if you are floating on air. Now imagine your mind is light. You carry no burdens of the world and are carefree and worry free, calm, and peaceful, enjoying relaxing in the lap of the Lord. Why wait for the last minute of your life to enjoy everything right now? Then, when the real journey comes, you will welcome it, as you are well-prepared.  — Satish Daryanani

Man with a clock for a head.