Sometimes we spend more time on the goodbyes than actually being with people. This is not even a final goodbye, it’s just a short-term goodbye. I knew the time I said goodbye to my spiritual Master that it would be the last time I would see Him in His physical form. It was very short and sweet. If I had made a big deal, He would have realized that I have not understood everything He taught me. There is no goodbye—it is just a separation. When we think of someone, we are with them. At the same time, we could physically be with someone but our minds and eyes are on the phone. We are already separated. We don’t say goodbye when that happens. We have all said our goodbyes to God when we come in the human form. This way we can long for and remember Him. Being with God we may get busy with our smartphones. At least now nothing can distract us, as separation creates appreciation. — Satish Daryanani