Sometimes at night, we watch on TV the first half of a game and then go to sleep without seeing the second half. The next morning, when we get up, we find out that the second half was much better than the first. If we recorded the game, we can still enjoy the second half. Life is similar. In the first half, we go to school, college, take a job, buy a house, and go through the various life challenges in life. Then comes the half-time. We analyze and see what we have attained. In my case, I learned about all that I have lost. I lost my flexibility, my ability to sleep as long as I want, my stamina, my hair, my ability to heal fast, and the true joy of life. This half-time in life can set you on a new course. Did I experience God? Do I know the real me? Do I have a compassionate heart? Can I experience peace and wisdom within me? Now that my basic needs are met and not my greed, can I work on gaining real wealth? This turning point changes your life. In the physical aspect, the first half of your life is better. The second half has no words to describe it. You may sleep through and miss the wonderful treasures of the second half. So, stay awake and enjoy the second half for which we are born. I will take the second half any day over the first half. I will even joke about it, “Did this person who lived in the first half even exist?” It seemed to be a dream. The saying, “The best has yet to come” is true for those who change their game plan at half-time. — Satish Daryanani

scoreboard at half-time

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