Everyone wants to be humble. What is the secret? If you have knowledge it can boost your ego. Suppose you have half a billion dollars, an IQ of 285, and are one of the most influential people in the world, loved by everyone, it’s hard not to have an ego. Now, suddenly, someone shakes you and tells you, “Wake up, the aircraft is landing,” you have to wake up from the fantastic dream where you had it all. When you have the wisdom that everything is an illusion and how irrelevant and insignificant your existence is your state of mind changes. Ego is only a projection of what you think, possess and accomplish in life. If you have or done nothing in your life then there’s no ego. Have you seen someone have ego because they are dreaming? In this dream called life you are neither egoistic nor humble. Others might see you as a humble person but in your mind you are neither. Satish Daryanani