On my smartphone, I now get a weekly report of how much time I have spent on the screen. I averaged 2 hours 25 minutes daily. It takes me 25 minutes to send the thought and reply to everyone pertaining to the thought. So that 25 minutes daily is justified. Work-related 30 minutes a day is fine. I can even give another 30 minutes to friends and family. What about the extra hour I am wasting daily on screen time? I have to work on reducing it. That could be an extra hour daily for rest, service, sitting in silence, or exercise. So from today, I will try, for the next week, to reduce my screen time to one hour and 25 minutes daily. The extra one hour is my gift to God. Use it for Him, use it to see nature, or use it to say, “Thank you, God for giving me 25 hours a day. One bonus hour from my phone.” We should have an app to see what we do during the entire 24 hours daily. We have much time in our hands, if only we could realize it. What excuse will you have to not sit in silence? Time management skill is what makes a person efficient. So let me end this thought and not take anymore of your time. — Satish Daryanani